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1984 Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera Coupe

1984 Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera Coupe

Have you always dreamed of owning this car? Did this car hang as a poster on your wall in your bedroom as a child? Did your ride in one once and the simple sound of one approaching gives you tingles? If so what are you waiting for…

I am not entirely sure what the magic and mystique of these cars are, but one thing I can definitively state, they simply captivate people! I can best understand it because it grabs hold of you using all of your senses. Sound- The sound of the air-cooled flat six is like no other, at idle its authoritarian but muted, at redline its like Wagner’s Opera at full song. Sight- The bulbous front fenders, the upright headlights that seem to smile at you, the distinctive rear shoulders, and the timeless five gauge interior layout. Touch- The exquisite paint, leather and build quality of these hand built Porsches all feel amazing as you run your fingers over them. Smell- The combination of rich leather, German wool and a slight hint of oil is unmistakable as soon as you open the door.  If this is what you are looking to experience, let me tell you about this particular Carrera:

This particular car belonged to one of our active INWR PCA members and has been recently the subject on an exhaustive mechanical update. In the club we jokingly call this car “project creep”. The owner was not happy with the shift quality of the car and he decided that a new clutch and a rebuilt transmission were in order. In order to accomplish those tasks it of course required engine removal, this is where the project really got into full swing… Here is what has been done- All parts used were OE Porsche parts obtained from Sunset Porsche unless otherwise noted:

Drive train-

  • Transmission rebuild by Chris’ German in Bellevue, WA
  • New Clutch, resurfaced flywheel, pressure plate and throw out bearing.
  • New Clutch cable. Rebuilt pedal assembly w/ new bronze bushings.
  • New Seine Gated shift kit, drastically improves shift feel
  • All new shift bushings
  • Rebuilt  Drive axles, new CV boots,  powder coated black


  • Many, many various seals and gaskets. No oil leaks of any kind!
  • New engine oil thermostat
  • New rebuilt starter
  • New rear main seal.
  • Rebuilt starter
  • Rebuilt Alternator
  • New plugs, wires, cap, rotor, valve adjust
  • New Belts
  • New rear main seal.
  • New updated pushrod tubes
  • Replaced left side hydraulic tensioner
  • All the engine tin, sheet metal and fan powder coated
  • Entire engine case and transmission housing painstakingly cleaned of 28 years of grime, Cosmoline and the like!
  • Powder coated oil tank
  • Powder coated heat exchangers and exhaust
  • New engine compartment seal
  • All new intake and exhaust manifold gaskets
  • All new engine compartment electrical connection boots

Suspension and Brakes

  • Lowered, aligned and corner balanced by Cantrell Motorsports
  • All 4 brake calipers rebuilt and powder coated yellow.
  • New rear brake rotors and new front brake pads
  • All new brake pad wear sensors
  • New front wheel bearings
  • Brake fluid flush


  • All new hood and engine lid struts
  • New engine sound pad
  • All new rear bumper seals
  • New Optima Red Top Battery and Rennline tie down kit.
  • New turn signal switch and 4 way flasher
  • Relayed the H5 Headlights for greater reliability
  • All new license plate light assemblies
  • New left rear taillight assembly
  • Installed OEM engine light assembly (never had one)
  • New Left front fog light lens
  • New Right mirror lens

The motor was not rebuilt because it had great compression/leak down and over the last 20k miles has had minimal oil consumption. The valve guides were checked for wear and everything looked great! Just buttoned back up with all new seals, gaskets, switches and the like.

And so much more the list could go on forever. Suffice it to say the car was gone through from end to end and if it needed repair or cleaning it got it!

The body and paint on this car are in very nice driver quality condition having had one re-spray in factory original Jet Black. It has several nice upgrades such as H5 headlights, front chin spoiler and a replica Carrera tail. The interior is very nice and features both OEM leather sport seats and the 930S steering wheel.  The car is wearing a newer set of Dunlop Dirrezza’s mounted on polished OE 16x7 and 16x8 Fuchs.  Everything on the car works as designed and it runs and drives exactly as it should. It has covered 156k miles and just over 1000 miles since the exhaustive refresh. If you are looking for an air-cooled Porsche to drive, you would be hard pressed to do better than this car.  It would take more than my asking price simply to replicate the recent service work this car has received, what a deal!


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