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2008 BMW M5- 60k miles!

2008 BMW M5- The Ultimate Sedan!


It’s pretty apparent to anyone who has spent anytime on my site that I LOVE Porsche… The challenge is that while Porsche makes an amazing Sports Car, real life means a sports car is often the wrong tool for day-to-day motoring, commuting, running kids to sports, etc.. The challenge as a car person is how do you accomplish the practical day-to-day whilst feeding your car passion? Enter the 500hp M5… Innocuous enough to not draw too much attention at the school drop off; big enough to take 3 clients to a lunch meeting and even schlep the family to church on Sunday. Now when the kids aren’t in the car, dial up the M-power mode and unleash an 8250 rpm 5.0 V10 unleashing 500 horsepower of absolute ridiculousness…. Now its time to pick up your mother in law from her hair appointment and it transforms into a sedate and responsible sedan!


Now that I have given you a reason that you want this car let me give you another practical reason… DEPRECIATION! In most circles that word is akin to a swear word, it means your asset is now worth less than you paid for it. In my world Depreciation is an amazing thing, it means that in 2008 someone paid $99,775 for the privilege of hearing the V10 at full chat.. Fast-forward to 2016 and you can enjoy the same music for under $30,000! See how depreciation can be your friend!


Here is how this M5 was ordered new:


2008 BMW M5-

  • Alpine White Exterior
  • Black Perforated Full Merino Leather- $3,500
  • Brushed Aluminum Shadow trim
  • Comfort Access- $1,000
  • Power Door Closers- $600
  • Power Rear Sunshades- $575
  • Heads up Display- $1,200
  • High Beam Assist- $250
  • Rear Side Impact Airbags- $385
  • Multi-Function Seats- $1,900
  • Heated Rear Seats- $350
  • Ventilated front Seats- $800
  • Split Folding Rear Seats- $475
  • Enhanced Premium Sound- $700
  • IPOD/USB- $400
  • Satellite Radio- $595
  • HD Radio- $350

Total Original MSRP- $99,775


In addition the owner added the all-important Dinan stainless exhaust. Now it does claim to add 9hp and save 20lbs, but the most important thing it does it make the car sound AMAZING! Stringent noise laws in Germany means these cars always sound just a little too sedate. Enter the Dinan exhaust, its still mellow enough to not cause a stir in the law office employee parking lot but adds a nice burble at idle and a WAIL at wide open throttle, oh yeah!


Now the best part of this car is that the owner of this car is a car person through and through and spared no expense in maintaining this car at either the BMW dealer or Strictly BMW, a well-respected independent BMW service facility. I have a complete service history and the car has been serviced well above standard. In the past 2,000 miles all the major issues on the E60 M5 have been addressed at considerable expense ($~$21k), here is what has recently been done:

  • 60,544 miles- New SMG Hydraulic pump-
  • 58,307 miles- new clutch/flywheel, new clutch slave cylinder, new alternator, new thrust arm bushings, new steering rack, alignment, new drive belts, oil and filter, new wiper blades, 2 new rear tires

The body and paint are quite nice on the car and other that some scrapes on the lower front bumper cover and a few miscellaneous rock chips its near pristine. The Carfax is of course clean and shows the extensive service history mentioned above. The interior is likewise very nice and has ALL the options. My favorite is the 20-way seats with the active width adjustment. Super comfy yet when driven aggressively the bolsters actively move in an out to hold you in place!


The car comes complete with a full service history, the books and manuals, complete OEM tool kit/first aid kit and 3 original keys.


Do you need a “practical” 500hp sedan for your day-to-day errands…?


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