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Customer feedback

2 years ago I sold an AMAZING 911SC to a client from Texas. He embarked at a several thousand mile US tour in the car. He recently posted about his trip on Petrolicious, read about it here: http://www.petrolicious.com/there-was-no-way-he-d-put-his-porsche-911-on-a-transporter

If you want to see his 911SC: http://www.cvluxurycars.com/1981Porsche911SCCoupeWhite.htm


1996 Porsche 993 

I purchased my third Porsche (1996 993) and second 911 from Nathan at Columbia Valley Luxury Cars, and I couldn’t be happier with the car, or with Nathan and his excellent business.  Nathan earned my trust quickly not only with his intimate knowledge of Porsche cars, but also with his willingness to spend much of his valuable time educating me on the various 911 models, and strengths and weaknesses of each.  He spent over an hour with me, just on my first visit, before I had really announced (or decided) my intention to actually purchase my dream car.  The car is everything I’d hoped and expected.  A couple weeks after my purchase, the sunroof stopped working, and I called Nathan to see if he’d had any experience with this particular sunroof.  Without hesitation, Nathan referred me to the local Porsche mechanic, and told me he’d cover the full repair or replacement cost.  Fortunately, all the sunroof needed was a re-alignment of the motor bushings, and cleaning of the tracks, which Nathan paid for.  It works perfectly now.

I highly recommend Columbia Valley Luxury Cars to anyone looking for a high-end, used Porsche (or any of the “other” carsJ).


Steve Balone

Richland, WA

2012 Corvette Centennial Edition 

Here is a great story detailing Frank's new purchase and subsequent 3,185 mile road trip! An epic trip and write up, definitely worth a read! Click here: Frank Roach Corvette Road trip

-Frank Roach, Anchorage, AK




1985 Porsche 911 Carrera

I’ll admit it,  I intended to make my Porsche purchase from a private party.  I’d scoured all of the usual on-line sites and had made efforts to purchase a few different cars.  Nathan and I had spoken about one of his cars that hadn’t quite been listed, and after another deal fell through, I elected to contact Nathan and get more serious about the ’85 Carrera that he was prepping for sale.  He offered it for a price that was so fair that I couldn't even muster the effort to negotiate.  After viewing the car and test-driving it, I handed him a cashier’s check and drove it away.  (I wonder how many Porsche transactions have happened in Ritzville.)

 But it was after the sale that Nathan really distinguished himself.  I’ll spare you the details, but shortly after taking delivery, the car suffered some mechanical issues.  Serious issues, but not fatal issues.  Nathan took it upon himself to come check out the car before I was able to get it to Richard Buechler at Alpine Motorcars.  He confirmed my inclination that the transmission woes seemed serious.  Richard got everything fully repaired, and Nathan elected to pick up the bill.  I did not expect this, nor require it, but I certainly appreciate that he did it.  This was an unusual situation, and I appreciate that Nathan worked so hard to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.


Spokane, WA


1976 Porsche 911 ROW Coupe

I’ve been fortunate to always be a “car guy.” As I grew up my dad paraded everything from Model T Fords to Pierce Arrows, to Packards through his garage.

Recently I sold a very old car that I restored from the ground up. I hated to sell the car, but things change and I needed to find something to fill my “fun car” void. I settled on a Porsche 911 and quickly found Nathan. I looked at the quality he demands and was convinced that he was the guy to help me find the right car.

Business travels put me in Nathan’s backyard 3 times within a month and on my last trip he suggested I look at one of his cars from his collection (one of the ones he really never wanted to sell.) He showed me a 1976 911 ROW, and the more I though about it over then next day or two, the more I liked the idea of the car, it’s color, and how amazingly tight and clean the car was. There wasn’t really any negotiation as Nathan set a fair price and was more than reasonable on helping me through the buying process. My wife and I came down and really looked the car over, went for a short ride in near hurricane Richland wind speeds, and then handed Nathan a check. He delivered the car a week later at a local PCA meeting, shedding only minimal tears. A fine introduction as a new member, with a new car.

I suspect this will not be the last time Nathan and I will do Porsche business together. I look forward to the opportunity to try to keep up with him on the road (no trivial task I’m told!) and I endorse Nathan 100%. If you want a REALLY nice car, at a reasonable price, from a guy who may border on some type of perfection and detail sickness, then hook up with Nathan. You won’t be disappointed.

-Don Poffenroth

1976 911 ROW

Co-Founder &CEO

Dry Fly Distilling 


--TLT, Olympia, WA

1985 Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet

"With this, my 35th car purchase, I have finally had a relationship with a dealer who is completely aware of his cars, prepares them to an exceptional degree, answers every question and anticipates answers to questions I need to know.  Nathan is personable, honest, straightforward and witty.  My '85 Carrera Cabriolet is everything he said it would be.  Driving that car home through White Pass is already one of my very best automobile moments of all time. 

I doubt the sense of confidence and professionalism that Nathan brings to his work is matched in more than a handful of places in the world.  Yes, I will be happy to do business with him again.  Yes, I would recommend friends and family alike to him.  Does not get better than this.  Thank you, Nathan."

