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2000 Ferrari 360 Modena 6-speed!

2000 Ferrari 360 Modena 6-speed manual!

I don’t care who you are, if you’re a gear head somewhere along the lines you have lusted after a Ferrari. Good, bad or indifferent a Ferrari is simply a bucket list car for most everyone. Why is that? There are a host of reasons, but to be crass I can sum it up simply as “Italian Sex”… There is just nothing quite as sexy is style, sound and driving experience as a Ferrari. So if you have always lusted, here is your chance…

As a child of the 1980’s the walls of my bedroom were adorned with car posters. I loved all types of fine European cars, but the predominant theme was the prancing horse. I even remember watching Tom Seleck as Magnum PI rowing through the gears of his 308 and daydreaming about the days when I could hear that nice metallic click-clack of the gated Ferrari shifter. The problem now is that all modern Ferrari’s have gone paddle shift, meaning that sound and experience will no longer be some 10 year Old’s daydream, sad!

This particular 360 Modena represents the near end of the road as it comes equipped with that all important 6-speed manual, gated shifter and all! The F1 gearbox is an impressive piece, but I think between concerns about long term maintenance costs and the desire to own one of the last of the true manual Ferrari’s means this car will remain desirable well into the future.

Here are the particulars:

This car was originally sold at a Ferrari store in Geneva, Switzerland on February 1st, 2000. In October of 2000 when the car had just under 3,000 miles it was shipped to the US and legally imported through a dealership in Texas. The car was sold to its first US owner in March of 2001 in Beverly Hills, CA. This owner had the car until 2010 whereby it was purchased by my customer who lived in Seattle, WA.

I have a complete service history from new and the car has been serviced by the book:

Here is the service history:

  • Current Mileage- 29,123
  • 28,987 (January 2015) Annual oil and filter service, complete detail, PDR two door dings
  • 27,584 (March 2013) 30k major service with timing belt, new thermostat, new transmission mounts, cam variator recall done, instrument cluster software recall done.
  • 25,008- Annual service, brake fluid flush
  • 24,299- New power steering line from pump to rack
  • 23,854- New clutch, flywheel and ring gear, front transmission seal, new cam cover gaskets, new motor mounts, service AC
  • 23,041- Annual service
  • 17,400- 30k major service with timing belt, new brake pads, rotors resurfaced, install challenge grille
  • 15,600- 30k major service
  • 13,131- Annual service
  • 10,262- Annual service
  • 8,009- new battery
  • 5,482 - Annual service
  • 2,364- Annual service

The exterior of this car is finished in gorgeous Grigio Alloy; this color is silver-blue with almost an iridescent quality, WOW!  Couple the gorgeous color with the 19” F430 Ball polished wheels, the yellow calipers and the challenge grille and this car simply POPS! This car draws stares everywhere you drive it, so be prepared for attention. The car of course has a perfect CarFax/Autocheck history.


The interior is in a great coordinating dark navy, many of these cars came with the lighter blue interior which is simply not attractive in my opinion, and the dark navy simply makes the combo. The dash has suffered none of the typical shrink or pucker these typically do and the seats and carpets look great. These are well known for sticky interior plastics, my customer carefully cleaned all the typical sticky surfaces so they feel good again, but it’s not a perfect job. If it were my car I would send them all of to Sticky No More to be re-coated. If you are in the market for a 360 you will be familiar with this issue, it affects all of them.

On a Ferrari it is important to get all of the factory accessories. The following accessories should be on any 360 you look at: Factory tool kit (present), Factory tire inflator (Present), Factory leather case and all manuals (present), One red “Master” remote (present), 2 black “slave” remotes (2 present), 2 factory keys (2 present), factory radio code (present), factory key codes (present), Factory fitted car cover (present).

If you have been looking for a 360 with a manual transmission you will find it quite hard to find. This gorgeous example has been well cared for and is ready to be driven and enjoyed!


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