1973.5 Porsche 911T-Metallic Green on Black, sunroof, one family owned since 1977 with a complete history, these CIS-T’s are my favorite driver long hoods!

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I LOVE the 73.5 911T! Why you ask? Well it was a half year only model sold exclusively in the US. It utilized the last of the 2.4 liter motors but featured the then new Bosch CIS Fuel Injection. They have all the magical driving characteristics of the long hood 911 (can you say AMAZING steering) yet start easily, drive smoothly and achieve amazing fuel mileage. Just a great early 911 for rally’s and cruises! 

This particular 73.5 is particularly interesting for many reasons, first and foremost it is a ridiculous and gorgeous color combo. Porsche Metallic Green is so period and believe it or not this car was originally delivered in leather interior to sample, WHITE Leather! Yes, you read that correct, originally this car was delivered in VIBRANT metallic green over WHITE leather, man this car must have made quite a statement in 1973! Later the interior was swapped to a more standard black, but I am BEGGING the next owner to restore this interior to its original glory!

The other great thing is this cars history, it has been in the same family since 1977! How many people keep their cars 44 years? Almost never and its fully documented. The car was sold new on June 26th 1973 at Precision Porsche in East Syracuse, NY. The current family purchased the car on April 24th, 1977 from Don Burns Porsche Audi in Garden Grove, CA and it has remained in the same family since (father/son). Like many of these cars it was driven primarily early in its life, racking up 100,000 miles by 1981! Mileage slowed appreciably after this as it was retired to garage queen status, current mileage is just over 151,000. 

The car was repainted in its original shade of Metallic Green in 1994 and the interior was changed from the uber cool white to a more traditional black with a non original wool seat centers/door panels. The body is excellent and the paint while not show quality, shows quite nicely. The interior is clean and tidy, but several fabric choices are not original, so I would love to see it returned to its original glory! The owner indicated that maintaining a white interior was just too difficult, hence the switch to black. I can certainly understand that back when this was his daily driver, now as an occasional driver? White it should be! 

Mechanically the car runs and drives quite well and it has received a fair amount of work over the years. The engine was given a complete split case engine rebuild at 109k miles, but that was in 1985 so it has developed a few minor leaks here and there. It really needs almost nothing other than some newer tires (due to age) to be ready for summer driving season. 

The only notable nits I would call out would be: a small area of rust perforation on the drivers side battery box, an ill-fitting sunroof gasket, tires should be replaced due to age, missing trunk accessories (tool kit, jack, wrong spare). The car is matching numbers and comes with a complete service history in a 3-ring binder since 1977, Porsche Certificate of Authenticity and even the original purchase invoice from Don Burns Porsche.