--TLT, Olympia, WA

2011 Porsche 997 Turbo "S" 

Wow!  Quite simply an amazingly refreshing purchasing experience.  This is one of those instances where glowing praise doesn’t do the experience justice.  From introduction to delivery in barely over 4 weeks – and most of that time was waiting on me.  And the Turbo S is simply awesome.  From knowledge, to professionalism, to ethics – you’ve got it covered.  Needless to say, please count on me coming back for more…

--OM, Spokane WA

2002 Porsche 996 Targa

Columbia Valley Luxury Cars, Richland, WA, is the premier place to purchase a select upscale vehicle of one's liking.
Owner, Nathan Merz, is "The car broker extraordinaire." His knowledge of every vehicle he sells is uncanny. He truly knows all there is about the cars he has for sale. He can answer any and every question you might pose about the car you select. Nathan will provide you with reputable references for detailing, maintenance, select car products, repairs, and local car club events. Clients are given the utmost in customer service from time of entrance into the facility to time of delivery.
There are no high pressure promotional antics. Transactions are simple. Nathan does everything to make your purchase easy and pleasurable. Believe me, this is not your daddy's car dealership.
I recommend Nathan and Columbia Valley Luxury Cars to anyone interested in purchasing select/collectible/rare automobiles.

--Robert A., Richland WA

2007 Porsche GT3

It could not have been an easier purchase experience. Nathan is top notch as far as answering any questions about the condition of the car I purchased. He was honest and more than willing to help me in arranging a prepurchase inspection (PPI) at my preferred shop. I wish him success as he seems to care about his customers. I am happy to speak highly on his behalf and of Columbia Valley Luxury Cars as a positive buying experience.

--Peter Remedios, Seattle WA

"My wife and I were casually shopping around for an E90 3 Series wagon for our family, but weren't considering purchasing a new car for approximately another six months. This is until we came across Nathan’s ad for a Touring M-sport painted in the exclusive M-sport color, Lemans blue, on AutoTrader last month (December 2012). We saw the listing within hours of the initial posting and immediately emailed Nathan with our interest. Apparently, it was the only one of its kind for sale in the entire country and we just knew we had to at least see the car.

Living 3.5 hours away from Richland, we were afraid of missing our chance at such a rare opportunity. But to our surprise, Nathan agreed to hold the car
until we could get there on the weekend (4 days after his posting). His reason for holding it for us? Because we were BMW enthusiasts and current CCA members!! Really?!? Most dealerships sell on a first-come-first-serve basis, so we were shocked at Nathan's willingness to hold the car for us. From that moment, we knew this experience was going to be special and quickly learned that Columbia Valley Luxury Cars is not anything like "most dealerships."

We finally made our way from Seattle to Richland that weekend and received a warm greeting from Nathan. We were instantly impressed by his shop, his car knowledge and professionalism, but even more impressed by his kindness, patience, and compassion for cars. Not only did he take the time to show us the Touring, but we also spent a couple hours looking at photos of other cars/projects on the computer and he even spent time entertaining our 3-year old son by playing with him too!

The description written in the AutoTrader listing was very accurate and fortunately, the car was everything we had hoped for. Nathan allowed us to test drive the car around town and he encouraged us to take our time and to really get to know the car. After the test drive, we knew it was "the one" and were ready to make an offer.

Typically, the negotiation process is a long, drawn out process with lots of back and forth action--down to the last penny. Not with Nathan. It took less than 15 minutes to reach a price agreement and we were pleasantly surprised by a few added "bonuses" Nathan offered to us for free--front bumper repair ($1,000), tire replacement x4 ($900), and up-to-date service through a local BMW dealership nearby. Basically, Nathan wanted to guarantee we were driving away with nothing but the best and we certainly did just that!

It was truly a pleasure working with Nathan at Columbia Valley Luxury Cars. We are so happy with our purchase and wish every car buying experience was like this! If you are looking for something special on four wheels coupled with excellent customer service from a guy who “gets it," don’t hesitate to get a hold of Nathan. He’ll take care of you and we promise you won’t regret it! The next time we're in the market for another car, our first stop will be 3.5 hours away from home... at Columbia Valley Luxury Cars! Thank you so much, Nathan!

—Charles and Shelly B., Seattle, WA

"I highly recommend working with Nathan to find/buy your next car. I was looking for a specific car that I couldn't find nearby so I had to think twice about making the investment to travel from CO to WA just to see the car. Nathan was very responsive in answering all my questions and fully disclosed everything I asked about so I decided to make the trip. I wasn't disappointed, the car checked out as advertised and I got my dream car. Besides being a strait up businessman Nathan is a car guy and it was fun to work with him."

--Wayne, Fort Collins, CO

Nathan,  we got back in Utah yesterday afternoon, the drive was thoroughly enjoyable.  Never having purchased a car via the internet I was somewhat concerned.  The Boxster was beyond my expectations.  I looked more than three years to find the best 2004 Anniversary Edition, I believe I found it.  The car performed flawlessly.  Thanks again,


--Chad Mortensen, Layton, UT

"Gaynell and I have purchased two vehicles from Columbia Valley Luxury cars in the past fourteen months. Nathan was very well informed about each of the vehicles and he was extremely professional to work with. After each purchase he has always been available to assist with our questions.

