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1991 Porsche 964 Turbo-60k miles

If Porsche has ever built a car that more clearly symbolizes the brand more so than this car, I don’t know of it! The 964 Turbo represents Porsche both at a Zenith moment and a moment of monumental change.

A Zenith moment because this car represents the final development of the original 1975 930 Turbo… It retains the Wide fenders, enormous turbo rear spoiler, prodigious turbo lag and unbelievable thrust of the original turbo yet incorporates significant improvements: 5-speed G50 transaxle, modern coil-over type suspension, ABS brakes, functional HVAC and more.

While the next the turbo represented monumental change, the 993TT of 1996, it lost some of its rawness through the adoption of all wheel drive and smaller twin turbo’s. Not to mention the change from the traditional upright front fender. Subsequent Turbo’s have turned into incredibly fast GT’s and the GT3 series has taken the place as the ultimate drivers 911. To my taste the 964 Turbo is simply the one to own!

Now on to this specific car, this car holds a VERY dear place in my heart, as it was one of my personal Porsche’s I owned prior to opening this business. I sold it over 5 years ago to a great client in Austin, TX to pay for some needed building renovations. I regretted it before it even left! Luckily my client contacted me recently and I was able to buy the car back, it’s truly a special car! Here is the car’s story:

This particular Turbo was built on June 4th 1991 and was #556/614 US Market 964 Turbo’s built for 1991 (out of 863 3.3 liter US 964 Turbo’s built) so rare indeed! It was sold on January 27th 1992 at Lipshy Motorcars in Dallas Texas. From there the car has passed through a few PCA members hands, all of whom treasured the car and kept their care memorialized in the “book” of history on this car.

The car is finished in stunning Midnight Blue Metallic over Classic Gray interior. This color is truly spectacular, changing colors from jet black, to sapphire blue to sunset infused navy. It always draws stares and compliments.

The car has received a few “upgrades” designed to keep the car pure yet unleash both a little more power and update the look to its big brother, the 3.6 Turbo. The following upgrades have been done:

  • 3-piece forged, German built RH wheels 18x8 and 18x10. Gorgeous!
  • OEM Porsche 964 3.6 Turbo “S” brake cooling ducts and fog lights
  • H&R springs and Bilstein HD Shocks and Struts- ROW ride height with OEM comfort. Aligned and corner balanced.
  • GHL Stainless headers with heat + Fabspeed Exhaust tips- Better flow than stock, lighter weight, nice throaty sound but mild with no resonance.
  • Tial 962 style 46mm alloy wastegate set at 1 bar.
  • Aluminum Instrument dials, installed at North Hollywood Speedometer
  • Updated audio in factory locations- Alpine head-unit and MB-Quart Speakers. No cutting was done.

In terms of service this car has been absolutely stellar! I have 22 years of continuous records and it has been a very reliable vehicle, mostly just regular servicing. The biggest recent service was completed at 47,391 (annual and minor services since) including:

  • New clutch
  • New rear main seal
  • Valve adjust
  • New: cap and rotor, fuel filter, oil and filter, air filter, spark plugs, drive belts, hood shocks, transmission fluid

Everything on the car works as designed, even the AC blows nice and cold. It starts right up, idles smoothly, makes impressive power, shifts beautifully, etc. It has no oil leaks; everything is just the way it should be.

Aesthetically the car is nearly flawless! When I got the car back from my most recent owner it was starting to see the effect of 60k miles on a dark car in the era before clear bra. When all polished up it looked great from a few feet but close inspection showed the typical micro-pitting and rock chips you would expect. I lost a lot of sleep over this; being a purist I prize original paint. Being a perfectionist, I hate flaws… I decided that the car was so pure that it “deserved” to be as close to perfect as possible. I took the car to Queen City Auto Rebuild in Redmond, WA (a very well regarded OEM approved shop: http://queencityautorebuild.com ) who does most of the work for us “OCD” types in the local car clubs. I told them to do whatever was needed to bring it to perfection. They ended up refinishing the front bumper cover, hood, fenders, cowl and rockers. It wasn’t cheap nor quick, but the results are spectacular! Frankly I have been afraid to drive it since!

After they finished with the car I took it to the magicians at Metropolitan Detail where it received their “Ultimate Detail”, check them out: http://metropolitandetail.com/services/detail/ needless to say the car is spotless inside and out!

As a collectible it is important that all the documentation and accessories be present, here is what I have:

  • Original Window Sticker
  • Owner’s manual, books and leather case
  • Both original keys
  • Complete Concours Quality Toolkit, jack, gloves and lay down cloth
  • Complete service history (22 years worth) all organized in a 3-ring binder.

By reading my ad copy you have probably surmised that I REALLY like this particular car, you are correct! If you have been looking for a 964 Turbo to add to your collection and want one that would stand proud at your local PCA concours yet be a willing driving partner, this is your car!



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