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1980 Porsche 911SC Coupe

1980 Porsche 911SC Coupe

Have you always wanted a Porsche 911? Do you prize originality and documentation and like to work on a car yourself? This might be the right one!

This particular 911SC was purchased new at Century Porsche Audi in Alhambra, California on June 30th 1980. The original owner cherished the car for the next 32 years as evidenced by a 3-inch stack of maintenance records by well-respected Porsche specialists. He moved to Portland, Oregon in 1992 and it has been serviced by Heckman and Thiemann since then.

Overall this car is not my typical pristine air-cooled car, but it had so many positives that I thought it was a great car to find a home for. Here is an overview of what I think are the pros and cons on this car:


  • One owner from 1980-2012 with a COMPLETE service history from 800 miles to current. NOTHING is missing. Current mileage is 172k miles.
  • The car runs and drives great, everything works and it’s a joy to drive. It doesn’t smoke, makes great power and the 915 shifts great!
  • No oil leaks
  • No sunroof! Non-sunroof coupes are rare and desirable. Lighter weight, more headroom and no sunroof issues!
  • 100% original. This is the most original 911SC that I have seen in years. One thing that absolutely floors me is that when new Porsche installed spacers to raise the ride height to meet US bumper rules. On 99% of the 911’s out there these have been removed, not on this car. I am dying to lower it but it is just SO correct! It even has the stupid 85 mph speedo…
  • Body is 100% straight and rust free with great gaps and shut lines. Always a California and Northwest car, so no exposure to bad climates, road salt, etc.
  • Very complete with full history, all the original books, manuals and case, all original keys, toolkit, etc.
  • Original Fuchs are gorgeous and have never been refinished.


  • Paint- The car is 32 years old and the paint is mostly original. As you would expect it has the rock chips, clear coat issues, etc. That you would expect. The front bumper and lower valence in particular show 172k miles of use.  From 5 feet or in photos the car looks great, but up close the wear is obvious. I would call the paint 5/10.
  • Interior- The car is a full leather car and time has taken a toll on both the seats and the dashboard. The dashboard is shrinking around the vents and shows wear behind the steering wheel. The seats are worn and cracked. Overall the interior is very clean and functional but new seats covers and a dash cap would do wonders.

Overall if you are looking for an original and correct non-sunroof car in a great color combination and want a driver quality example, this is your car. If you are looking for pristine paint or interior, its not! Definitely a cool find!



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