His knowledge of German cars is amazing, and he and his staff provide a high level of support after the purchase. His passion for all thing automotive is obvious. We will purchase future cars from Columbia Valley Luxury Cars."

--Rand and Gaynell Wortman

Rand J. Wortman, FACHE
Kadlec Health System

"I was going to have a real adventure by importing this red on red BMW Z8 back to Germany. Since I was looking exactly for a Z8 in that colour combination, my search came to an end very quickly because the car I was looking for was sitting in Nathan's showroom and definitely waiting for me . I purchased the car “on the phone” without inspecting it in person and only had “a word” from Nathan on the condition of the car. Dealing with Nathan on this was really unexpected because everything was absolutely easy, even with the long distance from Richland, WA, to Bavaria in Germany. The car I “released” from the container after an 8 week journey through the Panama-Canal to my home here in Germany, was like I was hoping it would be… One push on the "Ignition" button and the beast began to roar... There were no surprises and everything was like Nathan had perfectly described it. This was an outstanding purchase experience and I can highly recommend Nathan without a shadow of a doubt. I have a feeling, that this Z8 was not the last car I have purchased from Nathan…"

--Jürgen Wunderlich (President BMW Z8 Club e.V.)

1997 BMW Z3

I find myself singing Nathan's praises to my friends, family, and colleagues.

I've purchased cars in just about every setting - new car dealership, used car dealership, Craigslist, even from a neighbor. Nothing prepared me for my experience with Nathan at Columbia Valley Luxury Cars.  It was fun - it felt almost festive buying a car from Nathan.  I'd do it again in a heartbeat. From the moment we walked into his showroom, it was evident that his place is special and his cars are special.  The car products, the clean and welcoming showroom, and the cars.  Wow. Every car in his showroom took my breath away.  Nathan knows cars, loves cars, and my impression is that he is about finding the right car for the right person at a fair and honest price. As I mentioned, it is not that it was not stressful - it was actually enjoyable and refreshing.  One simply wants to hang out in his show room with him and talk about and learn about cars. If I ever am in the market for another car - I hope to have the honor of working with Nathan again. 

In the meantime I look for any occasion to drive my beautiful, flawless, Z3 - loving the acceleration, the downshift and just about everything about my "new" car.

--Pam Lindquist-Walla Walla, WA.

2006 BMW 325i "I was hesitant to travel all the way from Portland to see the car, but it was well worth the effort. Nathan was very flexible and kind enough to drive all the way to Pendleton to pick me up at the airport when my original flight to Pasco was canceled. Most importantly, when I arrived, there were no surprises and the car was everything that Nathan had described. He really took the time to knowme and explain everything about the car. It was definitely not the typical car buying experience that we all dread about it; there were no games, no smooth talk, no high-pressure tactics, just a simple individual attention, transparency and honesty. For this reason, I am more then happy to offer this to Columbia Valley Luxury Cars as a testimonial of my satisfaction. Thanks Nathan!"

—Artur, Portland, OR

I am writing to recommend Nathan and his services at Columbia Valley Luxury Cars.  Our experience was very unique in that Nathan was purchasing our BMW and we needed to find a car within the next few days after our sale.  At first I was very skeptical about doing business with an unfamiliar dealer/person, however Nathan proved us WRONG!  Nathan asked what kind of car we were looking for. We explained we were looking for a Lexus and were hesitant of buying the one car we could locate at a local dealer. He spent the entire day locating and arranging for us to see several vehicles.  After feeling down as we had been searching for over 3 weeks, Nathan delivered.  He found us the exact car we were looking for and a beauty of a car.  I could not believe that he took the time to, one, drive around with us looking at cars and, two, to locate such a nice car with the low miles we wanted!  Nathan is professional, truly cares about his clients, and is very knowledgeable about cars. Our Lexus is great and we would not hesitate to work with Nathan again and highly recommend his service!

—Kristi and Todd C., Camas, WA

2008 Mini Cooper S

"In the past, I haven't had good luck with car dealers. I always walked away paying too much, or not getting enough for my trade-in, or not getting exactly what I wanted. When I decided to sell my '98 Explorer, I wasn't sure what I was going to do. I knew that I didn't want to buy from a dealership, and I hadn't quite convinced myself that I was ready to trust a stranger selling privately. Luckily, my mom had dealt with Nathan before; he sold her car on consignment a couple years ago. She mentioned that he had a beautiful white MINI Cooper sitting in front of his showroom.

We called to see if we could come up, and he invited us right over. He remembered my parents (which I thought was sweet - it had been years). He was gracious and welcoming. With just a little introduction to the car, he allowed my mom and me to take it for a test drive. I decided right then and there that it was the car for me. I had already researched MINI Coopers, and the price was right. It had all of the features I wanted, and it was the perfect color, which is sometimes difficult to do when you are searching used cars. He even took my Explorer as a trade-in, even though it is CLEARLY not a luxury car!

