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1996 Porsche 993 C4S- 43k miles!

1996 Porsche 993 C4S


If you have been looking for an excellent, no excuses or stories 993 C4S, this might be your car… Here are the particulars:


This 993 was sold new at Eero Porsche in Anchorage, Alaska on September 5th 1996. The original owner sold the car almost exactly 3 years to the day in September of 1999 when it had 22,590 miles. The second owner was a longtime PCA member who had the car shipped to Seattle where it has resided in his careful hands since. Current mileage is 43,600.


Here is how the car was originally optioned:


Carrera 4S

  • L744 Metallic Black Exterior- $1,036
  • PJ- Stone Gray Leather- N/C
  • 030- Sport Chassis/Suspension- $672
  • P14- Heated Seat Package- $578
  • Stone Gray Floor Mats- $110
  • 437- Full Power Seat Left- $564
  • 490- Hi-Fi Sound System- $930
  • 692- Remote CD Changer- $813
  • Total Original MSRP- $79,448

In addition to the originally ordered options the owner added the OEM tequipment Carbon and aluminum shift and brake handles and carbon dash package. Other than these items the car is all stock and original.


One of my favorite things about this car is the Metallic Black paint. Unfortunately the richness of this color does not photo well and it simply looks black. Trust me, in person it is not just black. The metallic base is almost a mix of charcoal and brown and depending on the light the car can look anywhere from slate gray to metallic brown to black. Absolutely GORGEOUS! It is so much more interesting than the many jet black 993’s that I have sold! The body and paint on the car is 100% original as verified by paint meter. It of course has a clean Carfax and has never been damaged in any way. This gorgeous car has no scratches, dings or damage which mar its appearance. The only visible wear and tear is the commiserate rock chips in the hood one would expect on a dark car with 43k miles on it.


The interior is likewise stunning with its stone gray providing a great contrast on the Metallic black. The interior shows almost none of the typical 993 type wear, it’s truly immaculate. I love the heated seats (rare on 993's) and the carbon trim provides a great visual enhancement and corresponds perfectly with the color combination. It of course has never been smoked in or abused in any way, very nice!


Mechanically this car performs as an excellent 993 should. Clutch take-up is smooth and light, the motor builds power smoothly through the rev range and the gearbox is smooth with no syncro or linkage type issues commonly seen on these cars. I love the OEM M030 sport suspension. It provides a higher spring rate, thicker anti roll bars and more sporting tuning. It provides an OEM level of ride quality but has less body roll and just plain works better. Sadly very few 993’s were delivered with this option and as a result most 993 owners immediately upgrade the stock suspension. With values rising originality rules the day, so this is the best answer as it is original but handles better than standard, a win-win! Why this wasn’t the standard suspension I will never know!


I just had the major 60k service done due to time not miles. The following items were just done:

  • 12 new spark plugs
  • 2 new distributor caps and rotors
  • New air filter
  • Oil and both filters changed
  • Cabin filters
  • 2 new hood struts
  • 2 new engine lid struts
  • Installed new alternator pulley update
  • All new drive belts
  • New gearbox oil (Redline)
  • New sunroof ramps
  • $2300 worth of service completed just so I know it is ready to go!

The car comes complete with everything an excellent 993 should:

  • All the original books including the VIN matched maintenance book
  • 2 original keys and remotes (updated style) plus the valet key and key codes
  • Original air pump, tool kit, jack and bag, plastic gloves and lay down plastic
  • Service history

In summary if you are looking for a wide body 993 in a striking color combination that has not been modified, damaged, painted or otherwise messed with, this is your car. Wouldn’t it look better in your garage then on my website??


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