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1984 Porsche 3.2 Carrera- 97k miles!

1984 Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera Coupe- 97k original miles!

Most people think I have the dream job… I get to buy, sell and tinker with some of the finest Porsche’s available. 99% of the time they are correct, but there are a few drawbacks… The biggest issue is that I truly LOVE Porsche’s and sometimes I struggle with selling a particular car. This is one of those cars… It really belongs in my personal garage, but seeing as though I already own several G-body 911’s I really can’t keep them all. Here is your chance!

Why does this car grab me? A few key points:

  • Documentation- I have NEVER had an air-cooled 911 that has a better paperwork trail. I will detail it below, but I even have a copy of the original MSO! I am a FREAK for original documentation but I have never had a car with that. It just goes on from there… LOVE it!History- This car has been loved from its first owner onwards and that is apparent everywhere you look, touch or experience. So many of these cars are simply shined up examples that somebody neglected, NOT this car!Originality- this car is unmolested and just how Porsche intended it to be. It has all the important stuff like a full history from new, books, perfect tool kit, etc. I HATE when this stuff is missing.
  • Driving- Some of these cars simply drive better than others, not always sure why but this car is an example of that. It simply drives EXACTLY how a good one should and everything works as designed, right down to the cold AC!

This car was sold new at George Follmer Porsche-Audi in Montclair, CA on December 12th 1984 to a local Seattle attorney. It was exactly the configuration he was looking for so he flew down and drove it home to Seattle where it has been ever since. Being an attorney he was a stickler for documentation, how about all these items that come with the car: Copy of the original window sticker, original purchase invoice, original MSO, original title, original application for registration, original temporary tag and more! Crazy!

The first owner subsequently sold it to another enthusiast in 1986 and even sent him a letter telling him: “I know you will enjoy your Porsche. It is difficult to go to anything else once you have driven one, Believe me!” Well said! The subsequent local Seattle PCA members treated the car like a member of the family, as detailed in the copious records by the best independent Porsche shops in Seattle. It was a regular visitor at Akers (http://akersporsche.com ), Squire’s Autowerkes (http://www.squiresautowerke.com) and Chris’ German (http://chrisgerman.com ).  This is the kind of Air-cooled Porsche you want to buy!

The car was built as follows:

  • Guards Red Exterior
  • Black Full leather interior- $1,000
  • C03- US Emissions for California
  • 395- 16-inch Forged Alloy Wheels- $1,580
  • 454- Cruise Control- $320
  • 469- Black Headliner- $70
  • 474- Sport Shocks (Bilstein)- $180
  • 650- electric sunroof- $950

In addition when the car was new George Follmer added the following options:

  • Blaupunkt Tucson Radio (included)
  • Front Spoiler 6”&7” Polished alloys (since returned to black centers)
  • HOFCO Alarm- Removed
  • Floor Mats- Present and literally look new, as they weren’t used! See pictures!

The body and paint on this car are simply stunning! Finished in classic Guards Red this car just simply says Porsche in a way that every person who grew up in the 80’s can spot from 1000 yards. The best part is that this car would be at home at your local PCA concours, but also shows just enough patina that it looks honest and begs you to do a 700 mile day trip for no reason at all!

The interior is likewise pristine! I am a fanatic for original and correct interiors; this one has it! Apart from a period correct Momo Prototipo, an inconspicuous Kuehl center AC vent and more modern audio it is exactly as delivered.Nice!

Mechanically this car is without reproach. Not only has it been well serviced its entire life, it received everything it needed before I listed it for sale. The last owner is a GREAT guy (thanks Gary!), when I inspected the car I noted a few small items. Without me even asking him to he took the car to Akers Porsche and had them addressed, how’s that for a great owner! It just received an annual oil service, new valve cover gaskets, the AC was serviced (blows cold!) and I just installed 4 new Continental Extreme Contact tires. Its ready for its next adventure! Feel free to inquire about past service items, they are too numerous to detail here.

To be a top tier collectible the car has to be 100% complete, that IS this car. Here is what the car will come with:

  • Complete Service history from day 1 to currentAll the documentation listed aboveOriginal owners manual, VIN matched service booklet, all in the correct OEM Burgundy case2 original keys,100% complete OEM tool kitFactory jack and tire compressor
  • Fitted car cover

If you have been looking for a 3.2 Carrera and want something distinct and of lasting quality, here is your car!



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