1984 Porsche 3.2 Carrera Targa- Grand Prix White on Black, sold new in Seattle, full history from window sticker to current, all original w/ 60k miles, $25k in recent work, as good as it gets!

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1984 3.2 Carrera Targa-Truly Amazing Example

If you have spent hours on end reading the various buying guides, scanning forums and have talked to more Porsche subject matter experts than you can count, than this Targa might be the right one… Why do I say that? Simply that it hits all the high points of what makes an exceptional air-cooled 911. Read on….

This 911 was purchased new on June 5th1984 at University Porsche-Audi in Seattle, WA. It was equipped as follows:

  • Grand Prix White Exterior
  • Black Leather interior
  • Blaupunkt Monterey Cassette Radio
  • 16” Forged Alloy Wheels
  • Cruise Control
  • Heatable Windshield

Total Original MSRP- $36,545

The original owner serviced the car at the delivering dealer until selling it to the 2ndowner on May 29th1986 when it had just 12,250 miles. This owner cherished the car for the next 31 years until I bought it with just 58k miles in August of 2017. He serviced the cars exclusively at Akers (http://akersporsche.com) the oldest Porsche independent service facility in Seattle. I was absolutely enamored with the car and fate shined on me as I was scheduled to take a trip to the Oregon Coast the very next day… I jumped in this car and drove it nearly 700 miles over the next 3 days, which further stoked my passion for it! After that drive I completed a whole litany of repairs based on my observations (see below) and then sold it to a great client of mine in Washington DC. Luckily he is your dream owner, he took great care of it, drove it sparingly, yet invested thousands more to make it even better. Do you start sensing a theme here? Careful ownership, the best shops and thousands spent to keep improving the car. Here are the most recent service items:

  • 60,502 miles- Install Porsche Classic Navigation Radio and all new speakers (all hidden behind original grilles)-$2,920
  • 60,242 miles-Complete Transmission Rebuild (all new syncros, dog teeth and sleeves), new clutch kit, new engine sound pad, rebuild tachometer, oil and filter- $9,003
  • 60,015- Install COMPLETE Grifiths AC system (https://griffiths.com/porsche/air-conditioning/911-930/) – new condenser, new receiver dryer, new evaporator, new compressor, all new barrier hoses, new evaporator motor. The system now works like a MODERN car, its insane! – $6,962
  • 59,359- Install 4 new Bilstein shocks, new rear blower motor- $1,741
  • 59,300- Install 4 new Continental Extreme Contact Tires- $420
  • 59,200- Complete Targa Top Rebuild, Stage 4 by Dan Pechtel (https://www.carsincnj.com/targa-tops.html) -$1,395
  • 57,274 miles- Full major service- spark plugs, valve adjust, valve cover gaskets, air filter, fuel filter, drive belts, wiper blades, distributor cap &rotor, oil and filter, transmission fluid. – $1,227
  • I also did tons of just little stuff such as replacing the headlight trim, replacing the lighted key head, new Coco Mats, lots of little trim pieces, etc. I just wanted it crisp and nice, no idea how much time and $$ on all this little but important stuff!

I could keep going back in time as I have an UNBROKEN chain of history from new to current, but you get the idea! Over $24,000 in service and updates in the past 3000 miles!

The exterior of this car is simply remarkable. It has never been damaged in any way and is wearing 100% original paint as verified by a paint meter. It of course has a clean Carfax. One of the coolest things about this car is that it was ordered with the factory-heated windscreen, which has a tiny electrical grid embedded in it, these windshields are unobtanium but this car still has the original one!

The interior is likewise clean and crisp in every area and is 100% original. My pet peeve is when people reupholster the seats; they almost never look like original! Take a look at these, remarkable because they ARE original! Everything on the car works as designed including all the HVAC, the amazing updated AC, the cruise control, all the power functions and the new Porsche radio is so cool (should be for that price!).

With a car of this caliber it is important that you have all the original accessories, this car has EVERYTHING including:

  • Original window sticker
  • Original ordering paperwork
  • Unbroken chain of service history from new to current in a 3-ring binder
  • All the original books and manuals VIN stamped to the car
  • Original and complete tool kit
  • Original air pump, jack, yellow gloves and lay down plastic
  • All the original keys (with working key light!)
  • Fitted Car cover

Sure you could buy one for less; but would it have nearly $25k in recent service, all the right updates, be fully documented, 100% original including paint and have nearly no excuses? Not likely… If you want the best then Buy Once/Cry Once….