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1989 Porsche 911 3.2 G50 Carrera

1987 Porsche 911 Carrera Targa

Go ahead; read every buyers guide for air-cooled Porsche’s and the car they all tell you to buy is the 1987-1989 3.2 Carrera. Why? There are a myriad of reasons, to many to expound upon here, but suffice it to say the have the classic Porsche “aesthetic”, they are mechanically bulletproof and make a solid investment.

The challenge is two-fold, first finding the right example and two finding the right example that is reasonably priced. As the word has gotten out on these cars prices have risen significantly, making it extremely difficult to find a correct, well sorted car with a full history for less than $20k. Well here is your chance!

The particular Carrera was sold brand new at Sunset Porsche in Beaverton, Oregon on June 9th 1989 and it has never left the weather ideal Pacific Northwest. Why do I say the Pacific Northwest is weather ideal? We don’t have any severe winter weather and so as a result there is no corrosion damage caused by exposure to road salt that you will see on cars from the East Coast and upper Mid-West. The West side also doesn’t get the high heat and intense sun that the South and Southwest receive, which bakes rubber seals, trim, headliners, leather and cracks dashes. It’s the perfect car preservation climate.

It has been exclusively owned by Porsche Club members that knew what they had and cherished it. This is evident in the cars history; I have every service record since day 1. Literally hundreds of them, exclusively serviced post warranty at an air-cooled specific shop Marque Motors in Portland, Oregon (www.marquemotors.com ). I am happy to review the history with any interested buyer but the important points are that the car received every service interval by the book from birth to current, never missing a thing. Any issue that surfaced was rectified immediately.  The motor is bone dry, no leaks of any kind and has never had a significant issue, nor been apart. The most major work it has ever received was a clutch replacement at 145k miles. Just the fact that the original clutch lasted 145k miles is testament to the care and love this car received.

Since the owners loved the car so much they actually drove it, accumulating 164k miles over the past 23 years. The good news is that the 3.2 Carrera are noted for the longevity and the mileage can be documented with 100% certainty. I say that because so many of these early air-cooled cars I see for sale claim mileage under 100k, yet they appear to have more wear/tear than their mileage would suggest and they rarely have complete documentation. I am always just a little suspicious… This is an honest, loved, well serviced and documented example. What an amazing buy!

The body and paint are incredibly straight and clean, it is a truly impressive example in that respect. It has a clean history however it has had paint work in several places over the years, however the good news is that it was all done by one of the best shops in the business and all the documentation is there. I think you would be challenged to finder a better car aesthetically for the money.

The interior is likewise clean, no significant wear on the seats, door panels or dash. The Targa top has been recovered and all the seals are new, it’s gorgeous! Everything works including all the gauges, lights, cruise control, windows, locks, mirrors, etc. The only exception is the AC engages, the fan operates but it doesn’t blow cold.

It is very well optioned from the factory including:

  • Locking Differential!
  • Forged Wheels 16x6 and 16x8
  • Full Power Seats left and right
  • Automatic Speed Control
  • Hi-Fi Sound Package
  • Sport Shock Absorbers
  • Radio Reno
  • Shorter Gear Shift Lever

When I got the car I took it to my preferred air-cooled Porsche “guru”, Squire Tomasi owner of Squire’s Autowerkes (http://www.squiresautowerke.com/ ) and told him to do whatever it needed. He did the following:

-Minor service including oil and filter

-Brake fluid flush

-Install new Interstate Battery

-Repaired Drivers side power seat including all new cables, guides and motor

-Miscellaneous items such as bulbs, switch covers, etc to make it 100%

The car also needed new tires as they were old, so I just installed four new Hankook Ventus V12 EVO tires, 205/55/16 front and 225/50/16 in the rear. Being a 1989 the car has the much more desirable 8” rear wheels as opposed to the prior year’s 7” rears.

The car comes complete with a full service history, books and manuals, 2 keys, the OEM air pump and toolkit. It drives like an absolute dream and the shift quality of the G50 transmission is outstanding. It of course has a clean title, is current on all service and is ready for its next new owner. Is that you?


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