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1996 Porsche 993 Cabriolet- 77k miles

1997 Porsche 993 Cabriolet- 100% Sorted and ready to go!

The 993 is the ultimate air cooled 911, the challenge is finding the right one. I find this challenge particularly hard with the 993 Cabriolet. I don’t know whether it is the carefree, top down attitude of cabriolet owners or what, but I just find so many edgy 993 Cabs. If you are VERY particular, this is your car! I have spent countless hours and $$ to take what started as a VERY nice car and made it exceptional. Here is the overview:  

This car was sold new at Foreign Cars Italia in Greensboro, NC on August 1st 1996.  It has had just 3 particular North Carolina owners since new and comes complete with every service record from Day 1. It has only lived in a dry and sunny state, no issues of Northern states or inclement weather. It of course has a clean history and shows pride of ownership.  Here is how it is equipped:

Base Price- $73,000

  • Jet Black Exterior
  • Marble Grey Partial Leather interior
  • 220- Limited Slip Differential- $1,253
  • 224- Active Brake Differential
  • 398- 17” 5-spoke wheels- $1,444
  • 445- Rim Caps w/ Colored Crests $224
  • XC9- Dark Rootwood Shifter- $357

Original MSRP- $77,023

In addition to the original options the following upgrades have been made:

  • OEM Porsche Techequipment Aluminum/Carbon Brake and shift knob
  • OEM Windstop

I have enjoyed having this car around the shop because it was a really nice car when it arrived and I decided to dedicate the time and money to make it as nice as a 993 Cabriolet could possibly be. In fact I may have gone overboard, here is what I have had done:

  • Secondary Air Injection (SAI)- If you are shopping for a 993 you are probably aware of some of the issues surrounding the SAI system (If not don’t hesitate to ask). When this car arrived the check engine light was illuminating intermittently and showed SAI fault codes. I decided to inspect the car closely paying particular attention to the valve guides and leakdown. Leakdown was a perfect 5% across the board and the valve guides looked good. We found that the air distributor and the air pump check valve were bad. Those items were replaced and since we were in there we decided to flush the entire SAI system. This is an expensive and labor-intensive job! Totally ready to go now, nice and clean with no issues!
  • Oil leaks- The car was fairly dry but did have a few leaks at the cam chain housing covers, it’s a labor intensive job but I wanted the car right, so it was done.
  • Service- I always want my cars current on service so the oil and filter were changed, brakes fluid flushes, all drive belts replaced and we installed a new belt sensor.
  • Convertible Top- These are notorious for not working correctly. Most people convert them to manual operation vs. spending the money and fixing them, I want them right! I installed a new top control unit, all new cables, rebuilt the micro switches and had a new headliner installed. This was painful, almost $3,000. But now it’s perfect!
  • Detail- Now that the car was mechanically perfect I decided to make it aesthetically perfect as well. So off it went to Metropolitan Detail (www.metropolitandetail.com ) for an Elite detail which includes a full paint correction, undercarriage cleanse, wheel polish, interior rejuvenation, all topped off with 2 coats of Zymol Vintage. To finalize the treatment I had them install new stone shield on the each quarter and even install a new rear trunk badge. Looking good!

The car of course drives exactly as a well serviced and sorted 993 should, which is to say spectacular! Everything works as designed and the air blows cold. Having a full history from new shows the car has received excellent care and has received every interval service along the way.

The body and paint are nearly flawless and would stand proud at any regional PCA event. The interior is likewise immaculate.

The car comes complete with all books, 2 keys, wind-stop and bag, tool kit and a complete service history. The only item missing is the correct tire pump.

This car is a classic example of getting what you pay for. It truly is an outstanding example suitable for the most discriminating of buyers, no stories, no excuses, here it is!

Why settle for an OK example when you can have exceptional?


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