The quality of his customer service didn't end there. The MINI had a factory recall, and the closest dealerships are in Portland and Seattle. While they were fixing it, I was going to be car-less for four days; Nathan let me borrow my old Explorer while it was gone. It was so nice of him. He makes you feel like more than just a customer, a means to an end.

I will buy my next car from him (not for years, though, because I LOVE my MINI!). This was bar none the best car-buying experience of my life. I will recommend him to everyone!"

—Tara, Richland, WA

1987 BMW 325is

My Experience With Columbia Valley Luxury Cars - Read story

—Phil, Schenectady, NY

2003 E55 AMG

"I can’t tell you what a pleasure it was to buy a car from someone like you. Usually after talking to used car salesmen you feel like you need a shower. It is an absolute joy to talk to someone like you who actually likes cars, appreciates their performance and fun and is incredibly knowledgeable about them. I purchased a very clean 2003 E55 AMG and I could not be happier with the car or the buying experience. I drive the car every day and every day, on my way home from work I drive past your place and take a quick look to see what interesting new machine is parked outside. I will definitely buy my next car from you and highly recommend your business to my friends."

—Glenn, West Richland, WA

"I came to Nathan just window shopping through his inventory. After a few minutes of conversation we ended up discussing our company's need for additional fleet vehicles. We were looking for something practical, reliable, anything but a luxury car. Nathan shared with me his extensive knowledge of cars outside the type you normally find in his showroom or on his website. He was willing to help our company meet its fleet needs and I agreed to give him a chance. To his credit, he delivered in every area of the transaction. He did his research, combed several sources for vehicles and found 3 passenger cars, a truck and a mini-van. We were able to meet our needs and save thousands over local dealers. Best of all his service is unparalleled. He not only saved our company money, but countless hours at dealerships browsing, test driving, and haggling. He has earned both our trust and our continued business. His business is based on developing long term relationships through integrity and superior service. Columbia Valley Luxury Cars is not your run of the mill dealership. Nathan Merz is not your run of the mill car salesman. I don't know why I would take my vehicle business anywhere else. Thanks"

—Brian Brendel, President
Columbia Energy & Environmental Services, Inc.

2007 BMW 335Xi

"I just wanted to take a minute and thank you again for going the extra mile (literally) to pick me up at the bus station on Friday. This was my first experience with purchasing a vehicle online and from a distance, so I was relieved when I finally arrived and found the vehicle to be exactly what you had described in our conversations. There were no surprises. The whole process was very fast and easy.

I also appreciate the little things you did, like the complimentary full tank of gas which greatly help me get right back on the road for my 4 hour drive back to Portland. I thought that was a classy touch. I also appreciate the time you spent familiarizing me with the features of the car, including mapping my route home via navigation. Even the final advise on the driving route that saved me 15 minutes on the ride home. Just nice to work with someone who understands customers.

I would be happy to make CVLC as a recommendation and reference to others looking for finer vehicles."

—Matt, Portland, OR

2007 BMW 530i

"We met Nathan a year ago and were so impressed by his knowledge of the cars he had for sale that we decided the next car we bought would be from him. It was several months before he had the vehicle we wanted, but since purchasing our BMW from Nathan we haven't been disappointed. The car is everything he promised, and he was wonderful, before, during, and after the sale. We have called him several times to ask questions, and he has always been courteous and helpful. We have dealt with numerous car dealers over the last 30 years, and Nathan is the only one we can truly say we walked away from feeling we got a fair and honest deal. We highly recommend him to anyone looking for a satisfying car-buying experience. We know we'll be calling him the next time we need a different car."

—Dave & Marla

2008 BMW 335Xi

"I found my 335Xi online after some searching. This was my 1st BMW, Nathan was very knowledgeable and patient through the whole transaction. He was very prompt responding to all my emails and questions. It was nice to meet another genuine car enthusiast. I enjoyed the smooth transaction and the no pressure car buying experience!"

—Mark, Spokane, WA

2002 Porsche 996 Carrera

"The poet John Keats penned 'A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever.' I don't want to be melodramatic but this could describe your experience if you see the cars offered by Nathan Merz. They are exceptional in quality and value. And he is a pleasure to deal with. I could elaborate further, but I would simply recommend that you check for yourself."

—Jim, Walla Walla, WA

2007 BMW 530i Sport 6spd

"I am loving this car! I just wanted to quickly drop you a line to let you know how pleased I am with my recent purchase. Not only am I thrilled with the new 5-series but I remain totally impressed with the ease and comfort of the entire buying experience. Your knowledge of and passion for the vehicles you sell is evident and serves both you and your customers very well."


"I can truly say that it was a pleasure doing business with you. Your customer service is second to none. I appreciate your prompt returned phone calls, your weekend commitment to a sale, and most importantly, your willingness to start your day off bright and early by picking up a customer from the train station at 5:30 in the morning. It is very unheard of in today’s day and time to get those kinds of accommodations. I feel fortunate to have even purchased a vehicle from you. With your history of luxury cars and their values, I appreciate the respect and loyalty that I received. It is very obvious that you show no favoritism to whom or what you are selling. You put the customer first and back your product with 100% satisfaction. I have never seen or even imagined a vehicle as clean and well taken care of as the one I purchased from you. Again, pleasure to have met you and to have done business with you. I will go out of my way to purchase a vehicle from you again…."

