1964 Porsche 356C-1-owner from 1967!

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1964 Porsche 356 “C” Coupe- Same owner since 1967!


  • Less than 2,000 miles on a complete restoration: Exterior, interior and engine!
  • Full history from 1967 to current
  • Same owner for 48 years
  • Runs and drives beautifully
  • “C” coupes are the best driving of all the 356’s. Ready to go on a tour!
  • Numbers matching

If you are looking for a GREAT 356 to drive and love to have a complete history, I don’t think you could find a better example than this car! Here is this cars story:

This particular 356 was sold new to a Mr. Henry Jones III of Caldwell, Idaho. On May 26th 1967 he sold the car to Mr. Frank Hughes, a young Navy officer from Seattle, WA. The car had 17,766 miles at that time.  This gorgeous Ruby Red 356 would stay under the loving care of Mr. Hughes for the next 48 years and 143,000 miles! The car was his everyday car and took him wherever the Navy sent him. As he advanced through the ranks this car was his trusty sidekick. Being military he was fastidious with both the car and the documentation. I literally have a log of every gallon of gas that has ever gone through the car! Wherever his duty station he sought out the help of the local Porsche dealer and kept records of every repair ever done. Luckily he was always stationed in weather friendly locales such as Bremerton, San Diego, Maryland, etc. I even have the storage documentation for his overseas assignments, he was VERY careful to find enclosed storage for the car whenever he was away. Reading this cars history is like reading a great book!

Upon his retirement from the military in 1984 he also retired the car from everyday service.  At this time he had Denny Akers, of Akers Porsche Repair, a well-known and respected 356 expert rebuild the motor to new factory specification. The motor remains numbers matching and has travelled just 2,094 miles since then.

Shortly after having the motor rebuilt the demands of every day life took over and the 356 was relegated to garage queen status and saw less and less use. In November of 1993 Frank decided to restore it back to like new condition. He had the car taken to Paul Weir, another well respected Porsche shop to have a full restoration completed. The car was stripped to a bare shell, any bodywork or needed rust repair was completed and the car was repainted in its original Ruby Red (6402). All of the exterior chrome and lenses were either replaced or re-chromed and all new rubber and trim was installed.  A correct Sigla windshield was installed and the other original glass was reused. The original wheels were restored and the outside was looking like new.

The interior was likewise restored with new headliner, new upholstery, refinished seat frames, rebuilt gauges, new panels, new correct carpet, new rubber mats, etc. Its simply gorgeous!

The car was completed and road ready after just over 2 years at Paul’s shop. It has travelled just 1,593 miles since the restoration was completed at a cost of almost $35,000 (in 1996 dollars!).

The best thing about the documentation is that it absolutely proves the actual mileage on this car, 99% of 356’s for sale are “True miles unknown”. This car has a mileage/fuel log which shows the odometer was replaced when it had 36,000 miles (invoice for new odometer from Porsche also included) and so the total chassis miles is currently 160,702 miles.

Upon picking up the car in June I immediately took it back to the local experts, Akers Porsche repair. I had them do a complete inspection, which I am happy to share with anyone interested. Compression was perfect all around. Based on their recommendations I had a  full major service done including valve adjust, all fluids, filters, spark plugs, etc. I also had them button up a few minor oil leaks and decided to take the car home to put some miles on it. I have since put almost 500 miles on the car and it runs and drives beautifully! I am SO tempted to keep this car!

Lest you think it’s a perfect car, its not. I would call it a Hagerty scale 3+, a nice, correct, driver that will draw compliments wherever you take it. Here are some items that either Aker’s noted or I have noticed by driving it over the past 2 months:

  • Rust- During the restoration repairs were made to the floors, battery box, right jack point and some patches made in the longitudinals. Most 356’s I look at are very similar, but I didn’t want to give someone the impression that it has never had any repairs.
  • Body- Overall impressions are excellent, gaps are good, etc. however there are a few areas to note: the hood has obviously been kinked over the years (classic 356 issue!) and has been poorly repaired on the underside. It looks great from the outside but is less that gorgeous on the underside. There is one spot on the left front fender where two small ~3mm bumps have formed indicating either poor prep or early stages of rust reappearing. There is evidence that filler was used in several places, again common but worth noting.
  • Interior- Overall excellent but the original radio does not work and the tach is correct for a S90, not a C.  The clock works but loses ~ 5 minutes per day. The gasket for the driver’s side wing window is installed incorrectly and causes an irritating wind whistle.
  • Mechanical- This car literally runs like a Swiss watch, I cant get over how nicely it runs, shifts, brakes, etc. Its just a true joy to run down the road in. The suspension is what probably needs to next round of attention. I personally would replace the shocks and bushings as it’s starting to feel a little sloppy. Akers quoted around $3k if they did it all. The rear muffler is dented and looks a little tatty in relation to how nice the rest of the car is.
  • Tool kit- Sadly I am missing the original tool kit.

Here is what the car comes with:

  • Full service history from 1967 to current, literally a couple hundred pages worth all organized in chronological order in a 3-ring binder for easy reference and preservation.
  • A log book of every gallon of gas  that has ever gone through this car from 1967-2015!
  • Certificate of Authenticity- All numbers matching
  • Original owners manual, date matched spare, jack and original keys.
  • Bill of sale from 1967, original 1967 title and every Washington registration from then to current.
  • Fitted car cover, period correct coco mats!

You can probably tell that I REALLY like this car! To me EVERY Porsche fanatic should own a 356. They are simply magical little cars. The C Coupes just drive so nice, they hum down the road at 80 mph and having you grinning from ear to ear. If you have always wanted one, here is a great chance!