1984 BMW 633CSi- Alpine White over Pacific Blue Leather, 5-speed, all original, a true world class example with just 72k original miles


1984 BMW 633CSi- 5-speed manual, 72k original miles- Breathtaking!

Most of my clients know me as a strictly Porsche enthusiast, but my personal interests have long included other notable European marques such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen. You might even find me waxing poetically about how much I love my Saab 9-5 Aero Sportcombi… So you shouldn’t be surprised to find this E24 6-series on my site, in fact it comes out of my personal collection. I have long been blessed by having a large amount of storage so interesting cars have had a habit of moving into my garage drawn by nothing other than my love for German cars of this era. Now I am facing a shortage of indoor parking spaces (NONE of my cars park outside, even my work truck!) so I am tasked with the challenge of deciding which ones I will “re-home”. You will see some of those cars popping up here shortly….

This particular E24 was a car I lusted after for many years after acquiring it from a longtime friend, local client and longtime PCA and BMWCCA member. I don’t think he will mind me describing him as a little bit eccentric when it comes to his cars. He obsesses over their care and condition, so much so he is almost afraid of using them. For many years he would bring this gorgeous E24 to various local car events and I would just marvel at it, always reminding him that I would be a willing buyer if the day ever came. Well that day came 3 years ago and I was lucky to become the caretaker of this car.

For those not familiar these E24 6-series cars are a true gem, a unique confluence of style and German engineering excellence. I truly love the lines, especially the delicate greenhouse and elegant C-pillars, why cant BMW design cars like this anymore? Now couple that with BMW’s signature, silky smooth and torque-laden in-line 6 and the hard to find 5-speed manual and you have near driving nirvana. Sadly the soul-sapping automatic hampers many of these, this IS the combination to have. Frankly the only problem is this car makes you HATE BMW for losing its way, they clearly used to know how to make the true Ultimate Driving Machine!

Now for some details:

This BMW was originally sold new at BMW of Seattle, not much is known about the first 5 years as the original owner traded the car into Ford of Kirkland, WA when it had just over 62,000 miles in 1989. My client was hunting for the “right” 6-series and was perusing the Seattle Times classifieds and when he saw the advertisement he was initially turned off by the higher miles but figured it was worth the look. He was impressed with the shape of the then 5-year-old car and drove it home. He then proceeded to clean, polish, love and pamper this car for the next 28 years, adding just under 9,000 miles!

I don’t really have the right superlative to describe the condition of this car. Literally it is that type of car that whatever you look at it will just WOW you. The smell when you open the door, the suppleness of the leather, the gleam of the bright work, the luster of the paint, the plating under the hood, etc. I will simply call this one “Stupid Nice”… Take a look at the photos, it really is that good!

Why was I so drawn to this car? I ALWAYS buy condition and originality; you can NEVER duplicate a preserved, original car like this even with an unlimited budget. On BMW’s of this era, this is even more important as their values have not risen high enough that you could even handle one facet of a restoration for what they are worth. As honest as I can be this is one of the reasons I have struggled with selling this car; my asking price is literally less than I have spent on a service visit for one of my Porsche’s yet it has the inherent quality of the various six-figure air-cooled 911’s that I sell. It just seems like too much goodness for new Kia money!

The car is largely original, with a few nice upgrades:

  • The later 635Csi spoiler was installed in 1990.
  • 4 NEW NOS BBS Style 5 17” wheels were installed in 2013. These were NEW not refinished nor knockoffs, but the real deal. 4 new Michelin Pilots were installed at the same time, less than 1,000 miles and they are without a single mark. (the original TRX wheels come with the car as well)
  • A B&B full stainless exhaust was installed in 2008 that was custom made for the E24, sounds great! It does maintain the factory catalytic converter for smog compliance.

The car runs and drives as you would expect a pampered and loved example to. Everything works as it should including the original radio with two small exceptions: The AC does not blow cold (still R12) as I have never attempted a service or repair and the light for oil service stays illuminated in the cluster (common issue related to the SI board on the cluster on these). I will give the car a service including the following items before it leaves my cars: oil and filter, brake fluid flush, coolant flush.

The car comes complete with the following:

  • All the original books and manuals
  • Both original keys
  • Complete show quality tool kit
  • Original TRX wheels
  • High End Fitted Car Cover
  • Hardwire battery maintainer
  • OEM BMW Sheepskin seat covers
  • Complete service history

Please come buy this car so I can stop figuring out creative ways to store it…


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