—Joe & Jen, Libby, MT

2008 Mercedes E350

"Just want to share what awesome people you are and how you do your business, friendly and warm and the service is the tops, you go out of your way to please your customers and make sure they are happy and we sure are. The vehicle we bought was picked very carefully by Columbia Valley Luxury Cars and arrived so perfect to our liking. Thank you."

—Greg & Kari

BMW 325i

"I am delighted to offer a testimonial of how delighted and pleased I am with the car purchase I recently made from you. Briefly, I bought over the phone a 20 year old BMW 325i that when picked up was exactly as represented without exception. In fact it was better than I expected. You met my plane, closed the deal quickly with all arrangements made and I was on the road for a completely trouble free 3000 mile drive back to Virginia within the hour. The trip was completely uneventful with the car performing exactly as you told me it would. Further, you were kind enough to keep the vehicle for me for 6 months, 4 months later than I told you it would take for me to fly from Virginia to Washington State to get it. I found you to be extremely knowledgeable, financially stable, prompt and responsive in every respect, a dealer only in quality products and perfectly delightful to do business with. I have no reservations at all in telling anyone to deal with you as your word is better than the best contract of any dealer anywhere. Thank you again for making this experience so gratifying and enjoyable. I look forward to the next car I buy from you!"

—Scott, Williamsburg, VA

"Nathan at Columbia Valley Luxury Cars really loves cars and this is expressed in the way he runs his business. Attention to detail and impressive knowledge of the different car marques made my car buying an enjoyable experience. He was in regular contact throughout the process and delivered the car as promised. To say i was impressed with the quality and reasonable price is an understatement! I know where i will be going for my next car.....now about that Ferrari ..hmm"


2007 BMW 335i

"My experience with Nathan at Columbia Valley Luxury Cars began when he contacted me after seeing my want ad online for a Silver BMW 3-Series sedan. I was Very Specific with regards to colors, options, wheels, mileage and condition of vehicle. I had been looking for an excellent condition, low mile, 06-07' bmw 330i or 335i sedan, with Navigation, heated seats, sport package, 18" factory wheels, silver with black leather interior. My search yielded many without the navigation and heated seats, and had many salespeople from dealers all over Washington and Oregon contact me and try to sell me one of their vehicles which did not meet my specific criteria.

When Nathan contacted me and thoroughly explained the process of him conducting a nationwide search to find my specific vehicle and bring it to me, I must admit I was a bit skeptical. Since I am so picky with regards to condition of a vehicle (down to how the interior smells), I was not very comfortable buying a vehicle basically sight-un-seen. This car would become the 4th bmw i've owned and have never purchases a car in this fashion before. Nathan assured me that once he delivered the car to my home, that if it was not what he represented it to be, that I would not be obligated to buy it. This obviously made me feel much more comfortable with the process. In addition, after speaking with Nathan over the phone many times, and receiving multiple emails and pictures, I realized I was working with a true car enthusiast and professional, and not just someone who sold cars. Nathan quickly demonstrated his extensive knowledge of premium cars, his passion for them once again assured me that I was working with the right person.

2 weeks and many emails later, Nathan personally delivered the 2007 BMW 335i to my door in Seattle, and it was exactly what I had asked for, and more. It was in impeccable condition, and even smelled like new! The car was priced better than the local dealers and still carried all of the same warranties. I could not be more happier with it and the service provided by Nathan and Columbia Valley Luxury Cars. I would highly recommend Nathan's services to anyone looking for a quality pre-owned car and I look forward to purchasing another in the future."

—Gus & Errin Papanastasiou, Seattle, WA

Lexus SC430

"To Other Potential Car Buyers,

Last November I was a single female looking to buy a car with a definite criteria and price range. Not only that, I wanted it found and purchased before the end of the year. My mechanic suggested that I contact Nathan Merz at Columbia Valley Luxury Cars.

I immediately called Nathan and he arranged for me to meet him at his office to discuss my automobile description and sit down and design it on the computer. After just a few minutes we had completed the colors inside and out, the make, model and price.

Within two weeks I got a call that he had found the identical car and would be transporting it to the Tri-Cities right away. When it arrived he had it detailed and waiting for me in his indoor show room. It was perfect. There was no need to compromise on the details of the car or the price. There was no “backroom” haggling or any of that “Used Car” negotiating. It was wonderful. I felt safe in my purchase and the car has demonstrated that Nathan knows his business. On top of being an astute business man Nathan was courteous and I felt he would treat me fair."

—Sherrill, Kennewick, WA

2006 BMW Z4

"To Other Potential Car Buyers,

Buying our car through Columbia Valley Luxury Cars was the ULTIMATE BUYING experience! We waited 3-4 years to purchase our convertible sports car until we moved to a sunny climate. We gave Nathan our minimal criteria & were so excited when he came back in less than a week with a 2006 BMW Z4 3.0si with only 6K miles that exceeded our expectations with more horse power, more optional packages, & 1-1/2 years still left on the warranty! We got an awesome product for an awesome price with a timely delivery.

