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2004 Jaguar XJ8- Flagship Sedan!

2004 Jaguar XJ8


Here is a car I am SO thrilled to tell you about! Why? Simply because it is such an amazing car that can be bought for less than a used Honda Civic! As you can probably tell I am VERY particular about what I sell and I rarely find cars that meet my standard under $25k, so to find a car that not only meets my standard but blows it away and its under $10k…


Since I sell mostly Porsche’s I will assume that most people reading this are not that familiar with this Jaguar. The XJ8 was Jaguars flagship sedan in 2004. It was a complete clean sheet redesign and was their attempt to be competitive at the upper echelons of the full size luxury sedan segment. It is the only Jaguar sedan that was not simply a re-bodied Ford Product such as the X-type or S-type. The poured everything they had into this car. It features some amazing technology such as 100% aluminum construction. Very few cars even today are made of aluminum, these are! Lightweight and strong Aluminum is an ideal material, just prohibitively expensive!  They also equipped these cars with a 4.2-liter V8 coupled to a class leading ZF 6-speed automatic. Add 4-corner air suspension and you get a car that is unbelievable to drive!


So why do I know so much about these cars? Because I own one personally! I have an identical twin to this car as my everyday car; feel free to see both of them side by side if you come in. I purchased mine in 2008 and 100k miles later it has been simply a WONDERFUL car. Being a car fanatic means I change cars often, but for some reason I have zero desire to get ride of my Jaguar. It drives spectacular, has amazing ride quality, oftentimes achieves 30+ mpg on the highway and draws compliments almost everywhere I go.


This particular car is finished in stunning Onyx white over Sand leather and being Jaguars top of the line car is of course loaded to the gills. New the car was just over $62k! It has had just two owners, first in Southern California and then it was later sold as a Certified Pre-owned Jaguar at Jaguar of Bellevue. The body, paint, interior, etc. are literally as new. You wont even believe the quality of this car.  I can truly say it’s a top 1% quality example. I am embarrassed to say that it is actually slightly nicer than my personal one! The Carfax is of course clean.


The car just turned 100k miles and runs and drives like new. It literally needs nothing but a new loving home. It comes complete with all the books and manuals, 4 keys, unused spare and toolkit and more.


For those of you who are skeptical about Jaguars reliability, I too was a non-believer until I owned this car. I would be happy to review in detail what my experience has been over 100k miles. Suffice it to say it has been one of the most reliable cars I have ever owned and has had very low operating costs. Of the Jaguars, these are the only ones to own.


What are you waiting for?


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