1984 Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera Coupe

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1984 Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera Coupe- 52k original miles!

Most people think I have the dream job… I get to buy, sell and tinker with some of the finest Porsche’s available. 99% of the time they are correct, but there are a few drawbacks… The biggest issue is that I truly LOVE Porsche’s and sometimes I struggle with selling a particular car. This is one of those cars… It really belongs in my personal garage, but seeing as though I already own several 3.2 Carrera’s I really can’t keep them all. Here is your chance!

Why does this car grab me? A few key points:

  • Rauchquarz Metallic- this is just a drop dead, gorgeous and period correct color that is highly unusual. Its rich tones just complement the lines on this car. While I own some more common color Porsche’s, I always long for the striking and unique. That is this car!
  • Quality- the car just OOZES quality. Every surface you touch is just right; I don’t know how to describe that. However most enthusiasts know it when they see it!
  • Originality- this car is unmolested and just how Porsche intended it to be. It has all the important stuff like a full history from new, books, perfect tool kit, etc. I HATE when this stuff is missing.

This car was special ordered new by the Dealer Principle’s wife of Autohaus Porsche in Lancaster, PA and was slated for Tourist delivery. The dealer picked the car up in Stuttgart on September 22nd 1983 and put just over 900 miles on the car. They had the car shipped back to the dealership and sold it to its first retail customer on November 11th 1983. The car was ordered as follows:

  • Rauchquarz Metallic (Smoky Quartz)
  • Brown leather
  • C02- US Emissions
  • D89 Sport Package- 16” forged alloys, sport shocks (Bilstein) and HD stabilizers.
  • 158- Blaupunkt “Monterey” cassette radio
  • 424- Auto heating
  • 469- Black Headliner
  • 567- Green graduated tint windshield
  • 650- electric sunroof
  • 900- US spec tourist delivery

The original owner maintained the car until 2000 and 32k miles at which point it was sold to another individual in Lancaster who owned the car just 1 year. For the next 13 years it has been owned by a very conscientious PCA member in Columbus, OH who exclusively used the car during the summer months and as a fun car to take to local PCA gatherings and concour events. This longtime ownership and attention to detail is evident in this car!

The body and paint on this car are nearly flawless, easily a top 1% example. In 2001 there were a few dull spots in the clear on one fender and the owner decided he wanted it perfect! He decided a complete exterior refinish was in order. He had the car stripped to nearly a bare shell including removing all trim, lights, windows, bumpers, etc. The paint was taken down to bare metal and a complete respray was done in correct Rauchquarz metallic. Afterwards the car was assembled with all new OEM trim, gaskets, seals, etc. The finished result is simply stunning! While I generally prefer original paint cars, this car is so compelling because it is nearly without flaw. There is not a nick, rock chip, scratch, etc. to be found anywhere. So many times when these cars are refinished the work is of inferior quality. This was done right! If I didn’t tell you it was done you probably wouldn’t catch it other than the fact that its simply too perfect for 30 years old. The job was over $8,000 with all documentation. The car has never been in any kind of accident and has a perfect history. This is a car you would be proud to own!

The interior is likewise pristine! I am a fanatic for original and correct interiors; this one has it! Apart from a non OEM shift knob and more modern (yet visually unobtrusive Blaupunkt) it is exactly as delivered. Nice!

To be a top tier collectible the car has to be 100% complete, that IS this car. Here is what the car will come with:

  • Porsche Certificate of Authenticity
  • Complete Service history from day 1 to current
  • Original owners manual, VIN matched service booklet, all in the correct OEM Burgundy case
  • 2 original keys, 1 red valet key, 1 newer OEM style key
  • Concours ready 100% pristine OEM tool kit
  • Factory jack, drop cloth and yellow gloves
  • Fitted car cover

If you have been looking for a 3.2 Carrera and want something distinct and of lasting quality, here is your car!