We have been highly recommending CVLC to all of our family members, friends, & neighbors wanting to buy ANY kind of car! You won't deal with more knowledgeable, & professional people, like Nathan & Suzy, while enjoying getting the car you've been hoping for!"

—Jim & Angela, Arizona

"Unexpected. That’s how I’d describe my experience with Columbia Valley Luxury Cars. When I first contacted you about helping me find a vehicle, I expected Nathan to quickly direct me towards one of the cars in your inventory. Instead, he behaved more like an automotive counselor, listening patiently while guiding my decision-making process with no pressure whatsoever. Once Nathan and I agreed he’d find me a used Mazda minivan, I expected second priority service from the dealership whose middle name is Luxury. I got just the opposite. In less than one week, Nathan found exactly what I wanted, right down to the color and the price. A few days later, when I picked up my minivan, I expected it to be used. And it was. At least according to the odometer. But it looked, smelled, and ran just like new.

I love my 2006 Mazda MPV, and I’d never dream of buying my next car from anyone else. Nathan and Suzy, thanks for being so unexpected!"


BMW 530

"My purchase experience with Nathan and Columbia Valley Luxury Cars was fantastic! Nathan helped me work through all the options and listened to exactly what I was looking for in my next car. Within a few days he found the exact car we discussed – a BMW 530 – and sent me all the specs and some detailed pictures. The car looked great and passed Nathan’s detailed personal inspection. He also made sure that the car was covered under an extended manufacturers warranty so that it would remain the perfect car for years to come.

When working with Nathan it became clear that he has exceedingly high standards when it comes to cars and the proof is in the quality of the vehicles that he chooses to sell. His description of the car and even the smallest imperfections made it easy for me to buy with confidence. The car was exactly as advertised and Nathan was kind enough to deliver it to me in person. My buying experience was easy and I would highly recommend Nathan and Columbia Valley Luxury Cars."

—Dave, Seattle, WA

2005 Saab

"I went to CVLC looking to buy my first car. I was brand new to the area, had just gotten my first job, I was basically a fish out of water. I walked into CVLC and Nathan was very friendly, especially to a first time car buyer. Buying a car was a very stressful time and Nathan made it a very smooth process for me. The car I bought is fantastic! I'm so glad I bought my car from a place like CVLC where I actually didn't feel like "just another customer". I felt like a priority and they treated me like one. This is a great place to buy a car!"


"We had been shopping for the perfect vehicle, a comfortable luxury vehicle with a high performance motor. Nathan helped us sift through an assortment of vehicles and we were even able to test drive a few.

With Nathan's abundance of resources we found our perfect car - a BMW X5.

Nathan and Suzy made an overwhelming task a pleasant purchase experience. Not only did Nathan get us what we wanted but also the service after the purchase is reliable, honest and comforting, knowing the dealership is right in town.

Good deal, good service, good people.

We would recommend Columbia Valley Luxury Cars to friends, family and anyone we liked!"

—Laurie & Rob

2007 Mercedes E350

"Dear Nathan,

Mark and I would like to thank you for the super experience with Columbia Valley Luxury Cars. Thank you so much for working with me and providing me the exact car that I really wanted. We truly appreciate all the additional efforts that you and Suzie put in the car to make sure that our experience is enjoyable.

Coming from New York City, please understand that we both have experienced some of the best Customer Service anywhere in the world. It was both unexpected and refreshing to find that level of commitment to Customer Service here in the Tri-Cities. We must say that you went beyond the expected level of service and we are thankful for the experience."

—Ginette & Mark

2006 Mercedes SLK 55 AMG

"The 2006 Mercedes Benz SLK 55 AMG car that I purchased from you was flawless. Flying in from AZ to purchase a car site unseen can be a worry. However answering all my questions with the no pressure approach made it a pleasant experience. Your small "dealership if you will" rivals any Mercedes Dealer by far I've ever been to in customer service, and care. Large dealers offer little care with a purchase, and that certainly was not the feeling I got from you at all.

The car was exactly as described. Not being negative, the only issue that did turn up with wear on the tires you solved like a true professional. That quality is rare indeed. I've owned my own company for over 20 years and I can say there are few businessman left that are caring. The car business maybe perhaps the most rare to see 100% honesty. I too a man of my word have issues come up from time to time. However again you took care of the tire issue beyond what is normal. Its been near 2 mths since I purchased the car, and I've not had to do a single thing to it besides enjoy it. I got treated fairly and honestly by yourself. Will I buy another car from you being in AZ? Well all I can say is when I have the need, I'm looking you up before I go to any local new, or pre owned luxury car dealer. You have my permission to post my telephone # on your site, in case anyone needs a reference."

