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2007 Audi RS4- 420hp Rocket!

2007 Audi RS4 Quattro

If you are looking for a RS4, this IS the one! Everyone will tell you that their example is the nicest one available; this car truly is that rare top 1% car that truly is flawless. I would challenge someone to pour over this car from the paint, to the interior to underneath the car and find something to pick on. It truly is that nice. Not to mention it is current on all service, has nearly new Michelin Pilot PS2’s and just underwent an all important carbon cleaning less than 300 miles ago. Suffice it to say, if you are particular, come take a look!

If you aren’t familiar with the RS4, then you are in for a surprise! Audi has long offered the amazing and very successful S4 which blended a 340hp 4.2 liter V8, an available 6-speed manual and their class leading Quattro all-wheel drive system. Overall a very impressive package, being car enthusiasts we have always wondered what would happen if Audi offered just a little more… Enter the RS4… Give the car a fire breathing direct injected 8250 rpm V8 with 420 hp. Couple that with a slick shifting 6-speed manual, stiffer suspension, bigger brakes and a Quattro system tuned towards more rearward torque bias (60%) and you have one amazing ride! On top of that the RS4 shares just its front doors and roof with a standard A4/S4 so while subtle this is the most amazing 4-door Audi to ever roll out of Ingolstadt!

Being an Audi they of course have not scrimped on luxury either, why not have your cake and eat it too? Beautiful Silk Nappa leather, brushed aluminum trim, Navigation, heated seats front and rear, BOSE audio, Bluetooth and more. Where else are you going to find an all wheel drive sports car that looks respectable in the office parking lot, yet is equally at home on the Nurburgring?



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