1983 Porsche 911SC-Hellbronze on Chocolate, PCA member owned, thousands in recent updates on this drivers 911SC, what a car!

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Are you looking for an honest, 911SC coupe that you can just jump in and drive? Nice enough to go to a club event, but not so nice that a busy parking lot on Friday night leaves you in a total panic? One that has always been loved, comes from a preservation friendly climate and is almost all original?

This might be your SC… Here is the basic overview:

This SC belonged to a 40+ year local PCA member who passed away 2 years ago,  Luckily I was able to meet with him prior to that and he was able to share many great stories about his history with Porsche, the PCA and this car in particular. He was a regular in our local region (PNWR PCA) and he attended many Parades over the years in this car, he was even able to go to the Parade 2017 in Spokane. He LOVED this car and knew it was time for it to find its next new home. Just after his passing I sold it to another longtime customer of mine and I am now getting it back as he is getting a new GT4. 

The long time owner purchased the car in 1992 from a local specialty dealer (no longer in business) that specialized in Porsche’s during that era. At that time he had the car inspected by Denny Akers (Aker’s Porsche | Aker’s Porsche), a longtime Seattle Porsche repair shop. Denny gave the car a thumbs up and so he purchased it and had been enjoying it for the past 25 years.

At that time the dealer did disclose that the original 85 mph speedometer had been swapped for the 180 mph one sometime prior to their acquiring it (all US Porsches from mid 1979 to early 1983 came with a 85 mph speedo due to federal law) and the car at that time (1992) showed 30,052 miles. There is no record of when that was done, so in my opinion the car should be considered true miles unknown (as should most cars of this era due to this very issue) even though there is nothing to dispute the miles (title, Carfax, records, etc.). Current mileage when I got it from him was 58,950 and the ~29k miles he added are accurate. Looking/driving the car it seems like a 70-90k mile car to me, but again just a guess… Current mileage showing is just over 60,000 miles. 

When I got the car the first time I wanted to make sure that it was ready to go for the next buyer. So I took the car to a well-known Seattle shop and frequent Pelican contributor, John Walker of John Walkers Workshop in Seattle, WA. I asked John to inspect the car, do compression and leak down, inspect for broken head studs and perform a major service. Here are his findings/work:

• Compression/Leak down: 1:180/6% 2: 185/5% 3: 185/7% 4: 175/7% 5: 180/6% 6: 180/7%
• Head studs good
• Brakes noted at 90% front, 60% rear
• Rear shocks noted as weak, fronts ok
• Oil line seeping from thermostat to engine crossover pipe
• No engine sound pad
• Spring plate bushings worn

Once I knew the car was mechanically sound I had him do a full major service including:
• Valve adjust and new valve cover gaskets
• Oil and filter
• Transmission fluid
• New sparkplugs
• Air and fuel filters
• New cap and rotor
• New drive belts
• New Wiper blades

The car also needed new tires due to age, so I just installed 4 new Continental Extreme Contact Sports. Worth noting is the car does have the 2 big 911SC updates: Carrera tensioners and pop off valve.

The most recent owner addressed the leaking oil lines and spent over $7,000 having the complete Grifiths AC kit installed (https://griffiths.com/porsche/air-conditioning/911-930/) and it now blows as good as modern car, which is unheard of in an air-cooled 911. Its amazing! 

Mechanically the car runs and drives great. It makes great power, it shifts well, it tracks straight and true and drives like an original SC should! All the systems work correctly including lighting, gauges, cruise control, power windows, mirrors, power antenna, original Blaupunkt radio, heat etc. Just wait until you try the AC, such a treat!

Exterior- The car is finished in a color called Hellbronze, which is a really cool period color. Much richer than a standard gold, it seems to pick up the warmth of the sky and has a radiant nature to it, very cool! The paint on the car is a mix of original and touched up. The owner was under the impression it was all original but a paint meter tells otherwise. Since any paintwork was more than 25 years ago the car has very consistent patina and it sure looks original. The car shows 34 years of careful use, but it does have an assortment of rock chips, nicks, etc. Not egregious, but not ready for your local concours either (although he did show it in our local club Concours!). I think its just about right, use without worry!

The interior is REALLY nice. Just the slightest hint of honest wear, I truly wouldn’t change almost a thing about it. The pictures tell the story, what else can I say?

The front trunk is exactly as a good one should be. It comes complete with a nearly complete, nice original tool kit, the correct air pump, jack and plastic tire changing bag. I have the original owners manual and correct red case, but do have the maintenance book. I have all of the service records from 1992-current. The title is of course clean and so is the Carfax (for what that’s worth..)

Jump in and drive this SC! (please note these photos are from when I last sold the car,  The only difference is the updated AC components)