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1984 Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera Targa

1984 Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera Targa

This particular car has been the loving toy of some very committed Northwest Porsche Club members. It is the unique car that has been passed among committed, well educated, Porsche owners who have always appreciated what they had and have improved it along the way. I have every receipt from new and it has received AMAZING care from some of the best and the brightest. Here is some recent service work, there is plenty more from day 1 but here is the current:

• 102,112- valve adjust, oil change, new dash light dimmer, lube torsion bars, new valve cover gaskets, new air filter, new drive belt
• 101,160- Install Kuehl AC conversion, all new hoses, new compressor, new evaporator, new expansion valve, evaporator fan motor, install under dash center vent (now blows 35 degrees!!), new hood shocks $2500
• 100,850- Completely rebuilt targa top by Dan Pechtel- $1095
• 97,000 miles- Complete Transmission overhaul by Jeff Gamroth at Rothsport, WEVO Classic shifter and PSJ, oil and filter change- $4,950
• 95,952- Oil and Filter
• 92,440- 90k service, adjust valves, fuel filter, air filter, oil and filter, transaxle fluid, new belts
• 89,222- Oil and Filter, wiper blades
• 85,986 miles- Oil and Filter, fuel filter, new hood shocks
• 83,897- New upper and lower steering shaft bearings
• 82,522- Recharge AC, new hood light, new heater motor blower, heater control motor, new low tone horn
• 79,000 new sachs clutch and flywheel

• H4 Headlight upgrade
• Engine software upgrade from 911Chips
• GHL Full stainless headers w/heat, muffler and Catalytic Converter- $3,367
• New OEM Windshield and weather-strip- $1193
• 23mm and 29mm torsion bars
• Bilstein Front and Rear shocks
• Turbo tie rods
• New through the body sway bars front and rear
• Early style drop link mounts
• Front shock tower brace
• Aligned and corner balanced
• $4k in new audio w/ IPOD + bluetooth ++ in 2013. Very discreetly installed in factory locations.
• Over $25k spent in upgrades alone!

The body and paint on this car are nearly flawless with a few minor rock chips, easily a top 10% car. Over the years the owners have taken the time to keep everything fresh. For example during its life the targa top has been rebuilt, the targa bar and all the seals have been updated, various trim pieces have been replaced. Each time with all OEM parts. This attention to detail is evident when you look at the car; everything looks fresh and correct, nice!

The interior is likewise nice and correct and features the all-important OEM sport seats! Once you own a sport seat car you wont want any other. Everything works as designed including all the gauges, lights, cruise control, windows, etc. The dash is pristine as are all the various surfaces.

I have to take a moment to talk about the AC in this car. If you have ever owned an air-cooled 911 you know the AC is absolutely DISMAL! If you live anywhere outside of Seattle you can pretty much forget about being comfortable above 85 degrees even when the stock system is functioning 100% (which very few are...). This car just got the Kuehl AC upgrade and its INCREDIBLE! It's 105 degrees as I write this ad copy and I drove the car and it was cool and comfortable, unreal! The upgrade consists of a new compressor, condensor, lines and adds a lower center vent.

So even though aesthetically this car is impressive to drive it is to really experience the car! The combination of impeccable maintenance coupled with the best of modifications means this car makes amazing power, handles like it’s on rails and generally will make you giddy! The Rothsport built transmission coupled with the WEVO shifter will make you realize how good a 915 can be, who needs a G50? The GHL exhaust and software update means this car pulls much more strongly than any other 3.2 Carrera I have driven. If you get the sense that I am smitten by this car, you are correct…

Come buy this car before I decide to make it part of my personal stable, its that good!



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