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2002 Porsche 996 Twin Turbo!

2002 Porsche 996 Twin Turbo

If you’re looking for a 996TT and want a no excuses, no stories, no silly modifications, fully documented example, this might be your car! These cars are hands down the BEST value in the used Porsche marketplace! They have a simply mind boggling performance envelope yet they remain docile to drive, practical for everyday driving and dead reliable. What more could you ask for?

Here is the overview:

This particular Turbo was sold new at Circle Porsche in Long Beach, CA on December 12th 2001. It was serviced by either Beverly Hills Porsche or well respected Porsche independents as evidenced by a complete service history from new to current. In 2014 my local customer purchased the car and brought it to the Seattle area.  She continued the loving care the car had been given, turning over maintenance duties to either Cantrell Motorsports or Chris’ German. It has been loved from day 1, which is apparent!

Here is how the car was ordered:

  • Slate Grey Metallic- $2,230 (gorgeous and much nicer than the typical Seal Grey!)
  • Black Full Leather
  • Heated Seats- $415
  • Lumbar Support Left- $380
  • Lumbar Support Right- $380
  • In dash CD- $350
  • Supple Leather- $395
  • Leather Interior Package- $2,950 (this is incredible, everything is swathed in leather right down to the speaker grilles!)
  • Black Floor Mats- $115
  • Leather visors- $560
  • Aluminum Dials- $920

Total Original MSRP- $129,765

Body and Paint-

The body and paint on this car are simply gorgeous! Other than a few very minor chips in the hood, its looks like a 20k mile car. I had the front bumper repainted by the Porsche authorized facility to clean up some road rash, so it’s like new. You will be impressed!


The interior is likewise almost flawless. The driver’s seat shows some minor patina of age and the drivers floor mat could stand to be replaced. Other than that it’s VERY nice. No smoking, no kids and no pets.


The current mileage is 83,541.  The best thing about this car is the complete history from motivated owners. So many of these cars as they got to be under $40k fell into owners hands that simply didn’t care for them. Not this car. Here are the most recent service items:

  • 83,420- Refinish all 4 brake calipers, refinish brake hubs, replace passenger side window regulator. (Now the brakes look GORGEOUS, no pink calipers!)
  • 82,115- New front brake pads and sensors
  • 79,537- Annual service
  • 75,015- 2 new rear Pirelli PZero N-spec tires
  • 74,048- 4 wheel alignment
  • 73,010- New Battery
  • 72,990- New water pump and drive belts
  • 72,212- Annual Service
  • 67,500- Annual Service
  • 66,160 Replace Alternator
  • 64,790- 60k major service, transmission service

I could keep going on but the big news is that is has always been maintained and has always received each major service on time. The car runs and drives beautifully and everything works as designed (except the rear spoiler, see below).


I am a big believer in full disclosure and am VERY particular. Here are the flaws as I see them:

  • Wear and Tear- The car literally looks like a 20k mile example with exception of some minor road rash type chips in the hood (no big nicks) and some patina on the drivers seat.
  • Rear Spoiler- As is VERY common on these cars, this car calls out an error message for rear spoiler above 75 mph. The spoiler raises and lowers correctly but does have the error message. I have not had it diagnosed.
  • Curb Rash- 2 of the wheels have curb rash, for a full price offer I will have them professionally refinished.


This is about as close to original as you would find a 996TT. The are no mechanical modifications at all. Here are the only changes from original:

  • 35% window tint on all windows
  • OEM X53 accessory rear exhaust tips
  • OEM 996 C4S Lower lip spoiler (much easier to daily drive with then the TT lip)
  • Double DIN Alpine Stereo with USB
  • Das Schild Trunk lid liner (keeps you from damaging hood from cargo)


The car comes complete with all of the following:

  • Complete books and VIN matched service manual in leather folio
  • Original window sticker
  • Complete service history from new to current
  • Clean Carfax
  • Toolkit, jack, plastic gloves, etc.
  • 2 Keys

I am actually amazed at how much car you can buy for this price. A 415-bhp all wheel drive true supercar featuring the bulletproof dry sump Metzger motor for less than the price of a ratty 911SC! The Porsche world has gone crazy, these are the last of the true bargains, get one before they go nuts as well!


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