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1983 Porsche 911SC Targa

The 911SC is the quintessential 911; Iconic looks, bulletproof mechanicals and a price point that allows almost everyone to enjoy the ownership experience. The problem is that the market is so strong for these cars that really sub-par examples seem to be coming out of the woodwork. As a lifelong Porsche enthusiast this frustrates me! Why? Simply because I want someone to have a positive first foray into 911 ownership, in order to do that someone needs to pick up a correct and solid example. That IS THIS CAR! Let me tell you why…

The single best thing about this car is that it has been loved since birth with an unbroken chain of documentation from its first warranty service to current. It is so much better to buy one that has been loved from Day 1 than to try and bring one back that has sat neglected. I get so frustrated looking at the various cars that “claim” 70k original miles and look completely destroyed, but I digress…

Here is the this cars story:

It was sold new at Camelback Porsche in sunny Phoenix Arizona on February 28th 1983. The original owner clearly enjoyed the car as it received its first break in service just one month and 2300 miles later. They managed to drive the car 18,000 miles in the first 18 months, as it should be enjoyed! It stayed in Phoenix until 1994 and came to Washington. It has been exclusively serviced by well-known independent Porsche shops in the Seattle area and has been exclusively PCA member owned.  Its history is chronicled in an organized 3-ring binder in chronological order, my kind of owners!


If you are in the market for a 911SC you owe it to yourself to drive this car, it will give you a reference of what an exceptional SC drives like! The 915 shifts well, the engine makes GREAT power, even the AC blows cold! On a 911SC it is important that all the updates be done, this car has all the updates including the Carrera tensioners and air-box pop off valve installed.

This car has been serviced to an incredible standard since new; here are the important and recent items:

  • 141,613- Current mileage
  • 140,918- New oil pressure sender
  • 140,384- New OEM alternator, drive belts, ground cable
  • 140,201- New hood struts, flush and bleed brakes
  • 135,301- 4 new Continental Extreme Contact DWS tires
  • 134,476- New clutch, reseal engine topside, new rear main seal, new fuel filter, oil and filter, brake fluid flush
  • 128,842- Full major service-plugs, cap and rotor, adjust valves, trans fluid, motor mounts
  • 107,000- complete top end overhaul including new valve guides, rings, reground cams, gaskets, etc.

Those are just the bigger or more recent items, I have 100% history from day 1 so if you would like more detail or history going farther back, please ask.

One other item that is worth noting is that since the car was originally sold in Phoenix the original owner made a few nice upgrades to the AC (a common weakness on these cars) including the updated rotary style compressor and the additional bulkhead AC vent. It has since been converted to R134A and blows nice and cold (44 degree vent temps).


The car just radiates pride of ownership, in fact the most recent owner was a very active PCA member and regularly entered this car in various club shows and events. The car in finished in desirable Platinum Metallic over Brown. Over the course of its life it has had paint repair done to correct 30 years and 140k miles worth of wear that bothered the very particular owner. So while no longer an all-original paint car it also has the benefit of having almost no surface imperfections. No scratches, no dings, no rock chips, etc. VERY NICE!

The various accessories, Targa top, trim, lights, OEM Fuchs, etc. are likewise very nice. About the only area I think could stand improving is the Targa bar. Originally they come from the factory a nearly matte black. At some point somebody repainted this one and the shine and texture are not quite right, at least to my purists eyes!


The interior on this car is simply gorgeous. It is suprising to see how nice the interior holds up when well cared for. It is pretty much all-original with the exception of the later (85+) style of wheel (original included) and the updated audio system. No weird wear, no smells, no missing trim, etc. Just a car you would be proud to sit in!

Audio System:

The audio system on this car deserves its own paragraph because on these cars they normally don’t! The original Blaupunkt head units and factory speakers simply sound awful (although they do look nice and period correct…)! Typically I install original radios back in these cars as you rarely find them with original head units. On this car that was my original plan until I listened to the current setup. It simply is the best sounding most inobtrusive setup I have heard in an air-cooled 911. In the cabin all you see is the new head unit and door speakers, but it also has a trunk mounted amplifier and subwoofer that melds perfectly into the soundstage. Listening to it you would swear the door speakers sound that good! I just couldn’t bring myself to remove it. I recognize that some people see a stereo like that and assume a juvenile owner, trust me the most recent owner was simply a music lover! I am happy to remove it if it doesn’t fit your taste.


No Porsche would be complete without all its assorted accessories. I have the following for the car:

  • Service history for the past from birth to current
  • Porsche Certificate of Authenticity
  • Original owners manual and case
  • Original 911SC Brochure
  • Original tool kit and jack (missing the correct tire pump)
  • Two keys
  • Original 3-spoke steering wheel
  • Matching Dr. Color Chip touch up kit
  • Fitted vinyl front end cover
  • Box of service items including OEM filters, clutch cable, etc. so you are stocked for the first service

Overall if you are tired of looking at average SC’s, here is your car. It looks and drives absolutely outstanding and it would be a great addition to any Porschephile’s garage!


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