1986 Porsche 3.2 Carrera Coupe-Guards Red on Cashmere, front and rear spoilers, 100% original, truly the best of the best, 19k original miles, demand perfection!

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I was having a GREAT conversation with a client the other day, he said to me “Nathan, you are selling yourself short.” When I probed further for what he meant he said “Other dealers basically just get a car in, shine it up and sell it. Your cars start as great examples and then you spend countless hours sweating all the small stuff so your cars aren’t truly comparable to the other cars on the market, so while you try to price your cars inline with the others you have to realize your cars’ quality AREN’T inline with the others.” I certainly understood what he was saying, but have long struggled for how to present that in the marketplace, so here is a very transparent overview of this very process…

This particular 1986 3.2 Carrera belonged to a longtime client of mine who purchased the car from a very well known and respected Porsche reseller (in fact one of the few I hold in very high regard!) in 2015 when it had 19,095 miles on it. (Current mileage is 19,212) The car was exceptional and my client was thrilled. We were reorganizing his collection and decided to move a few cars along, this one included. Even though the car was a VERY nice car, I still decided it could be much better, so here is what I did:

  • Remove engine and transmission-reseal transmission (was leaking in a couple places, primarily from sitting), reseal timing chain covers left and right, adjust valves, replace oil cooler seals, new oil cooler hoses, new cylinder head temperature sensor, replace engine sound pad, change oil and filter, brake fluid flush
  • Replace sunroof gasket (done flawlessly, my guy has the “touch”)
  • Install 4 new “N” Spec Pirelli P7 tires- SO sexy, these are a reproduction of the original tires!
  • Complete Dry Ice cleaning of the cars chassis, you could eat off the bottom of this thing
  • Full paint correction, detail and interior cleanse and treatment
  • All said and done I invested over $15k and more hours than I dare count!

Now all of that work would be wasted if we weren’t already starting with an absolute rock star car, so here are the high notes:

  • Runs and drives as if you were transported back to 1986, if you wonder what they drove like new? This car will tell you.
  • Everything works exactly as it did when new. 
  • 100% original with no modifications of any kind
  • All original paint, paint meter verified
  • Complete with show quality tools, air compressor and all accessories
  • Original window sticker and Manufacturers Statement of Origin (MSO)
  • All VIN matched original books and manuals in the correct folio
  • The car literally is almost without flaw, I would be willing to stake my reputation that the car could be judged at ANY level of Porsche concours and come out as a winner, it IS that good!

Now, one could certainly buy a lower priced 3.2 Carrera, there is no doubt… However, if you were to buy your typical $70k driver quality example you could NEVER make it this car even if you had an unlimited budget. There is just something about an all original, low mileage car that one can never duplicate. To me its all about two things: the tightness of every point of interaction, be that steering, brakes, even the cabin switchgear and also the nuances of the finish: the way the original leather drapes on the seats, the slight orange peel to the original paint, the soft black of the trim, the tight stitching on the steering wheel. If that stuff doesn’t matter to you, PLEASE don’t buy this car. BUT if it does…..