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1982 Porsche 911SC Coupe

1982 Porsche 911 SC Coupe

If you are looking for a gorgeous air-cooled 911 coupe, you couldn’t do much better than this Black on Black 911SC!

This particular car is just that rare example of one that is just so right, I don’t know how else to describe it. One of the great things about my job is that I get to drive some AMAZING machines! One of the bad things is that more often than not I get to drive some VERY SAD examples of poorly cared for air-cooled 911’s…. If you have been in the market for long you know what I am talking about. Cars that look shiny in photos but in person its one sad finish to the next, I HATE seeing cars like that! This car is just the opposite, everywhere you look it radiates pride of ownership, here is the story…

This particular 1982 911SC was sold new in Southern California and stayed with its original owner for the next 26 years and 121,000 miles. The second owner purchased the car when the original owner was unable to drive the car following a stroke and he proceeded to take a nice car and make it very nice. Being detail oriented he went through the car from end to end and big or small he replaced parts to really make the car POP, here is what is he did:

  • New windshield and windshield seal
  • New hood struts front and rear
  • Rebuilt the sunroof, new tracks, seals and gaskets
  • New battery
  • Major service- adjust valves, all fluids, cap & rotor, plugs, filters
  • Fuchs restored at Skip’s Wheels works
  • New Eagle F1 GS3 Tires
  • Recovered front seats and restored leather dash pad
  • Stereo overhaul- New Pioneer head unit, all new infinity speakers, four-channel amplifier, hidden subwoofer under driver’s seats. Everything is in factory locations and looks stock so it matches the car and could be removed without evidence.
  • Installed power door lock actuators (911’s didn’t get power locks as an option until 1985) and added a keyless entry system, this is really nice!
  • New power antenna
  • Rebuilt shifter bushings
  • Rebuilt pedal cluster bushings
  • New heater fan booster motor
  • New clutch, new clutch cable
  • Carrera Tensioners
  • Pop off valve
  • New rear brakes, pads and rotors
  • Hood was taken to bare metal and refinished for rock chips
  • Sunroof panel was taken to bare metal and refinished for a scratch caused by a track failure, see repairs made above

After the second owner had made the repairs above he decided to sell the car, as he loves projects and felt like he had brought the car to the top level. The car was running great but a potential buyer wanted a PPI. At the PPI it was discovered that the car had two broken head studs, ouch!  A typical and well-known issue on the 911SC. The seller decided that he had gone this far; why not go all the way, so he completed the next round of repairs to include:

  • Complete top end overhaul- 24 new head studs, new rings, new head gaskets, heads machines with new valve guides, new timing chain and chain ramps, new oil return tubes, all new seals and gaskets throughout and lots more.
  • New engine and transmission mounts,
  • New engine sound pad
  • New front brakes, pads and rotors, all new brake hoses front and rear

The car has travelled just over 700 miles since the overhaul and has had its break in oil change and valve adjust. It runs like a dream, the 915 shifts beautifully with no sloppiness or synchro issues. The owner spent an unbelievable amount of time degreasing and cleaning off 31 years of accumulated grease, grime and baked on Cosmoline, stunning!  You simply could not replicate the work done on this car for the asking price!

The body and paint on the car are simply stunning. It has a clean history however it has had paint work on several panels over the years (see above) but as a result it’s just a shockingly good-looking car. The buyer of this car will easily have one of the nicest 911SC’s around.

The interior is likewise nearly pristine, nice everywhere you look. Everything except the cruise control is functional, right down to the windshield squirters! The front trunk is very sanitary and it comes complete with a gorgeous tool kit, factory jack, air-compressor, lay down plastic and gloves. I don’t have a history prior to the 2nd owner and while I have a 911SC manual its not original to this car.

If you are looking for a 911SC to drive and experience why these cars are legendary, come take a look at this car. The 911SC is one of the best Porsches to buy because they are mechanically robust, easy to work on, drive spectacularly and look like what a “Porsche” should look like. This car runs and drives as designed, it will put a smile on your face and gathers waves from other drivers. Why buy your typical tired SC with issues when you can have this beautiful car with almost completely refreshed mechanicals?  


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