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2005 Porsche 997 Carrera Coupe

2005 Porsche 997 Carrera Coupe- Just 25k miles!

If you are looking for a 997, but demand perfection, this is your car!

This particular 911 was ordered new by its original owner at Carrera Motors in Bend, Oregon and was first delivered on December 17, 2004. The original owner had the car until early 2011 and had just 7,400 miles on it! I have since sold this car to 2 other clients of mine who were both particular PCA members. Do you want to be the next owner?

The car has a perfect history, has never been damaged, and is like new in all respects. It has 100% original paint as verified by paint meter. The interior is likewise pristine--I would challenge you to find a flaw!

The car has been obsessively maintained. Here is the service history:

  • 4,668 miles- Annual oil service, rear main seal replaced under warranty
  • 7,121- Annual Oil Service
  • 7,442- Annual Oil Service
  • 7,504- Annual Oil Service
  • 8,010 Air Filter, brake fluid flush
  • 9,361- Cabin Air filter
  • 9,660- Annual Oil service, LN engineering magnetic drain plug
  • 9,822- New spark plugs (due to age), airbag service, new oil pressure sender, new coolant cap
  • 14,792- Annual Oil service, brake fluid flush, new battery
  • 16,859- 4 New Bridgestone Potenza S-04 Tires
  • 17,582- Annual Oil Service, Coolant Flush
  • 23,298- Annual Oil Service and installed new LN Engineering IMS Bearing!

When I received the car, I did my customary process of making an excellent car PERFECT… Here is what we have done:

  • Had Paintless Dent repair done to remove two shallow door dings in the car--can't stand those!
  • Complete detail inside and out by the masters at Metropolitan Detail (www.metropolitandetail.com)
  • Refinished the right rear wheel due to some minor curb scratches.

In addition to the above there are 3 GREAT things about this car:

  • The entire front end is covered in clear paint protection film. Full hood, full fenders, bumper cover and mirrors. No irritating lines like those cheap kits that simply cover the half hood and fenders! So this means you can drive this car without concern about the normal nicks and dings that come from being on the road! Awesome!
  • The IMS bearing was recently changed (the original was perfect when removed) so that gives you a sense of comfort knowing that was just done!
  • I have a SUPRISE bonus that comes with the car, please ask....

The car is truly ready to go to a local PCA concours. I am a huge fan of this car because you can buy this 997 for late 996 money. The late 996 is a great car but the 997 brought so many wonderful improvements, especially in the styling department. Typically, nice, low-mileage 997’s start in the high $40’s and go up from there. This car you can buy in the low $40’s. Why is the price so low on a pristine, no miles example like this one? Simply because the original owner ordered the car fairly lightly equipped. The only options are 19” wheels, heated seats, and mats. All the greatness without the fluff, what a car!

On these cars, it is important to have all the accessories. I have the following: All the original books and manuals, both keys, full service history, wheel lock key, unused tool kit and more. If you have been looking for one, this is the right one!




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