1985 Porsche 3.2 Carrera-Prussian Blue on Navy, winner of the coveted PCA Zuffenhausen Award 297.5/300pts! Just a gorgeous 911!

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1985 Porsche 3.2 Carrera- Prussian Blue- Concours Winner

I have many hobbies and one that I would discourage anyone from doing is PCA Concours…. It will rob you of thousands of hours of your life, lead to debilitating OCD and weekly visits to a therapist to “get your head right”…. So why do I do it? I have this weird obsession towards perfection, which of course is never achievable but there is something cathartic about the chase. So why am I baring my soul to you? Precisely because this car formerly belonged to a fellow Concours competitor and PCA Zone rep who shared the sickness…

I first laid eyes on this Prussian Blue beauty at the 2017 Porsche Parade in Spokane, WA. I had known the owner for several years and even though the car had just scored a 297.5/300 points in FULL Restoration judging and won a coveted Zuffenhausen award the owner still wanted my opinion on how he could do better… That is Concours! So I pored over the car (marveling the entire time!) and pointed out some very minor areas he could improve the car. It was a stunner, so imagine how excited I was when it came up for sale, as I knew it would be a great fit for one of my clients. I quickly found it a home with a local enthusiast who enjoyed it for the past year and now I have it back, I can’t say I am sad to have it in my shop. Here are the details:

This Carrera spent all of its early life in Sunny Southern California under the care of one owner until 2012 when the car arrived in Bend, OR in the care of a local PCA member there. He did updates and service as needed and enjoyed owning the car, but it had already caught the eye of another local enthusiast who fell in love with the color. Prussian Blue is one of the best colors Porsche ever applied to the 3.2, it changes color depending on lighting, picking up deep blues, purple, even a hint of green in certain lights. After a little bit of wheedling the Prussian Blue car found its next owner, the one who saw that this car had the “bones” to be a PCA Parade Concours winner.

Over the next 2 years this enthusiast went item by item on this car to bring it up to a winning standard. The car had received a very high quality windows out respray in the mid-2000’s, so other than some paint correction and minor detailing the body and paint were already up to par. What wasn’t was the hundreds of major and minor items that separate winners from losers. A litany of mechanical updates were done (too many to detail here, happy to walk you thru them), the chassis was completely stripped clean, nearly every fastener was replated or replaced, various minor trim pieces, a new carpet kit from Autobahn and so and so on. Normally I make a list, you would bore of reading it all. The proof is in the pudding (and the extensive documentation) and the Zuffenhausen award.

The car comes complete with the following:

  • Porsche Certificate of Authenticity (car is matching numbers)
  • Reproduction of the original window sticker
  • Complete documentation of the rejuvenation
  • PCA Concours Score sheets (299.6 Zone 7 winner, 297.5 Parade Zuffenhausen award winner)
  • Original tool kit, jack and air pump.
  • Original books, manuals and correct maroon folio
  • Clean Carfax and title (of course!)

The car itself has 117,9xx chassis miles and ~2,000 miles since the beginning of all this work. Lest you think this car is perfect, its not (again that illusory goal!) and I am happy to point out areas that could be improved (just as I did with my fellow competitor) but its pretty unbelievably good, that’s for sure!

So, you could either chase that impossible goal of a 300pt car or you could just drive it, your call… I would suggest just go and drive it, these are amazing cars to drive and enjoy!