1980 Porsche 911SC Weissach Edition

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1980 Porsche 911SC Weissach Edition

Well here goes, sometimes I get a car with such a story that a novel needs to be written. Grab a coffee and have a seat, this one might take some time…

This particular car was sold new on November 13th 1980 at University Porsche in Seattle, WA to Mr. Bob S. for a total price $35,607.04. Mr. S. was very excited about his new purchase and proceeded to take steps to preserve the car from Day 1. He ordered the following products to protect his new investment, they were:

  • Front end cover
  • Mirror Covers
  • 2nd set of floor mats
  • Sheepskin Seat covers
  • Rear mud guards
  • Door Edge guards
  • License plate covers
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Soft flannel fitted car cover

As you can tell if you could cover or protect, he bought it. All of these items were bought immediately and were still present on the car when I picked it up. As a result it has almost none of the wear on the common areas such as the front end, mirrors, behind the rear wheels, seats, carpets, etc. That’s what we call thinking ahead!

The original owner was also obsessive about maintaining the car. I have every service receipt from the 1st break in oil service at 996 miles where he even brought in his own oil! Several more warranty receipts showing his attention to detail. Nothing was overlooked.

He was also careful to document every item about the car. I have everything from the copy of his cancelled check for the purchase, receipts for every item purchased, even every single state registration form from 1980 to present! He even preserved every license plate ever issued to the car. Starting in 1981 he obtained the Washington Personalized plate “Y-SOK”.  One interesting item comes directly from Porsche, Mr. S. wrote to Porsche inquiring about his car. They provided an early version of a Certificate of Autheticity (CofA) confirming that this Weissach was #105/400 cars built.

On May 2nd 1986 Mr. S. sold the car to his nephew but still stayed involved it its care. In the file there are letters from Uncle to Nephew specifying what maintenance items should be done and even years later Mr. S. was still helping stay on top of the maintenance. He needn’t worry as his nephew was just as particular as him and he would uphold the standard his uncle set for the next 26 years. He also kept meticulous documentation and made sure that anything the car needed it received.

It has been exclusively serviced by the same mechanic since 1988, Squire Tomasi, owner of Squire’s Autowerkes, a shop that exclusively services Porsches. When I was allowed to find this car a new home I took the car over to Squire and had the following service done:

  • Minor Service Including oil and filter
  • New Interstate Battery
  • New Distributor Cap, Rotor, Plugs
  • Bleed and flush brakes
  • 4 New tires- Bridgestone Potenza’s

It truly needs nothing. Everything right down to the power antenna functions correctly. I am blessed in that I get to drive countless air-cooled 911’s ,but I wish I could somehow capture how this car drives. The only close adjective I could come up with was “tight”. It simply drives like they did new, its almost eery! I have driven some of these cars so that have become so sloppy due to neglect, miles, etc that you could assume all SC’s drive like that, WRONG! This car is simply a joy to drive!

The car is 100% stock and original with the following exceptions:

  • Pop Off Valve installed in the airbox (smart upgrade)
  • Weltmeister Short Shift Kit
  • Catalytic Converter bypass pipe is installed, I have the original that was removed in the first 1,000 miles.
  • Car was lowered to ROW Ride height within the first 100 miles, remember how high these cars came from the factory…
  • Halon fire extinguisher mounted behind the drivers seat
  • Speakers in the drivers door have been upgraded to period ADS seperates. The car had a new headunit but I reinstalled the original Blaupunkt, works great!
  • An alarm system was installed that has subsequently been removed but there are still red LED lights on the door lock pins.
  • The original 85 mph speedometer was swapped for an OEM 160 mph speedometer when the car had 20,179 miles. The current odometer was set to that exact mileage when the swap happened, it of course is all documented and the original speedometer is included (see photos)
  • There is an aluminum dead pedal installed that protects the carpet from typical left foot wear.

The body and paint on the car have to be seen to be believed. It has never been in any kind of accident and it has never been subjected to weather of any kind. People just cant believe this is a 32 year old car when the see it. If you have ever wondered about paint quality on these Porsche’s, here is your testament!

The interior is likewise nearly perfect. The dashboard on the Weissach is full leather, which presents some challenges. Leather likes to shrink and dashboards take a lot of heat. Since this car has never been left in the elements it shows none of that wear. The same goes for the sport seats, with their heavy bolsters they often take quite a bit of abuse. These seats were covered from new and apart for some minor dry cracking show very minimal wear. The carpets which are unique to the Weissach are pristine and the original owner actually ordered a spare set of front carpets! This is great since you could never find another set, the car comes with two.

Of course being a collectible it is important to have everything, here is what I have:

  • 2 copies of the original Porsche Weissach edition brochure, including a framed copy.
  • Every service receipt from new to current with no gaps in time.
  • Every single Registration receipt since new
  • Copy of the letter from Porsche to the original owner verifying the car.
  • Every single receipt for any items purchased for the car.
  • Receipt for the original purchase and the dealers window sticker
  • Original owners manual, stamped service booklet, Blaupunkt owners manual, Pirelli tire manual, original warranty card
  • Both Original Keys
  • Every single license plate issued to the car, including the original “Y-SOK” plate from 1981.
  • 2nd set of matching Red front carpets
  • Fitted car cover, front end and mirror covers
  • Complete and pristine tool kit
  • Jack, lay down plastic and gloves
  • Original air pump still in the box
  • Original box for the Blaupunkt radio
  • A whole box of more stuff that I am sure I am forgetting a few things!

For those of you who are not familiar, the 1980 Weissach Edition was a limited run of 400 cars built to honor the Porsche Research and Development center located in Weissach Germany. This car was only sold the US and they came in just 2 exclusive exterior colors, Platinum Metallic or Black Metallic. They both featured indentical inteiors of Doric Gray Full leather, rust carpets and piping and sport seats. On the exterior they featured a 930 style rear spoiler, front chin spoiler, 15×6 and 15×7 rear forged alloys painted in platinum metallic and a standard power sunroof. Its just a gorgeous and unique car!

So if you are looking for a no excuses air-cooled 911 that has long-term appreciation potential, give this one some serious thought!