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1971 Porsche 911 "S" Targa

1971 Porsche 911S Targa

VIN # 9111310430

Engine # 6310864

Color Code 8010 Silver Metallic (currently 1010 Black)

This particular “S” Targa is a 3 owner car that lived the majority of its life in the SF Bay area. Here is its history as we know it:

Sold new at Al Bauer Porsche in Oakland, CA to David Hughes of Oakland, CA and was used as his everyday car. He sold the car to Don Herzog of Tiburon, CA in early 1979 when the car had 79k miles. Mr. Herzog owned the car for just over 4 years later selling the car to its current owners on May 22nd 1983. At that time the car had 101,618 miles on it. The current owners have enjoyed the car for almost 30 years and current mileage is 118,082. Would you like to be the next lucky individual to continue this story?

The car was originally delivered in Porsche Silver Metallic. Sometime between 1979 and 1980 Mr. Herzog decided that he preferred the car in black so it was taken to Cavallino Rampante Ltd. in Palo Alto California (http://www.cavallinos.com/) for a color change to black. The did a very complete job as you can find almost no evidence that the car was once silver other than the color code, an early photo I have of the car in silver and service history which notates the car as silver. Sometime prior to the color change the rear flares were added, in a photo from 1979 the car is silver with the rear flares. They were done in steel to a very high standard. With the rear flares came the addition of genuine 74 Carrera wheels, 15x7 fronts and 15x8 rears. In 1979 Mr. Herzog had Al Bauer Porsche add the Cibie Driving lights to the front hood.

In October of 1981 at 96,982 miles Mr. Herzog must have felt the call for more power so he contacted none other than Jerry Woods (http://jerrywoods.com/) who at the time was working at Garretson Enterprises, who built most of the successful 935’s of the era. Obviously money was no object at the time so he specified a complete tear down and rebuild utilizing genuine Euro RS 2.7 liter pistons and a 70.4mm crank. Luckily when they offered him the choice of carbs or rebuilding the MFI for the same price, he chose to stick with the MFI! The total price for this build was just over $10,000 in 1981, which was more than the car cost new! I have all the documents for the rebuild. They retained the numbers matching motor for the car.

When my customer purchased the car in 1983 they were debating between a much newer 1977 911S coupe or this car, luckily better taste prevailed and they were  drawn to the allure of the RS spec 2.7 liter Targa with the hood mounted driving lights. Over the course of the next 5 years the car received limited but regular use as a fun weekend car. Upon relocating to Idaho in 1989 the car saw even more limited use and as life and the rigors of careers and raising a family it got driven less and less. In February of this year they decided that they should get the car back to its former glory and had the car taken to Richard Buechler at Alpine Motors in Hayden Idaho (http://alpinemotorcarsllc.com/) the local air-cooled Porsche expert. There he went through the car and got everything up to speed so it could be driven again. Here is what he did:

  • Compression Test- Results: #1-130 #2-140 #3- 140 #4-140 #5-140 #6-130
  • Replace fuel lines in engine, under car and at gas tank.
  • Recondition fuel tank
  • New spark plugs, adjust valves, clean covers and replace gaskets.
  • New air and fuel filters
  • Remove, clean and lube distributor. Set timing
  • Remove and test injectors. Replaced six injectors. Adjust pump.
  • New oil and filter
  • New oil lines from oil reservoir
  • New alternator belt
  • Service transmission, fill with Swepco
  • Flush brakes, replace all flex hoses, new master cylinder
  • New engine sound pad
  • New deck lid strut
  • Replace left rear sway bar bracket and bushing. New throttle coupling and accelerator pivot bushings.
  • 4 new tires (Kumho)

Roughly 300 miles have been put on the car since that service and the motor runs absolutely sweet. From cold simply pull the hand throttle up, turn the key and the car fires up instantly. No smoke, no rough idle, just a perfect a smooth start. Ease the car into gear, the clutch takes up smoothly and without so much as a hiccup the car pulls away. Once up to temperature the motor pulls from idle to Redline as only an early 911 can, what a sound! The Dual outlet Lestritz muffler isn’t “correct” for the car but it sure does sound great. Menacing but not obnoxious with no resonance.

The transmission is a delight. Nice and tight with no synchro issues up or down. I personally own a 1971 “E” that I wish shifted this well, it has actually inspired me to have mine rebuilt!

The brakes work as they should, engaging smoothly right off the top of the firm pedal. At speeds over 50 mph the car tracks straight and true but has some vibrations which should probably be tracked down. The car has a set of Koni shocks on it but I have no record of any suspension work being done on the car.


Paint- Black- The car was painted in 1979 and while attractive does show its age. Due to the value of this car I think a respray to its correct Silver would be called for. As a driver it’s great.

Body- The body on this car is very straight with very good shut lines and gaps. The doors still shut with the correct “ping”.

Rust- The bane of any early 911 is rust. Anyone who has one that says it has no rust is probably mistaken with few exceptions. This car has never been subjected to winter weather. The only rust I can find on the car is under the driver’s side headlight bucket (see photos) and one bubble the size of a head of a pencil on the lower passenger door.  The pans and jack points underneath appear to be solid. No other visible signs of rust, but it is an original 40 year old non galvanized Porsche…

Body Parts- The car is wearing all of its original trim with exception of the headlight rings which obviously should not be black and the 1973 door mirror. It has a correct 1971 hood badge, super cool through the grill (ttg) Hella driving lights, period correct through the hood driving lights and OEM Hella foglights.  The windshield and all the glass is correct OE Sigla.

Wheels- The car is sitting on a genuine set of 15x7 and 15x8 1974 Carrera wheels. They maintain the correct finish on the lips, have no curb damage but could stand to have the centers refinished. The tires are new (300 miles)


The interior of the car is almost 100% original. All the gauges work including the clock and the assorted backlighting. Even the original Becker Mexico radio works although at some point someone added door speakers a Pioneer speaker box to the rear shelf.  

Seats: I am surprised how well the seats have held up, they have never been restored. It features the very desirable and valuable OEM sport seats which are date stamped 1970 in the foam under the passenger seat. The have never been recovered and while they show quite a bit of patina there are no cuts, worn through spots, etc. The sliders and recliners all work well.

Carpet: The carpet is original and shows well with exception of just under the driver’s foot where it has worn through.

Dash: The dash is gorgeous and has no cracks!

Door panels and Targa Top: The door pockets have the typical sag but don’t interfere with door operation.  The Targa top is in good serviceable condition with no rips or tears. The headliner is starting to sag, but not bad.

Electronics and gauges: Everything on the car works. The original Becker Mexico radio even works and comes with its original manual. At some point someone added door speakers a Pioneer speaker box to the rear shelf.  

Trunk and accessories: The trunk carpet is in like new condition, the spare and all tools are present. It has two new batteries up front.

You will notice that I spent considerable time describing this car. Most sellers will only tell you the high points. I want any potential customer to know everything there is to know about the car. Overall this is a very solid, very presentable early 911 that would bring great joy to any potential owner. It is not a Porsche parade or concours quality car but is a car whose patina shows loving cars by an owner who enjoyed using the car. It has some very rare and desirable options such as the sport seats, ttg fog lights, driving lights, 2.7 liter motor, etc and of course is a true “S”.  It would be a great car to drive as is or one to take to the next level.


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