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2000 Ferrari 360 Modena F1

2000 Ferrari 360 Modena F1- 2-owner car with 22k miles!

Here are the particulars:

The car was originally sold at Ferrari of Seattle on December 15th 2000. The original owner traded the car in and it was sold as a certified Ferrari by Ferrari of Seattle on April 10th 2009 when it had 20,189 miles. This is the history you are looking for, no stories, no auctions, no five owners… Current mileage is 22,750.

The exterior of this car is finished in very rare and gorgeous Rosso Fiorano, WOW! This car draws stares everywhere you drive it, so be prepared for attention. The paint is like new and is 100% original with exception of the some very minor touchup I had performed at Ferrari on the lower right rocker, see the invoice in the photos for details. I am a perfectionist and there was a minor mark that I just couldn’t tolerate! The car has had 3M Clearbra since new which has done a great job of protecting it from nicks and chips, there is one scuff in the clear bra on the front bumper (that is what you see in the photos) however it has not pierced the clearbra, so it has done its job. The car of course has a perfect CarFax/Autocheck history. You will be impressed


The interior is likewise gorgeous. Sadly for a car of this caliber the interiors of these cars don’t wear well, so be careful in your search. This car has a gorgeous interior and has escaped the wear commonly seen. The drivers seats shows almost none of the common bolster wear, the dash has no shrinkage or “pucker” and the plastics have escaped the nasty sticky syndrome. Just a very nice and correct interior!

On a Ferrari it is important to get all of the factory accessories. The following accessories should be on any 360 you look at: Factory tool kit (present), Factory tire inflator (Present), Factory leather case and all manuals (present), One red “Master” remote (present), 2 black “slave” remotes (2 present), 2 factory keys (2 present), factory radio code (present), factory key codes (present), Factory fitted car cover (present).

The other big gotcha on many of these cars is service. I don’t cut corners period! This car was just sent to Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo Ferrari and received a full 30k service including timing belts, drive belts, all fluids and a new battery (see invoice below). This work was just completed in August of 2012.


Be careful when you look at other Ferrari’s for sale, they will list that the major service has been done, be sure to see what work they actually did and when it was done. This work should be done every 3 years and often times when you look it was done just a few thousand miles prior but 5+ years ago. They are replaced on time, not just on mileage! The other thing is that some people only replace the timing belts without doing all the other items. This cuts about 60% off the repair bill but it’s not correct! The beauty of this car is that someone can enjoy it for several years to come with just annual services due!

If you have been looking for a 360 you will find that this car checks all the important boxes. Why buy a compromise car when you can have the “right” car!



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