1986 Porsche 911 Turbo-Guards Red on Cashmere Full leather, Sport Seats, LSD, all original local car with a great history, 92k miles

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1986 Porsche 930 Turbo-Sport Seats, LSD, full history and all original!

In 1975 Porsche absolutely set the world on its ear with the introduction of the Porsche Turbo Carrera or 930. It’s 3.0 liter turbocharged motor made 240hp and hit 60 mph in just over 5 seconds, remember in 1975 the fastest cars of the day struggled to break 8 seconds to 60mph, how things have changed! In 1978 Porsche upped the ante with a displacement boost to 3.3 liters and intercooling, improving power output to 282hp in the US version. Sadly we were only offered that car until 1979 and it was no longer offered stateside as it couldn’t meet our ever-increasing emissions standards. We were forced to wait 6 long years and Porsche reintroduced the car to the US with minor changes starting in 1986. There is not a Porsche of the era that makes such a statement. How many of us had this fat fendered beast hanging on our bedroom wall? This car absolutely defines a genre of Porsche, love or hate it’s an icon. To a Porschephile it’s a bucket list car! Sure they have tremendous lag and quirky handling but that is all forgiven when the tach swings past 3,500 rpm, the boost needle pegs on 1, and there is a earthreal pull in 2ndgear that compresses your eyes firmly into the back of your sockets! I’d like to think I am a more evolved being but I can’t help but feel like 16-year-old boy on a first date when I drive this car…

Ok, enough rambling about 930’s, here is a quick overview of this particular example. This car was sold new at Interlake Porsche in Bellevue, WA on May 20th1986 and it’s original owner lived less than 1 mile from my shop and it has stayed local since. The most recent owner purchased the car in 1999 when it had 33,754 miles. He has loved, cherished and enjoyed the car for almost the past 20 years and put not quite 60k miles on it. I LOVE the fact that he drove and used the car as intended, so many of these spend years sitting nearly idle and that fact is evident when you drive them. This car drives like a dream due to meticulous maintenance and consistent usage!

Here is how the car was ordered:

  • Guards Red Exterior
  • Champagne Full Leather Interior
  • Sport Seats
  • Limited Slip Differential
  • Steering wheel with raised hub
  • Alarm System

As I alluded to above, so many of these 930’s just don’t drive well. I cant quite put my finger on why, but this car just drives like a good one should. It’s tight, doesn’t rattle, the gearbox easily moves between the gears, the clutch has the right weight and engages mid-pedal, the engine idles smoothly, pulls well and then the boost kicks in…  It truly is a joy to drive. One of my favorite features is the fact that the AC blows cold, no kidding! That is so rare on these cars that its truly almost funny to say.

Aesthetically the car is a winner as well. While there is some evidence of usage in the form of light pitting on the leading edge of the bumper/valence and a few marks here and there, it’s largely close to pristine. The interior is likewise immaculate. I have seen so many claimed 40k mile cars that don’t look near this nice. Check out the seats and carpets in this 930, amazing! The perfect sweet spot that assures front row parking at your local PCA event yet enough patina that a 600 mile back road tour is no big concern.

Now some important items:

  • Matching numbers as verified by the included Porsche Certificate of Authenticity (CofA)
  • No performance modifications whatsoever. All-original except the Blaupunkt CD Player is a mid-90’s vintage, not the original Monterrey.
  • Complete service history since 1994 in a thick, organized, 3 ring binder.
  • Current on all service, everything works, no mechanical needs and NO leaks at all!
  • Show quality original tool kit, air pump, tire bag, plastic gloves, jack, unused spare and factory touch up paint.
  • Original VIN matched service book, owner’s manual and red case.
  • All original keys including unobtanium alarm keys, wheel lock keys and original key tag.

I get SO frustrated looking at 930’s, for some reason most have just lived HARD lives…. Most are the automotive version of the 40-year-old alcoholic; you would swear they are 70 at first glance! If you have always wanted a 930, this car certainly deserves your attention!