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2010 BMW 335i M-Sport 6-speed!

2010 BMW 335i M-sport

Bigger is better? That’s seems to be the prevailing wisdom, although I don’t always agree! In the Porsche world I seem to fight the uphill battle where most buyers won’t consider the base Carrera or Boxster with the simple comment that they “must” have the “S”. When questioned they usually indicate that since it has “more” by default it must be better. By that logic we would all be driving American cars, $58k will buy you a brand new Dodge Challenger Hellcat with 707hp! Sometimes more is better, but sometimes more isn’t…

So while all this discussion about Porsche and Dodge when the subject vehicle is a BMW? Simply put, this car is an absolute textbook case of “less” can simply be more. I was blessed this past week in that I had 2 E90 6-speed manual performance sedans that I was able to drive for several days back to back. I had a wonderful Space Gray M3 Sedan and this stunning Alpine white 335i M-sport. The M3 features a 4.0-liter 404hp V8 with a mind boggling 8,300 rpm redline. It makes 295 lb/ft of torque at 3,900 rpm. It is generally considered to be the gold standard of small performance sedans. This 335i features a twin turbocharged 3.0 liter inline 6 that makes 320hp and 317lb/ft of torque at 1,500 rpm. For as much BMW DNA as they share, they couldn't feel any different.

First things first, the motor in the M3 at full rip is simply a work of art. It has a snarl with just enough mechanical thrash to give you more perma-grin than your freshman year of college… When fully warmed up and driven in anger the M3 is out of this world! As a track weapon or a stress reliever nothing with 4-doors can touch it. As a daily driver, not so much… At cold startup it behaves like in insolent teenager asked to get up for school. Its cold blooded and pissed off. The gearbox is like a recalcitrant toddler and its general demeanor is a middle schooler off his Ritalin. Its simply not an ideal daily driver. Amazing car? Yes, daily driver, not my idea of fun…

Move on over the this 335i, start up the inline 6 and the factory performance exhaust has an amazing morning bark. Slide it into gear and it moves off the line with nary a complaint. The gearbox feel is light and a thing of joy as it does a perfect snick-snick between gears. In case you think this car doesn’t have a party trick up its sleeve, dip into the throttle at 1,500 rpm and this thing has a rush of power that would embarrass the M3. It simply pulls like a locomotive from 1,500 to 5,500 rpm. In day to day traffic I think it would show its LED taillights to the M3. On a wide open road above 5,500 rpm the M3 would climb through the backseat, but how often do you get that opportunity? This car is simply a joy, I LOVE this car…

Enough rambling, here are the important details:

This particular 335i was sold new to a very good local customer of mine at BMW Northwest in Fife, WA. He is the original owner and I have a complete history. He is the stereotypical gear head, he loves on his cars and it shows. I am a firm believer that with a used car you are buying the owner as much as you are buying the car. This car is evidence of that, for fun here is where I picked the car up from:

Here is how the car was specified:

  • Alpine White Exterior
  • Black Dakota Leather Interior
  • Cold Weather Package- Heated seats, fold down rear seats, retractable headlight washers- $1,000
  • M Sport Package- 18” wheels, Aluminum trim, sport seats, sport suspension, M-steering wheel, M-Aero Kit, Shadowline trim, Anthracite headliner, Park Distance Control- $3,750
  • Premium Package- Garage door opener, digital compass mirror, lumbar support, BMW Assist w/ Bluetooth- $2,650
  • Comfort Access- $500
  • Navigation- $2,100
  • Satellite Radio- $350
  • Logic 7 Sound- $875

Total Original MSRP- $53,100

Equipped this way this would have been an amazing car, but thankfully BMW had other plans for this car! This car received the FULL BMW Performance Power Kit. These are the factory approved performance parts installed by BMW. Here is what it received:

  • Revised Engine Software making 320hp and 317lb/ft of torque
  • Increased cooling- additional radiator, with air guides and electric cooling fan.
  • BMW Full stainless Exhaust- this sounds utterly AMAZING!

 All told these added $4,827 to the original price. Sure you could make aftermarket modifications to the car, but what could be better than factory over-engineered parts that are guaranteed not to damage the car? These items simply transform the car.

The car has never been damaged in any fashion, has a clean Carfax and is wearing all of its original paint. It shows a few signs of 70k miles in the occasional rock chip, but overall I would classify it as excellent.

The interior is likewise immaculate. It has never been smoked in, carried pets or been subjected to any kind of abuse. The interior of a fully loaded 3-series is a great place to spend some time.

Mechanically the car is without reproach. It runs and drives like new and comes with a complete service history from new. Turn the key and go.

It comes complete with the following:

  • Original BMW Window Sticker
  • Original documentation verifying BMW Install of the Performance package
  • Full service history from new
  • 2 original keys
  • All manuals in the correct pouch

I am a 20-year BMWCCA member and sadly as of late I am a little disenfranchised with the brand. Much of their late model product has left me flat, not bad just not magical like BMW’s of yore. This car has the magic that made the tagline “Ultimate Driving Machine” a true statement! Come experience it for yourself!


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