1976 Porsche 912E- Grand Prix White on Cinnamon, 5-speed, sunroof, 3-spoke wheel, 100% original with just 22k miles, nicest 912E anywhere- $49,995


1976 Porsche 912E w/ 22k original miles!

I LOVE originality, you can simply NEVER duplicate how Porsche originally built these cars. They built just 2,099 of these as a 1-year only model and only for the US market. How many 100% original, 22k mile examples exist in the World? Nobody knows but it can’t be many!

I have owned this car for several months now and can’t seem to get off the fence with selling it. Again, you just never see them like this! Did I mention the factory Fuch’s are still wearing their ORIGINAL tires! The car is just plain silly… Of course I have another set of wheels/tires I have mounted on the car to drive it but how better to verify original miles than the original Uniroyal tires!

If you havent driven one of these, you are in for a treat. The utilize a very slightly modified version of the 2.0 flat-4 motor used in the 914. This motor is rated at 90hp, so while it certainly isn’t fast in comparison to the 2.7 liter 143hp 6-cylinder motor the 1976 911 came with, it is revvy and encourages you to learn about momentum driving. It handles better than an equivalent 911 being lighter weight and having the motors mass ahead of the rear centerline. Think of it as a refined, smooth and updated 356.

The exterior of this car is 100% original paint with exception of the lower valence and one area less than ~6″ in total on the fender lip on the right rear quarter. Every piece of the exterior including all trim, lenses, glass and brightwork is original and in remarkable condition. You could NEVER restore these pieces to look like this!

The interior is likewise all original, you will simply marvel and everything you see and touch. Want to go back to 1976? This is your ride. Even the original radio works and sounds amazing.

The car comes with all it’s original books, tool kit, air pump and is verified as numbers matching via the included Certificate of Authenticity.

I am just teasing you with a few photos for now, I want to attend to some minor details to make it ever better but my motivation has been low… For some reason I just don’t mind this car hanging out around the shop… Let me know if you have an interest and I can get you more details.



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