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2016 Jaguar F-Type R-5,500 miles!

Have you ever wanted to own a new car simply so you can start with a perfect, clean slate? One without the inevitable signs of use: rock chips, road rash and the irritating mystery scratches that seem to turn up… If your anything like me you have even gone so far as to build your dream car on the manufacturers “build it” app on the website. Usually once I have configured my new car and it shows me the final price I literally cringe… Damn! There goes that dream! I hate depreciation and frankly I’m not wealthy enough that losing money doesn't matter!

 Why do I tell you that? Because this 2016 Jaguar F-Type is your perfect chance to get a current model year, dream car that has taken it’s initial depreciation hit yet is literally that perfect, clean slate. How can I say that? Because the original owner went to the extraordinary length to have 100% of the car covered in XPEL clear film! Yes, you read that right….100% of the car is covered in self-healing paint protection film! The masters at Metropolitan Detail (http://www.metropolitandetail.com) literally removed every exterior piece of trim, lens, etc. and did a truly seamless job of covering the entire car. Best of all, there are NO visible seams. You cannot tell this car is wrapped yet you are totally protected from the indignities of the road!

 So, enough about protecting this amazing car, more about this amazing car… This 2016 Jaguar F-Type R is simply a brilliant yet brutish beast that features a supercharged 550hp V8 that puts power down with a new for 2016 all wheel drive system. Couple that with all aluminum construction, a lighting quick 8-speed gearbox, active torque vectoring, adaptive dampening and a selectable sport exhaust that sounds simply RIDICULOUS! Now add in an exterior design that literally screams Jaguar elegance on steroids and an interior so sumptuous only Jaguar could pull it off!  

This particular F-Type was purchased new at Jaguar of Seattle on September 24th 2015 by its one and only owner. There is not a mark on the car anywhere and it has never been damaged in any way, its NEW! It carries a full warranty until September 24th 2020 or 60,000. In addition to the full warranty this car includes Scheduled Maintenance coverage for the duration of the warranty! This means no out of pocket expense on this car until 2020 (except tires, which I will warn you just might evaporate below 550hp of motor…)! Here is how it was optioned:


  • Firesand Orange Metallic ExteriorJet Premium Leather Performance Seats with Firesand Stitching 20” Gyrodyne Alloy Wheels in Black -$1,000Vision Package- Adaptive front lighting, parking sensors, rear camera, blind spot monitor- $2,100
  • Black Package- $600

 Total Original MSRP- $108,295

 By now you probably realize that I REALLY like this car! For those of you who don’t know, I primarily sell Porsche but my everyday car is a Jaguar XJ. It’s a truly amazing and elegant machine. As much as I love the XJ and can recognize the family connection, the XJ is clearly the studious, glasses wearing, older sister and this R is the rebellious, younger sister who you don’t dare take home to Mom and Dad! Partake at your own risk… 

A quick disclaimer: mileage may increase as I just might be putting some miles on this one, hurry in before my XJ decides being the responsible one isn’t all its cracked up to be!


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