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1981 Porsche 911SC Coupe

If you are looking for a 100% original, unmolested, honest SC coupe with solid mechanicals this is worth considering. If you want a pristine show car, this is not it. Here is the overview:

1981 Porsche 911SC Coupe

5-speed manual

Wine Red Metallic over Chocolate Leather

Factory Options: Full Leather, power windows, 16" Forged Fuchs (16x6 &16&7), cruise control, power sunroof)

162k miles

This particular 911SC has had the same owner for the past 30 years! I don’t know anything about the first 3 years of this cars life other than it was sold new in Washington but the current owner, a long time PCA member, purchased it from Motorsports International in Seattle, WA on November 19th 1985 when it had 72,080 miles on it. From there the owner loved and regularly used it for the next 30 years. He had it serviced by a well known Porsche mechanic, Ralph Meaney at Meaney Performance House in Kirkland, WA from 1985-2008. When Ralph retired he moved his service to Chris Powell of Chris’ German Auto Repair who is well known and respected in the Porsche World.

So rarely do you find these cars with such low ownership history and complete service history. The car has been in the Seattle, WA area since new, so no exposure to intense sun, heat or corrosive winter conditions. There is nothing better than a nice, dry West Coast Porsche!


I have service records from the current owner, starting in 1986 and many of the records to current. There are a few missing, however it has been exclusively serviced by two well-known Porsche speciality shops. The car currently has 162k miles on it. The motor and transmission are original to the car and they have never been apart. 

The car starts right up cold with no smoking, idles smoothly, sounds good and makes excellent power from idle to redline. The transmission shifts beautifully (who says a 915 can't shift well!). The brakes actuate at the top of the firm pedal and their is no pulsation or pull. The car tracks straight and generally runs down the road like a nice SC should.

In the past 2,000 miles the owner has spent ~$10,000 in service. Here is what has been done:


  • Speedo rebuild and all new dash lights
  • New drivers side seat belt assembly (was getting very worn and the owner was worried about it)
  • Annual service


  • New spark plugs, new cap and rotor, new LAMBDA relay, new LAMBDA ECU.
  • 4 new Michelin Pilot Sport A/S
  • New Alternator
  • New mirror switch
  • New door lock knob
  • New fuel lines Cylinder bank 1
  • Leakdown noted as : 2%, 5%, 2%, 5%, 7%, 5%


  • Replace Catalytic with Euro Pre-muffler
  • Tach rebuilt
  • New sunroof motor
  • New axles left and right
  • New heater control cables
  • New fuel gauge sending unit

The car leaks no oil while sitting even for extended periods. There are a few places where gaskets seem a little damp or seepy but no drips or leaks that I could find. The car does have Carrera tensioners and the pop off valve installed.

The following items work correctly:

-All exterior lighting

-All interior lighting (overhead and dash)

-All gauges and clock

-All heat and vent functions

-Power Sunroof

-Power windows

The car does have AC and it looks to be present, however the system looks to have been long ago neglected. Please assume it to be non-functional. (My pet peeve is when people say it works, it just doesn’t blow cold or they say it just needs a charge…)


Body 8/10- The body on this car is laser straight and all the gaps are good. There are no dings or body issues worth noting. 

Paint 7.5/10- The car was given a complete windows out re-spray in its correct color of Wine Red Metallic in 1994. At this time they replaced all the gaskets, bumper bellows, etc. At the time I would classify the quality of work as local show and shine level. Twenty years later it still looks quite nice but does show some patina of age such as minor rock chips, door edge chips, etc. Its nice enough I get compliments when I drive it, but not so nice you would loose sleep over your first rock chip.

Glass, Trim, etc- All of the lenses, window trim, moldings, etc are very nice and sanitary on the car. All OE.

Wheels and Tires- The original wheels are in nice shape and the tires are Michelin Pilot’s that are almost new with less than 1,000 miles on them.  

Interior 7/10-

The interior on this car is clean, original and unmolested. It shows about the patina that you would expect for a car that has been used but loved. The dash is nice, headliner is nice, rear parcel shelf is clean with no shrinkage, etc. Just a sanitary original SC!

Front Trunk-

The front trunk is very clean and everything is where it is supposed to be. The original tool kit is complete and the spare and jack are present.

Documentation, etc- I have the owners manuals and cover but am missing the service book. I have service records from 1986 onward, probably 30+ records. I have a clear Washington title that was issued in 1985.

So in Summary:


-All original and untouched

-30 year ownership history

-Right SC updates- Carrera Tensioners and Pop off valve

-Drives wonderful

-Body is nice, all trim is nice

-Interior is clean

-Everything works

-Totally complete with tool kit, etc


-It’s a driver, not a PCA Parade quality car so as long as that is what you are expecting you will be thrilled.

-Has seen limited use in the past 10 years so I am certain mechanical items will come up due to lack of use/limited use.

If you are looking for an air-cooled 911 to drive and enjoy, I think this is a great example!



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