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2008 Chevrolet Corvette Z06

Museum Quality with only 1,900 Original Miles!!!

This is the no stories, no excuses triple black Z06 you have been looking for.

There is something about 7 liters of displacement and 505hp that turns even the most mature of us into addlebrained juveniles… This car represents America at its finest and belongs in the garages next to the finest sports car from around the world. I cannot even begin to explain how amazing this car is to drive, come experience it for yourself!

I searched my brain for a superlative that would accurately describe this car, perfect or mint condition are overused, I have seen them applied to ratty cars that have been well detailed and photographed! The best description I have is “MUSEUM QUALITY”. Come see the car, if you think it has not been described accurately I will buy your fuel for your return trip home!

The car is currently detailed to what I would consider to be “Local Concours” standard. The paint has been clayed and polished using only products from Griot’s Garage and finished off with their best of show wax. Being a black car swirl marks are the bain of my existence, you will find no swirl marks even under bright sunlight! The engine bay was hand detailed and not pressure washed. The carpets have never been shampooed as that ruins the pile; they have just never had a single stain! I feel confident someone could enter this car at a local Corvette club meet and place in the top 3.

Here is a summary of the options:

Z06 Preferred Equipment Group- heated seats, memory package, BOSE Audio, XM Satellite radio, universal home remote, heads up display- $3,045

Chrome Alloy Wheels $1,995

MSRP: $76,315

Now you can own this car for $25k less than new with less than 2,000 miles, sometimes depreciation can be your friend…

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