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1983 Porsche 911SC Cabriolet- 50k miles!

1983 Porsche 911SC Cabriolet-50k original miles!

What a stunning and gorgeous SC! So many of these SC Cabriolet’s are Red, White or Black, this Quartzite Metallic over Chocolate Cab is SPECTACULAR! I have sold quite a few these SC Cab’s as I really think they are amazing cars, but this one is my favorite!

If you weren’t around in 1982 when Porsche announced the first Porsche Cabriolet in 18 years you can’t fully appreciate the buzz that was created. This WAS the Porsche to own! This particular car was bought new at Valley Porsche in Spokane, WA on April 28th 1984 and has been loved ever since.

The car featured the following:

  • Rauchquarzmetallic exterior- $645
  • Brown Full Leather Interior- $1,000
  • 158- Radio Monterrey- $795
  • 197- High Amperage Battery- $50
  • 395- Forged Wheels- $1,580
  • 454- Speed Control- $320
  • 455- Wheel Locks- $50
  • 533- Alarm System- $300
  • 566- Fog lights- $150
  • 577- Heated Windshield- $280

Total Original List Price- $39,670

This particular car has been exclusively owned by Northwest PCA members and I have coveted this car for almost 10 years! I am THRILLED to be able to offer it for sale; it’s truly a special piece. The car has been cherished over the past 33 years and all of this history is detailed through an unbroken chain of records from the original owner to current.

Mechanically this car is outstanding. It has always been maintained to a very high standard by a very well regarded independent air-cooled Porsche shops. It is nearly perfect!

Here is what has been recently been done:

  • 50,115- Current mileage- Scheduled for an annual service, replace wiper blades, inspection and repair of blower fan motor.
  • 47,005- oil and filter
  • 45,881- Oil and filter, brake fluid flush
  • 42,483- New OEM windshield and seal, new hood struts, new drive belts, recharge AC
  • 41,467- new oil pressure switch, new headlight washer nozzle, new chin spoiler, new oil line
  • 39,024- Compression test: 1-155#, 2-150#, 3-155#, 4-150#, 5-150#, 6-150#, major service, spark plugs, fuel filter, air filter, valve cover gaskets, adjust valves, adjust clutch and wheel bearings
  • 37,032- Fuel level sending unit, Carrera tensioner update, oil and filter, replace left oil return tubes
  • 34,485- New ignition coil
  • 33,682- New alternator and regulator

I could keep going, but you get the idea. It has NEVER wanted for anything! The amazing part is the car is literally bone dry! The other GREAT improvement was back when the car had 11k miles the owner “backdated” the exhaust using genuine stainless steel SSI heat exchangers (the coveted early made in the USA style) and genuine OEM Porsche 1974 style muffler. Now the car sounds great, makes better power and makes ridiculous cabin heat (important on a Cabriolet, top down in the winter…). This is the single best improvement you could make on a SC.

This particular 911SC is a very late build example having been built in May of 1983, which means it got every improvement of the SC era. The SC is regarded as the most reliable and simple of all the 911’s and being a late build means it’s the best of the breed.  A little known fact is that the late SC’s (post 4/1983) actually came with the stronger and improved 3.2 Carrera case and oiling system. These can be distinguished by the fact they have the single drain plug to the drivers side of the case vs. the previous sump plate and screen. They also came standard with the 160MPH speedo vs. the previous silly 85 mph one; they came at the same ride height as the ROW SC (no more US ride height!) and included the updated finned style oil cooler.

The car is tight; no oil leaks and drives like new.  The car is 100% stock with exception of an updated radio and the backdated exhaust. Suffice it to say the cars runs and drives exactly how it should and just like it did back in 1983.

The body and paint on the car are stunning, the top is impeccable and the interior has all the hallmarks on a well cared for car: supple leather, carpets with just the right nap, etc.. You know what I am talking about…

The car comes complete with the following items:

  • Complete maintenance history from new to current
  • Original VIN matched service book and owners manual in the correct case
  • Original keys, original valet key and the original alarm key all in the correct OEM leather pouch!
  • Fitted car cover, mirror and dash covers
  • Show quality OEM tool kit

I sell quite a few air-cooled Porsches and this truly is an excellent example, this is a car you would be VERY PROUD to own! The 911SC Cabriolet was only built for one year and they are renowned for their reliability and performance. You have always wanted one, now is the time…



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