1970 Porsche 911S Coupe- Conda Green on Black/Pepita, 5-speed, numbers matching, this is the the early 911S everybody is looking for!

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Air-cooled 911’s of any flavor are delightful cars, with that said during the production run from 1964-1998 there are a few models that really capture the true essence of the experience. To me the 2.2 liter MFI cars (either the S or E) are really the pinnacle. Why? First and foremost they are visual delights; with a purity of original design, narrow rear fenders, delicate deco trim and the all-important deep 6” Fuchs, they just scream Porsche… Now Porsche’s aren’t just for preening, they have to live up to the driving hype, so take a VERY revvy 180hp 2.2 liter motor, mechanical fuel injection and the delightful 901 gearbox and you simply have Porsche Nirvana. Now one could argue for the increased displacement of the 2.4 liter 1972-1973 cars and the 915 gearbox, but to me the 2.2 has a howl and scream to redline that is tempered in the later cars and the dog-leg 901 gearbox just feel SO right as you push forward at redline into 2nd gear….

Now that you know I LOVE the 2.2-liter cars, more importantly I LOVE LOVE LOVE this car. I don’t think I have to spell it out, CONDA GREEN… Ok, I had to spell it out! While these cars are pretty in Ivory, Silver, Black or the myriad of other common colors, they simply POP in the period shades of Tangerine, Bahama Yellow and the like. Of these choice M&M colors, Conda Green stands at the top of the heap. It’s not for the shy or introverted Porsche owner; this car says “I am Porsche” in such an honest and pure way. The records aren’t clear and the topic is hotly debated, but suffice it to say Conda Green is quite unusual, especially on an “S”.

This particular car has had just 4 loving owners since new; with a well-documented history going back to the early 1970’s. Over the years service, updates and repairs have been done including a full split case engine rebuild with new P&C’s, rebuilt injection pump and more just over 10,000 miles ago. The transmission was rebuilt at the same time. I believe the paint was done sometime in the 1990’s and was done to a high standard and looks outstanding with few flaws. The interior was likewise refreshed in the mid 1990’s and shows just a light patina since. All 4 deep 6’s were recently refinished by Harvey Weidman and 4 new Michelin XWX were mounted which look SO right! It’s just a nice, crisp car everywhere you look.

This car runs and drives exactly as a good one should, read above if you need a refresher! It’s that perfect combination of gorgeous enough to take to any show or event, yet not hermetically sealed perfect where you would be afraid to take it on a long weekend drive. These cars reward drivers, take it out and DRIVE it!

The car comes complete with a full service history, original books and manuals, Porsche Certificate of Authenticity verifying original color and matching numbers and a nice original tool kit. If you have been waiting for the right early 911S to pop up, this car is worthy of your attention.