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1995 Porsche 993-Full History!

1995 993 Coupe

One of the most hotly debated subjects among us “air-cooled” junkies is “What model is the best?”…. That is of course highly subjective and EVERYONE has his or her opinion; I tell people its like deciding which of your children is the “best”, it simply can’t be done….

However you certainly understand that each of your children is blessed with unique traits and talents. Such is the case in the Air-cooled 911 family. The 993’s are blessed as being the final iteration, representing 30 years of development. As such it is certainly the easiest car to drive on a daily basis, I would argue that its truly the best choice for someone who wants an everyday driver air-cooled 911.

Why do I tell you that? Simply because I WANT somebody to buy this car and continue using it as its been used, a daily driven 993 that brings a smile to your face each and every day. The past owner used this car as his everyday car for the past 11 years. To work, on errands and the occasional spirited weekend drive. I think Ferdinand Porsche smiles down on owners like this!

Here are the basics:

1995 993 Carrera Coupe:

  • Black Exterior
  • Stone Grey Interior
  • 123,200 miles
  • 6-speed manual
  • Factory Options include: LSD/ABD, heated seats, 17” Cup II wheels
  • Stock and original, no modifications other than radio head unit
  • Everything works including the AC
  • 3-ring binder of service history covering the last 15 years
  • Sold new locally- WA State car since new, so no exposure to bad climates!
  • Complete with all accessories: tool kit, air pump, plastic gloves, jack, all original books, manuals and keys.

My favorite thing about this car is how it drives. I am lucky enough to get to drive a lot of 993’s and the crazy part is this car is one of the best driving examples I have driven. I am not sure whether its regular usage, loving care or maintenance by the book, but there is something special going on here…. Jump in and drive the car!

Mechanically I am very impressed with the car. Here are the most recent service items:

  • 123,152- Replace cam chain covers/gaskets to remedy oil leaks, replace outer CV boot cover.
  • 122,045- Replace drivers airbag to solve known 993 issue of faulty horn ring
  • 122,024- 120k-mile major service, this included all fluids, filters, spark plugs, and hood struts front and rear.
  • 117,000- New OEM windshield installed by a shop that knows how to install a 993 windshield correctly (tricky and are often done wrong…)
  • 115,783- New brakes, pads, rotors and sensors front and rear, new lower valve cover gaskets left and right

The exterior of the car is where you can see the majority of the evidence of mileage and use. Being black, having 123k miles and never having had any type of paint protection film means that the front wear surfaces (hood, area below the headlights, front bumper cover) show lots of chips, nicks and abrasions. The car cleans up very nicely as you can see in the photos with a deep, brilliant shine but close inspection reveals that its been driven. I would call the paint a 7/10. The body, trim, lenses, etc are all quite nice but it does have several small line of sight type door dings that would benefit from paintless dent repair. My usual habit is to fix all of these small things, but frankly I just think the car presents so honestly and is in that sweet spot of nice enough to be proud of but also worry free to daily use. Perfect!

The interior on the other hand is simply remarkable. It looks nearly new and absolutely belies the mileage. Here the photos don’t lie. I always think the interior tells the true story on how a car was cared for…

Please note that the Carfax shows an accident report on 11/3/2006. Luckily the owner was very dutiful in his record keeping and I have a copy of both the Police report and the repair receipt. He was the 1st car at an intersection and the 3rd car rear-ended the 2nd car, pushing that car into him. The police report noted damages to this car as “light scuff marks”. The repair was a minor spot repair to the rear bumper cover, total cost $469. I am happy to send any of that documentation to a potential buyer.

So now that you know everything about this 993, its time to stop sitting behind you computer and start driving your new 993… It’s just the perfect blend of useable, final generation design coupled with loving care and just enough patina to make it a guilt free indulgence! I don’t think you would find a nicer, more honest, better driving 993 manual coupe for less money! Don’t wait!


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