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1995 Porsche 993 50k original miles!

1995 Porsche 993 Coupe- 50k original miles + Sport Seats and Sport Suspension!

The 993 is the ultimate air cooled 911, the challenge is finding the right one. This car just radiates pride of ownership, from the deep gloss of the paint, to the lovingly preserved interior and the immaculate engine bay. If you are particular this car deserves your attention.  

What makes this 993 such a find? Great color combination, great options, thousands in recent service and pristine condition, what a car!

Here is the summary:

Base Price- $59,900

  • A1 Black Exterior-
  • Black Partial Leather interior
  • 030- Sport Chassis w/ 17” wheels- $2,017
  • 331- Porsche CR-1 Radio- N/C
  • 373- Sport Seat Left- $365
  • 374- Sport Seat Right- $365
  • 398- 17” 5-spoke wheels

 Original MSRP- $63,392

Other than the radio head unit this car appears 100% stock and as delivered, however a few nice hidden upgrades have been made:

  • Steve Wong software which disables the VERY irritating factory immobilizer (original included)
  • Fister Stage II exhaust- this system is great because they simply modify the factory mufflers so they look original but allow a more muscular tone to the exhaust with no drone. A mild, but VERY satisfying update!
  • WEVO motor mounts and goldenrod shifter- these two items together take up some of the slop in the factory shifter and allow a more crisp and defined shift, subtle but a nice upgrade. You wont believe how well this car shifts.

Mechanically the cars runs and drives just as a 993 should, which is to say superb! Everything on the car works as designed, air conditioning blows cold, etc. It is current on all service and comes complete with an extensive service history. The great thing about his car is that the majority of the bigger service or maintenance issues that crop up on 993’s have been addressed with this car. I have a complete history on the car, but here are the most recent big items:

  • 50,379 miles- Oil and both filters
  • 50,050 miles- Kinematic lever replaced, Wevo engine mounts and golden rod shifter update installed
  • 49,680- Transmission fluid changed, new series resistor, engine compartment blower and duct, engine temp sensor, new distributor cap and rotor
  • 49,000 miles- New pollen filters, new DME relay, Steve Wong software update
  • 48,400- 4 new Continental Extreme Contact tires, cruise control module, left front foglight (cracked), new sunroof seal, Fister Stage II muffler installed, new quarter stone guards
  • 45,245- Install new OE M030 shocks, corner balance and align

In addition the car has received all of its major interval servicing since new. I wont detail everthing but a few ones to note:

  • 36,242 miles- Front and rear brakes, pads and rotors, new master cylinder, new AC evaporator, new alternator fan bearing, reseal timing chain covers lower valve covers, new spark plugs ($7200)

The body and paint is gorgeous, having just received a full paint correction and polish from the Master, Paul Damico, check out the process here: http://www.attention2detailnw.com/work-showcase/3350/

The interior is likewise spotless and features the uber rare and desirable hard back sport seats. The crazy thing is these seats were only $730 for the pair when new, but on the used market sets bring up to $7500! If you want a set its much better to buy a car with them!

The car comes complete with all books, a copy of the original window sticker, 2 keys, tool kit, air pump and a complete service history. This car is a classic example of getting what you pay for. It truly is an outstanding example suitable for the most discriminating of buyers, no stories, no excuses, here it is! Why settle for an OK example when you can have exceptional?


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