—Michael, AZ

1991 Porsche 964 Turbo

"The car was exactly as described and I appreciate the honesty in which the car was represented. In dealing with these older Porsches, everyone likes to represent the car as 'perfect' or 'excellent condition' or 'needs nothing' but often with cars of 15 plus years old, that is not always a true representation of what the car is really like. Excellent condition or perfect can mean many things to different people. You gave full disclosure of the exact condition of the car and it arrived with no surprises as to the 'real' condition of the car. I am still amazed at the condition of the paint on this old car, the interior etc. When we first talked and you made the statement that you know these cars and know what you are looking at when you buy one, you were just stating fact. I also liked the way that we negotiated the price to allow for the service that you so honestly disclosed that the car needed. I now have a true keeper of a classic Porsche that I plan to keep for many years and keep in as good condition as you have done with the car.

To anyone looking at a car that Nathan is selling, I can say he will represent the car exactly as it is, no embellishment of the true condition, no sales speak, no aggressive sales tactics. Just honesty, no more, no less. It was a pleasure to do business with Nathan and I would highly recommend him to anyone."

—Ford, Leander, TX

"I just wanted to say thanks again for providing us a great car buying experience at Columbia Valley Luxury Cars! We told you what we wanted for a car and an approximate price range, and you found us a rig that was cleaner and nicer than we would have expected, for a price that was lower than other rigs we were looking at that had higher miles.

I also appreciate you educating me on the type of vehicle we were looking for and providing your recommendation based on your experience. Your service is excellent. My wife and I are excited to refer our friends and family to you for their future vehicle purchases."


2003 BMW 325i

"I had several options when I decided it was time to upgrade my current BMW to a newer model. I in fact tried them all.

First, I tried a trade in approach. And even though I was trading in only a four year old BMW to a BMW dealer, the car apparently was not something they were looking for, did not have the options they would have liked, or some other issue not apparent to me. In short, the money they offered was well below market price. So how to get market price?

Second I tried selling the car on my own. I posted the car in the paper, Auto trader, and Craig’s List. What I found was that I was taking calls during business meetings when I should have been focused on business, meeting people at times inconvenient to me, and really did not generate the 'ground swell' of response I anticipated. In short, the car did not sell.

Third, I entered into a consignment agreement with Columbia Valley Luxury Cars. Simple paper work, in no way confusing, and Nathan and I easily found a mutually agreeable market price for the car. It sold in less than three weeks.

The results I wanted with the least amount of effort required. My third approach will now be my first. Thank you Nathan and Suzy."

—Mark, Richland, WA

Porsche Boxster

"Mary Ann and I met Nathan and Suzy at a recent Benefit Dinner in Richland only to discover that they live in our neighborhood, a few blocks away. We also discovered that our next door neighbors had previously told them that I was very interested in exchanging my 2006 Miata for a black Porsche...any black Porsche...as long as it had low mileage and was available at an affordable price. During discussions over dinner, I learned that Nathan and Suzy had recently taken in a graphite black Boxster on consignment and that it already had my name on it, so to speak. Mary Ann and I drove to Columbia Valley Luxury Cars the next morning and closed the deal immediately - the car was perfect. Interestingly, Nathan sold my Miata at a terrific price to my other next door neighbor the next day! A great set of experiences, as well as good deals, for all of us."

—Barry, Richland, WA

2004 Mazda Miata Speed

"Nathan recently sold on consignment my 2004 Miata Speed. The experience was surreal. Nathan is definitely not your stereotypical car dealer. He is knowledgeable, trustworthy and a pleasure to work with. I have never bought a used car but I can guarantee if Nathan can find me the type of car I am looking for, I will be purchasing my next car from Columbia Valley Luxury Cars."

—Kathy, Richland, WA

2003 BMW 325i

"I found Nathan and Suzy on Craigslist of all places! Nathan is ready and willing to spend loads of time to help make sure you are getting what you are looking for. He does not have any 'marginal' cars in his inventory and the cars have all the services records as well. He just doesn’t buy the kind of cars that you see on most car lots and will go and find what you are looking for if he doesn’t have it already. He and Suzy are a pleasure to deal with, really great people, no pressure and excellent pricing. The car is a pleasure to drive, looks great, has all the records, its in great condition…..you get the point. I highly recommend Nathan and Suzy – you won’t be disappointed."

—Grant, Richland, WA

"When I decided to sell my Porsche, I asked Nathan what he could do for me. He told me; CVLC would detail my car, advertise nationwide, handle financials and paperwork all for a fixed percentage of the selling price. I did not have to ship my car to an auction and pay entry fees, detail fees, nor wait 3 + weeks for my money (check out Barret-Jackson consignment forms). I got what I wished and the buyer got a great car; Nathan made it happen."


Mercedes Benz SLK230

"Last fall, I purchased a 'like new' older sports car from Columbia Valley Luxury Cars. From my first glance and all the way through the sale and delivery process, Nathan and Suzy Merz orchestrated a 'symphony of satisfactions' for me. I highly recommend Columbia Valley Luxury Cars."

