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We recognize that we don’t sell essential products here at Columbia Valley Luxury Cars. We sell dreams...As such, many of our customers have a very specific idea of what they want and either don’t know how to find it, don’t feel comfortable shopping from afar or simply can’t find it.

Let us help!

Many of our customers are amazed at the rare and unusual cars that we turn up. "How do you do it" they ask? Of course some of it is a well- guarded trade secret, but frankly most of it is simply the fact that we have been involved with these cars for many years and have extensive contacts. Think of us as that exclusive New York Concierge who can always score you front row seats to any sold-out show in the city.

If you haven’t noticed, the best cars almost never seem to make it to market. We find those cars. Are you looking for the air-cooled Porsche wearing all original paint and just 11k original miles? Are you looking for the late model BMW 3-series but only if it has Terracotta interior, the sport package and a manual transmission?

We find those cars

Not only do we find those cars, but we find them in “the wrapper” condition, with full documentation and with all the hard-to-find options. Most dealers simply don’t know the cars well enough, don’t think outside the box enough or just don’t care. We are in this business because we have a passion and it is evident in the cars we sell.

If you would like one of these cars in your garage, contact us today!


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Customer feedback

"You go out of your way to please your customers and make sure they are happy and we sure are. The vehicle we bought was picked very carefully by Columbia Valley Luxury Cars and arrived so perfect to our liking."

—Greg & Kari

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