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1989 Porsche 3.2 Carrera Cabriolet- 82k miles!

1989 Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet- 82k original miles!

Go ahead; read every buyers guide for air-cooled Porsche’s and the car they all tell you to buy is the 1987-1989 3.2 Carrera. Why? There are a myriad of reasons, to many to expound upon here, but suffice it to say the have the classic Porsche “aesthetic”, they are mechanically bulletproof and make a solid investment. Even within that group everyone seems to hone in the 1989, why? It’s the final and best iteration. As Porsche was transitioning to the 964 they loaded up the options on the 89, so items that were previously optional were made standard like alarm, power locks, upgraded audio, etc. Not to mention adding the all important 8” rear wheels as standard. These really make a difference in accentuating the rear hips on these cars!

The challenge is two-fold, first finding the right example and two finding the right example that is reasonably priced. As the word has gotten out on these cars prices have risen significantly making it extremely difficult to find a correct, well-sorted car with a full history for less than $50k. Well here is your chance!

The particular Carrera was sold brand new at Anderson-Behel Porsche in Santa Clara, CA on November 28th 1988 and it stayed in Northern California until coming to Washington in 1997.  It has never left the weather ideal West Coast. Why do I say the West Coast is weather ideal? We don’t have any severe winter weather and so as a result there is no corrosion damage caused by exposure to road salt that you will see on cars from the East Coast and upper Mid-West. The West side also doesn’t get the high heat and intense sun that the South and Southwest receive, which bakes rubber seals, trim, headliners, leather and cracks dashes. It’s the perfect car preservation climate.

This car has been loved since birth as evidenced by lengthy and complete service history going back in paper form to 23k miles in paper form with service stamps prior to that. For the past 10 years and 30k miles it has been exclusively maintained by Squire’s Autowerkes, one of the pre-eminent independent Porsche repair shops in the Seattle area (http://www.squiresautowerke.com) .  

The body and paint are incredibly straight and clean, it is a truly impressive example in that respect. It has a clean history and it has matching VIN tags on every body panel. It has had paint work on several panels over the years and does have some light evidence of use, but that just frees you up to drive it as intended!  

The interior is likewise clean, with some to be expected patina on the seats, drivers side door threshold carpet and the door gasket could stand replacing.  The Convertible top is in nice, driver quality condition with a crisp and clear rear window. Everything works including all the gauges, lights, cruise control, power top, windows, locks, mirrors, etc. The only exception is the AC engages, the fan operates but it doesn’t blow cold. As evidence of how great this car works, the owner used this as his summer “travel” car, taking several 3,000+ mile trips across the US with his wife! I imagine Ferry Porsche smiling down from heaven…

Remember the 1989 Cars came equipped with most items standard such as Forged wheel, Hi-Fi Sound, Speed control, Radio Reno, etc. On top of that this car has:

  • Full Leather Beltline- $1,652 (full leather interior minus dash)
  • Full Power seat left- $485
  • Full power seat right- $485
  • Supple Leather- $346
  • Full Power top- N/C

Total Original MSRP- $62,733!

When I got the car I had the guys at Squire’s give it a look over and I did everything they suggested including:

  • 82,680- Minor service, new battery, inspection, 4 new Continental Extreme Contact DW tires

Other recent service items:

  • 82,294- New Fuel Pump
  • 79,324- Minor Service, brake fluid flush, new L CV Boot, new belts, adjust front wheel bearings
  • 76,549- Minor Service
  • 71,198- Minor service, R CV Boot cover, Right oil cam line replaced, new hood struts
  • 65,629- Major service: adjust valves, new valve cover gaskets, oil and filter, transmission fluid, brake fluid flush, new sparkplugs, new air filter, new fuel filter, new wiper blades,
  • 62,864- new cylinder temp sensor
  • 62,758- New cap and rotor
  • I could keep going but you get the idea!

The car comes complete with a full service history, original window sticker, books and manuals, 2 keys, the OEM air pump and toolkit. It drives like an absolute dream and the shift quality of the G50 transmission is outstanding. It of course has a clean title and Carfax, is current on all service and is ready for its next new owner. Is that you?



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