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2003 Porsche 996 Carrera

2003 Porsche 996 Carrera- Fully rebuilt performance motor!

If you want a Porsche to drive and yet life’s realities of the mortgage, retirement savings and impending college tuition mean your budget isn’t unlimited, then this IS your car! Many of my customers assume I only sell top dollar Porsche’s, that’s simply not true! My challenge is that while I LOVE a good bargain like anyone else, I simply won’t compromise my standards! Low price for me simply CANNOT mean low quality! The problem of course is of course trying to find a GREAT Porsche at an entry-level price. Read on, but move quickly… 

This particular Carrera was sold new at Larson Porsche in Tacoma, WA and has been a Washington car since new. Here is how the car was optioned: 

Base MSRP: $68,600

Arctic Silver Metallic- $825

Advanced Technic Package- BOSE Audio, CD Changer, Bi-Xenon Lights, headlight washers-$3,240

Porsche Stability Management- $1,230

18” light alloy wheels- $1435

Floor Mats- $115

Wheel Caps with Colored Crest- $175

Destination- $765

Total MSRP- $76,385

Interestingly the first few owners treated this car as a garage queen, it only had 35k miles on it at 7 years of age. The most recent owner purchased the car exactly 5 years ago and managed to enjoy the car for 73,000 miles! He is my hero, these cars are meant to be driven. Current mileage is 108,650. 

The particular 911 has been owned by an enthusiast who both believed in driving his car and maintaining it with the best experts with an open checkbook philosophy. I don’t think you would find an example at this price point that has been better maintained or that has all the right recent service items. 

The best thing about this car?

How about 13,000 miles ago the owner invested $21,695 having the motor completely rebuilt by Vision Motorsports! He spared no expense having the motor completely taken down to the bare block and added only the best. Highlights include performance knife edge crank, 5-angle valve job ported and flowed, performance oil pump, Carillo rods, LN IMS bearing, Deep oil sump and baffle kit, Motorsport AOS, RSS underdrive pulleys and more. The motor made 305hp and 265-ft./lb. torque to the rear wheels on a Dynojet! Suffice it to say this is the strongest NA 996 I have ever driven, awesome! 

In addition the following improvements have been made: 

  • Fabspeed X-pipe and mufflers (originals included as well)
  • H&R Coilovers
  • OEM Porsche short shift kit
  • K40 Hidden radar/laser diffuser

Other large recent service items include:

  • 95,000 miles-New Clutch and Flywheel, 90k major service, new SAI pump, front and rear brakes (pads and rotors)
  • Current on all other service 

The exterior of the car is quite remarkable given the mileage. When I got the car it has a complete 3M clear film across the hood, fenders and headlights. It did an impressive job but was aged, so I removed it and as a result there are almost no chips in this car! The front bumper did not have clear film and as such definitely shows the mileage. The paint on the car is 100% original as verified by a paint meter and the Carfax is of course clean. Aesthetically other than the front bumper cover the car is remarkable. 

The interior is likewise immaculate. Other than the drivers seat showing 108k miles of seat time it looks like new. Everything on the car works as designed and the air blows cold. Its definitely a car you would be proud to own. 

The car comes complete with the following: full service history from new to current, all the original books/manuals, 2 original keys, factory tool kit and jack.

For those not familiar the 2002-2004 996 cars are highly desirable versus the earlier 1999-2001 996 cars because several key improvements were made, such as: Displacement increased via a stroke increase to 82.8 mm taking displacement to 3596cc. Horsepower increased to 320. Variocam Plus came around that was continuously variable, improving performance throughout the rev range. Inside the interior the cupholder was vastly improved, the central air vent is 20% bigger for greater airflow, the multifunction display got bigger and the electronic speedo moved to its correct spot at the bottom of the analog speedo. Check this out before you buy an early car, ever wonder why they are so much cheaper?

I LOVE driving this car; I can’t imagine you could find a more fun car for the money. Don’t hesitate, my guess is one of my customers will see the amazing value of this car, is that going to be you?



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