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1987 Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet

1987 911 Carrera Cabriolet with only 57k Original Miles!!!


This car was sold new at Jefford’s Motor Car Company in Brookfield, WI on June 12th 1987. It has had just 4 owners from new and its condition will attest to the care it has received! It was well optioned new; here is how it was specified:


1987 Porsche 911 Cabriolet- $47,895

  • Marine Blue Metallic- $770
  • Linen Partial Leather interior- N/C
  • 018-Steering wheel w/ raised hub- $57
  • 070- Tonneau Cover in color of top- $772
  • 158- Radio “Reno”- $144
  • 395- 16” Forged Wheels- $673
  • 424- Automatic Heating Control- $543
  • 439- Full Power Convertible top-$2275
  • 454- Automatic Speed Control-$394
  • 473- Front and Rear spoilers- $1604
  • 533- Alarm System-$240 

Total Original MSRP $55,945


For those of you that are very familiar with these cars this may be a review, but for anyone who is shopping for an air-cooled Porsche this might be useful. The air-cooled 911’s were produced from 1965-1998 and they are exceptional cars. With that being said there are generally certain models and years that are considered to be the most desirable. Many people feel that the 1984-1989 3.2 Carrera’s represent the best of the breed. They still maintain the simplicity of the early cars, have enough power to satisfy modern drivers, are mechanically robust and maintain a classic 911 aesthetic. The next generation of cars the 964 is much more complex featuring for the first time power steering, air bags, ABS, etc. Of the 84-89 Carrera’s the 87-89’s are the most desirable, featuring the updated G-50 transmission, which shifts much more precisely that the previous 915 did. Long term the G50 Carrera’s should be a solid, appreciating investment and will maintain their icon status for years to come.


This car has been very well maintained, when I got the car I had it gone through and any issues rectified. Overall it got a green light with a few items including repairing the automatic heating control and footwell blowers, new trunk and deck hood shocks, annual service and more. Here are the most recent items:

  • 57,119- New Bosch Alternator and battery
  • 56,500- New convertible top control unit
  • 53,850- New DME and ignition coil
  • 52,561- New convertible top motor, new emergency brake shoes
  • 50,794- New oil tank lines
  • 49,834- New front brake calipers and lines, brake fluid flush, Major service, spark plugs, Cap &Rotor, air filter, fuel filter, oil and filter, adjust valves and install new valve cover gaskets, transmission fluid flush, replace all oil return tubes, new left and right came oil lines, compression checked all between 160-165
  • 49,148- 4 New Kumho Ecsta tires
  • 46,886- New fuel pump

All service items prior to this have been done on time and are noted in the stamped maintenance book.


The exterior of this car finished in gorgeous Marine Blue Metallic is in beautiful shape, showing just light wear commiserate with mileage. The front hood, bumper and fenders have been repainted at some point in the cars past, however I don’t have any documentation as to why. I do know that the panels are all original, maintaining their VIN matching tags on the front fenders, doors, decklid and rear bumper. The windshield is OE Porsche. This is a car you would be proud to take to a local Porsche event!


The car is sitting on its genuine original set of 16x6 and 16x7 Fuchs Wheels. The wheels maintain the correct anodized finish and satin black centers, my pet peeve is when the finish on these wheels isn’t correct, and these are perfect.


The interior is likewise very clean with just some light wear commiserate with age and mileage. Everything on the car works as designed including all the power accessories, top, cruise control, radio, etc.


The front trunk and engine compartments are very sanitary maintaining their correct finishes and all the right stickers. Just a clean example!


This car is mechanically original, engine and transmission numbers match. It has never been rebuilt or apart. There are no modifications from factory. With just 57k original miles the car starts up perfectly from cold, does not smoke, pulls strongly to redline in each gear, does not make any untoward sounds, etc. The G-50 transmission shifts perfectly it tracks straight and true, no vibrations, strange noises, etc. Ready to go!


Here is what the car will come with:

  • Nearly Complete Service history and stamped service booklet
  • Original owners manual, VIN matched service booklet, original Blaupunkt manual
  • 2 original keys, 2 wheels lock keys and alarm key
  • OEM tool kit
  • Original OEM tonneau cover and vinyl storage bag
  • OEM fitted car cover
  • Fitted vinyl front end and mirrors covers
  • Marine Blue touchup paint

If you have been looking for a G50 Cabriolet in a stunning color combination, solid history and low miles, this is it!



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