—Roger, Kennewick, WA

"Nate and Suzy, I again wanted to say thank-you for making me, the customer feel "special". It was truly a hassle free event having you sell our car on consignment. Jeanne and I have dealt with numerous automotive sales people over the years and have not had anything good to say until now. You and I both knew and could appreciate the car we had for sale, agreed upon a price and you took care of the rest. Our car was sold within a week and we all were pleased. Integrity in automobile sales people is difficult to find, but not with you and your organization. You and your business are recommended often by Jeanne and I when conversation turns to buying or selling fine automobiles."

—Ron & Jeanne, Pasco, WA

Mercedes Benz E320

"Upon looking in multiple publications for a used vehicle, I was informed about this company called Columbia Valley Luxury Cars. Being that of the very meticulous nature, it was both refreshing and reassuring that somebody else shared the quest for near perfection! Upon arriving to Columbia Valley’s showroom it became immediately apparent that they would be the supplier of my vehicle purchase. The 2003 “E” class Benz that caught my eye was near flawless and appeared new compared to the other’s like in kind that I had seen prior. Nathan’s knowledge of the European car market and keen eye for the quality used car made the purchase a no brainer!

I would highly recommend using Columbia Valley Luxury Car for your next used car purchase. I would encourage you to check their website for the validation of my experience."


Chrysler 300C

"Talk about a hassle free purchase of a car. What a novel experience. No pressure, nice people, excellent service, and at a good price, now that’s hard to beat these days. We hope to never have to bargain with a dealership again. It is a beautiful vehicle, even though Sharon calls it her “”Mafia Car” and has to watch real close not to get in trouble, it’s a rocket! Sharon and I will recommend your company to anyone looking for a quality vehicle."

—Sharon & Ray, Kennewick, WA

Mercedes Benz E430

"This is the perfect car it is just what we were looking for! We were very happy when we went to pick up the car and it was everything you promised and more. The condition both inside and out was near perfect and the car has performed stellar now for over a year. Thanks again for your help in locating and securing the purchase, we would gladly use you again in the future and recommend you to our friends and family."

—Rod & Erin, Vancouver, WA

Porsche 996
Audi A6 Quattro

"I was pleasantly surprised to discover Columbia Valley Luxury Cars while searching for a used quality sports car. I'm a buyer who aggressively researches and analyzes a vehicle prior to purchase. I do not like dealing with people who do not understand or mislead you with inaccurate information. I was immediately impressed with Nathan's knowledge and approach to selling a vehicle. He presents all the information and answers any questions without pressuring you. My experience was so favorable that I have purchased two vehicles from Columbia Valley Luxury Cars within the past six months. If you are shopping for a quality used vehicle and want an honorable knowledgeable person then I highly recommend Nathan and Columbia Valley Luxury Cars."

—Bill, Richland, WA

2005 Acura MDX

"It's been about 2 months since I received my new car from you and everything has worked out well. When I first called you in early January and discussed the type and year of the Acura, I thought it would take a month or two to connect on the right car. I was pleasantly surprised as we talked and you mentioned an upcoming trip to Pennsylvania for an auto auction. When you called the following week with 4 potential vehicles, I knew the purchase of my MDX was going to work out well. The following day you confirmed the purchase and had the car shipped back to Washington. It was just a few weeks before we met and I had my MDX. I considered selling my Qx4 separately, but working through you completed the process and provided a fair price for my old car. All in all a great experience. I'll call you again when I need my next vehicle."

—Mike, Portland, OR


"I consider myself a pretty well informed consumer. Especially when it comes to a purchase as big as an automobile, I review all the literature I consider relevant to the type of cars that fit my needs, their specs and reviews as well as prices and value. After doing my typical research I contacted Nathan with my preference of car. AND NATHAN DID NOT GET ME THE CAR THAT I WANTED! Instead, he reviewed my needs and asked a lot of questions about what I'd chosen and why and what specific things I wanted from my ride. After doing so he assured me that he could and would get me what I had originally planned to buy but also explained his recommendation of a different car that fit what I really wanted BETTER AND FOR LESS MONEY THEN MY INITIAL CHOICE! He made less money on the deal, I got more car that I thought I could afford and I'm happier with it then I would have been with the other option. If you want slick and self interested, go somewhere else: If you want honest and a long term relationship with someone who's really committed to getting you the best possible deal that he can, go with Nathan. I'll definitely be getting my future vehicles from him."

—Joe, Richland, WA

"I wanted to take a moment to let you know how happy we are with the services you provided us. I am sure that you remember my daughters desire to own a new style beetle. The fact that you found one matching our specifications and for $2000 less than we had agreed upon as a fair price should not go unnoticed. This was by far the most pleasurable car buying experience I have had, no games, no haggling, just honesty. I will definitely recommend your company to my friends and family. Thanks for being an honest person in a field not known for its integrity."

—Peter, Camas, WA

"My experience dealing with Nathan was outstanding.It took one conversation regarding what I was looking for and within a week he had located the exact car.His knowledge is surpassed only by his desire to satisfy the customer’s needs. I was dealing from across the country so he became my eyes as well as my voice in dealing with the car owner. He negotiated a great price, established the shipping and followed up after delivery. He exceeded my expectations on all fronts. I wish all business could be done this well. Thanks Nate!"

—Tim, Annville, PA


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