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2007 Mercedes E63 AMG-507hp Beast!

2007 Mercedes E63 AMG

Wisdom is defined as “knowledge that is gained by having many experiences in life”; this car has made me just a little bit wiser… Why do I say that? Simply because I now have a true understanding of the meaning of the term “Unmotivated Seller”. I took this gorgeous E63 in on trade from a good client of mine and was fortunate enough to be able to drive it ~ 100 miles home, by mile 20 I was simply smitten…. That was 6 weeks ago and I haven’t stopped driving it since! I absolutely LOVE this car!

So why am I an “unmotivated seller”? This is the perfect case where the goodness of the car simply exceeds its market value; this is quite simply a RIDICULOUS amount of car for $23,000! It’s not possible that new Hyundai money buys this car… Here is what I love about this car:

  • German Hot Rod- I know the rage is turbocharging, small displacement, direct injection and 8-speed gearboxes wringing every last bit efficiency out of a given power plant. This car is the polar opposite, 6.2 liters of stupid! 507hp at 6,800 rpm, 465 pound feet of torque and rear wheel drive. This thing is INTOXICATING! Did I mention 13 mpg (at least how it should be driven…) Gas is cheap and life is short!
  • Stealth- So now you know it’s a German hot rod capable of hitting 60 miles per hour in just a touch over 4 seconds, clearing the quarter mile in 12.6 at 115 mph. But does your local constable know? Your mother in law? Heck no, they simply think your are a successful professional driving an E-class…
  • Handling and Braking- lest you think this car is all motor (ala the AMG of the past), this thing can dance! Put the AMG tuned Airmatic in sport mode, disable the stability control and discover what well tuned chassis dynamics coupled with HUGE torque can do. Heavy on the AMG binders, dive into the corner and just before the apex stab the throttle to bring the tail around just slightly and then hammer down! Repeat until you cant wipe the grin off your face!
  • Exhaust Note- There is nothing like a big displacement V8 at full chat, need I say more?
  • Practicality- lest you think I only drive in a way that endangers women and children, sadly most days I am like any other suburban dad. Dropping kids at school, running my daughter to dance, driving to church, visiting the in-laws….  This car performs those duties in ultimate comfort. Heated and cooled seats, great sounding Harmon Kardon audio, fold down rear seats for the Costco run and a commodious back seat to limit complaints from the passengers.
  • Condition- I love perfection, this car is so close to perfection its scary. I cant quite figure out how the owners put 90,000 miles and it looks literally new. My standards are high and this car impresses!

Ok, enough rambling… Here is the story on this particular car. This car was sold new at Fletcher Jones Mercedes Benz in Fremont, CA. In 2009 a good customer of mine purchased this car as a Certified Pre-Owned Mercedes from Mercedes Benz of Bellevue. He meticulously maintained it at Mercedes Benz of Tri-Cities until he sold it to me in 2014. I sold it to another good customer who just traded it to me for a 2013 Mercedes C63 AMG (he couldn’t get away from this motor either!).

Here is how the car was equipped new:

  • Flint Grey over Black Nappa Leather
  • Premium Package II- Active ventilated and heated seats, DVD Navigation, Power rear window sunshade, Headlamp washers, Bi-Xenon active light system, cornering fog lamps, Keyless-GO- $3,600
  • Designo Burl Walnut trim- $290
  • Parktronic- $1,110
  • Rear side window sunshades- $340
  • Panaroma Sunroof- $1,000
  • Electronic Trunk Closer- $520

Original MSRP- $94,335!

This E63 has a clean Carfax and is wearing 100% original paint as verified by a paint meter. I have a complete service history showing loving care. In fact the car just received a full service including oil and filter, brake fluid flush, transmission service and differential service. I took the car to my local Mercedes expert (Russ @ Centrum Mercedes) and he pronounced it the nicest one he has seen in a LONG time. Having put over 1,000 miles on the car (sorry!) I have yet to find a single issue with it.

The body and paint on this car have to be seen to be believed, it looks like a car with 20k miles. No dings, nicks, etc. Simply gorgeous! I am the strange type who is an incessant reader and researches every car I buy. In reviewing the original sales brochure I read about Mercedes using “Nano Particle Paint”, that sounds like Madison Avenue marketing speak. I am a fanatic about swirl free paint and whatever the marketing mumbo jumbo, it must work. Stunning!

The interior is likewise nearly flawless. The quality of the leather and materials is a significant notch better on the E63 than on a run of the mill E-class and it shows. What an amazing place to spend some time. Check out the photos, it really looks that good in person.

The car comes complete with owner’s manuals, 2 Mercedes keys and a full service history. This would be a great car in your garage or mine. Pay my price and you can experience this magical car, if not it just may find a permanent home in my garage…


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