1971 Porsche 911E Targa- All Original!

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1971 Porsche 911 “E” Targa- 1-owner for 43 years!

VIN/Chassis #- 9111210377

Engine #- 6210757

Transmission #- 731503

Exterior Color- Light Ivory- 1110

Interior- Black

Build Date- Dec 1970

If you are looking for a VERY original and correct longhood 911, here is your car! Here are the details:

This particular car was sold new at Gateway Porsche in Portland, OR on February 26th 1971 to a Dr. Michael Shanahan. The car was immediately driven to his home in Seattle, WA and become his daily driver, transporting him back and forth to Virginia Mason Hospital (parking sticker till attached to the windshield!). He was an avid pilot and car enthusiast and really loved this car. He made a few subtle upgrades such as the H1 headlights, Porsche side stripe  and CocoMats. He drove the car in this fashion until 1979 when the demands of a busy career and 6 kids meant it was no longer practical. He parked the car in his garage where it sat protected until 2013. His oldest son finally convinced his Dad that they should get the car up and going again, so it was carefully loaded on a roll back tow truck and taken to a well regarded Porsche specialist, John Walker to be awoken from its long slumber. Since that time the car has been driven approximately 2,000 miles and is running beautifully!  Current mileage as of today is 79,746 miles.

The amazing thing about this car is how original and correct the car is and it is 100% documented. The basic highlights:

  • The car is wearing mostly original paint (as verified by a paint meter). The left rear quarter was repaired when Mrs. Shanahan’s car grazed it in the garage. The hood, lower front fenders and front bumper were painted in 2014 when the owner rolled into another car. The damage was slight but it was decided that this was an opportune time to clean up the 70k miles of rock chips. The hood, lower fenders and front bumper were painted in correct German single stage paint by the best in the business. The work is flawless and the only give away is that there are no flaws in the front end.
  • Documentation- I have the original window sticker, the original registration (showing the plates seen in the photos were issued to the car in 1971!), every registration from 1971 to 1982 (last registered in 1982, last driven in 1979 until current), Maintenance record (stamped), owners manual and case, service history from the recent work, etc. etc.
  • Originality- this car is one of the most original examples I have ever seen. The only changes from original were done within the first year of the car’s life: H1 headlights, Porsche side script and CocoMats. When the car was re-commissioned in 2013 it was decided to add the Carrera tensioners for safety and the original Hydro-pneumatic front suspension was changed over. Believe it or not I even have the 4 original tires that came on the car! Clearly not safe to drive on, but they come with the car as a testament to the originality of the car.
  • Overall Condition- This car was obsessively loved and it shows. It has never been out in any kind of weather and has always been kept covered in a climate-controlled garage. One beautiful thing about Western Washington is that there is no intense heat or sunlight to damage rubber and trim and no harsh climate for fear of rust. You will simply be in awe when you look at the overall shape of this car. I still marvel at it.
  • Mechanical- The mechanical reconditioning ran roughly $10,000 and included all the major service items as well as going through the brake system, MFI and fuel system and suspension. Since that time ~2,000 miles have been put on the car and it is performing wonderfully. The motor and gearbox are all original, neither having been apart. It does have a few oil leaks, leaving 2-3 small spots on the floor if left to sit. It was decided to leave it as original as possible.  It starts right up, idles smoothly, makes great power, shifts as a nice 901 should and basically drives like you would expect a time capsule car to. EVERYTHING on the car works as delivered.
  • Interior- Time Warp… The dash is perfect, as are all the panels, trim, switches, gauges, etc. The carpet is nice . The Targa headliner has been recently replaced (exterior original and pristine!) The leather seats have a nice patina with no egregious wear. The CocoMats are circa 1971, awesome!
  • Accessories- when looking for a collector grade early car you want all the items one would have come with. It has the correct 1971 tool kit, jack, all 3 original keys, correct manuals and maintenance book, correct vinyl pouch, etc. Other cool items included photos of the car when it was removed from the garage, a short video of the original owner talking about the car and all its original Green and White Washington License plates.
  • Rust Free- This car has only been in Seattle since new, it has never seen inclement weather and has been stored in a climate controlled garage since 1979. For those not familiar, Washington has very mild winters (very rare for snow, typical winter day is 45 degrees and some rain). As such there is no road salt or anything corrosive here. The car shows no evidence of rust anywhere.

Now just so you don’t think I am only good at superlatives on cars, its still a 40-year-old Porsche and has flaws. They are as follows:

  • Paint and Body- It does have mostly original paint with 79k miles of use, so there are some minor nicks and chips as you would expect. Nothing egregious. The paint match on the left rear quarter is not spot on, close but not perfect. There is one slight crease in the passenger quarter panel near the door opening, I had 90% of it removed via PDR but it is visible if you catch it in just the right light (not visible in photos)
  • Interior- The interior is amazing, but it is original so it doesn’t look freshly restored. It shows the patina of well cared for age, I prefer it this way but if you want fully restored this isn’t it.
  • Mechanical- As mentioned above the motor has never been apart, which I think as a benefit as it has never been messed with. It does have a few minor oil leaks such that the car will leave a few drops of oil the size of a quarter if let to sit for a few days. Not enough to justify going crazy over, but worth noting. Frankly if I kept the car I think it would be fun to drop the motor, clean up any leaks and go crazy with the solvents and toothbrushes. The owner always kept it very clean but it’s never had the engine out, OCD obsessed, PCA Parade level engine compartment detail. The engine compartment that you see in the photos is how I got the car.

I am happy to send more photos, provide more history, discuss the car at length, etc. Just let me know what you need!

Overall I think you would be challenged to find a more original, correct and well-documented example. I am sure that I have left out lots of details, email with any questions and I am happy to talk live to you about the car.