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1990 Porsche 964 Carrera 2 Coupe!

1990 Porsche 964 Carrera 2 Coupe


It’s amazing how times change… Just a few short years ago the entire buzz in the late air-cooled market was the 993. The 993 is truly an amazing car, so the thought must have been that if the 993 was amazing that a 964 was something less than. How wrong they all were! I have been a 964 fanatic since working at Bellevue Porsche when these cars were new! I think people realized you get the traditional 911 upright front fenders, big displacement 3.6-liter motor coupled with a modern coil-over type suspension and HVAC that really works! Now the world has discovered the 964 and is finally appreciating these cars, the challenge now is finding a nice, honest, original, manual Carrera 2 coupe…


This particular 964 is the perfect example if you want one just to jump in and drive. It’s nice enough to park in the front row at your local Cars and Coffee yet has enough patina that a 400-mile weekend jaunt poses no imminent risk of a panic attack. This car has lived its entire life in weather desirable inland California, so no exposure to bad weather, road salt or poor quality roads. This is evident when you look at the car, just a nice well preserved example.


It was sold new at Rector Porsche in Burlingame, CA and was under the care of its original PCA owner for the first 20 years. From there it has had just two other careful long-term PCA owners. It has never been damaged and has a perfect history. It has had paint work on the front hood and fenders to clean up rock chips, so its not a 100% original paint car but it also doesn’t show the ravages of age of one either!


The interior on this car is beautiful, showing only light evidence of wear. Everything works as designed including the air-conditioning, cruise control and all power accessories. The car is 100% stock and original with exception of the radio head unit and cup holders.


Mechanically the car is solid and runs and drives very well. The current mileage is 106,828 miles. I do have a complete service history on the car; here are the most recent service items:

  • 105,045- Minor service, new starter, new drive belts
  • 102,673- New CV boots
  • 102,151 new tires Michelin Pilot Sport A/S
  • 97,449- 15k service
  • 91,212- New clutch, new oil lines (misc.)- $3,630

 The car comes complete with the following items:

  • Owners manual, service manual and leather folio
  • Complete tool kit
  • Original air pump
  • Original jack, tire bag and plastic gloves
  • 2 original keys
  • Original window sticker
  • Service history

Are you ready to experience “964 Magic”??


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