1983 Porsche 911SC Coupe-Guards Red on Black, all original, just a really nice, honest, no stories 911SC, 95k miles

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1983 Porsche 911SC-95k miles

The 911SC IS the 911 of my youth… I had a morning paperoute starting at age 11 and I distinctly remember a certain well to do developer who lived on NE 55th…. He had a Guards Red 911SC coupe that he would occasionally leave in the driveway, just often enough that as I turned into his driveway on those dark Seattle mornings there was always a tinge of excitement… Would it be there? On lucky mornings it would be sitting proudly, usually under a light layer of morning dew. I would stop my bike and simply let my gaze wander over that car. Magical! 37 years later I still have the same reaction when I see one!

Fast forward to 2023 and is there a more quintessential 911 than a Guards Red over Black SC? I think not! This particular example was purchased by my client ~ 5 years ago from Holt Motorsports in West Chester, PA and they are one of the few resellers of older Porsche’s who I hold in high regard. They represented the car as an honest and well preserved example and they were right. I would call it nice enough to cherish and show off, but with just enough patina that one couldn’t use it both with gusto and high frequency. The perfectly broken in pair of jeans if you will!

 Here is how is was equipped new:

  • Guards Red Exterior
  • Black leather interior
  • 16” Forged Alloy wheels
  • Black Roofliner
  • Automatic Speed Control
  • Sport Shock absorbers (Bilstein)
  • Alarm
  • Fog Lights
  • Electric Sliding roof

This particular 911SC is a very late build example having been built on June 20th 1983, which means it got every improvement of the SC era. The SC is regarded as the most reliable and simple of all the 911’s and being a late build means it’s the best of the breed.  A little known fact is that the late SC’s (post 4/1983) actually came with the stronger and improved 3.2 Carrera case and oiling system. These can be distinguished by the fact they have the single drain plug to the drivers side of the case vs. the previous sump plate and screen. They also came standard with the 160MPH speedo vs. the previous silly 85 mph one and they came at the same ride height as the ROW SC (no more US ride height!).

Here is what is great about it:

  • 10+ years of service records showing love and care by well-respected Porsche independents. Head studs replaced with APR headstuds at 93k miles.
  • Current on all service
  • All the right updates for an SC: Carrera tensioners, Pop off valve, backdated heat with SSI’s, rotary style AC compressor.
  • Complete with all original books,  tool kit, original keys and even an old school working Blaupunkt!
  • Clean Carfax and history
  • Just a clean, great running, honest, no excuses SC!

Now like I said above it’s like your favorite pair of jeans, broken in and comfortable. So here are the less than perfect items:

  • Paint- when the most recent owner purchased the car it had all original paint but in his view there was enough age/wear/tear that he wanted to freshen it up. He had the hood and bumper repainted as well as the sunroof panel. As a result the car shows REALLY well! I think it was the right choice.
  • Interior- Overall the interior is very clean and original. There is one spot on the passenger seat where someone attempted a dye on a small spot ~1″ in size. To my eye it looked bad and when we cleaned the seats it simply rubbed off, we decided to leave it honest and original. Otherwise I am thrilled with the interior.
  • Items I noted: Cruise control doesn’t work.

I am excited to offer this car to one of my clients, are you the favorite pair of jeans type of Porsche owner