1987 3.2 G50 Carrera Targa-Carmine Red over Black leather, Sport Seats, Limited Slip, 15″x7&8 Fuchs, 100% original including paint and just 18k original miles- Getting Ready for Sale!-$84,995

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You all know that I am obsessed, well here is another one that certainly fits that description. I recently acquired this car from a great client, collector and fellow obsessed Porsche type. He was convinced it was flawless, I begged to differ and promised him that I would convince him when he saw the car after I was done with it. It’s been a little slower than I would have wanted but here is the basic overview…

First we start with the right DNA: A truly 100% original, all original paint 3.2 Carrera Targa in a very rare shade called Carmin Red, which is a rich, dark, true red color. Now couple that with Sport Seats, Limited Slip and the super sexy 15″x7&8′ Fuch’s and you have a winner. The car was breathtaking, but I cant leave well enough alone, I wanted breathtaking AND a show winner. So here was the punch list, so much of it was minor BUT the difference between excellent and exceptional is the final 2%!:

-Full Major Service including all fluids, filters, belts, valve adjust, valve cover gaskets, drive belts and spark plugs.

-Leakdown and Compression Tested- 1-5%/175lbs 2-6%/180lbs 3-6%/180lbs 4- 6%/175lbs 5-5%/175lbs 6-5%/175lbs. As new!

-New Targa Top Exterior Skin- old vinyl had a small crack from being folded.

-Recharge and make sure AC system is operating per specification.

-Exterior- Polish H5 headlights, touch up all small chips (very few!), paintless ding repair passenger door, full paint correction and polish, New Carrera rear badge, new OEM hood badge (old one had just the slightest WOW in it) and LOTS of small detail type items!

-Interior- Replace cracked door triangle trim, install door pocket reinforcements (common weak spot), repair inoperative overhead light, lots of nook and cranny type detailing.

-Engine Bay and Trunk- Install engine pad keeper, install new drive pulley nut cap, insure 100% of all accessories are present and show quality!

There are many more small items, but suffice it to say the car will be turn key ready to drive, show and enjoy! Hopefully in the next couple of weeks my punchiest will be complete, the weather will cooperate and I can get some pictures posted! In the interim, if this car sounds intriguing please reach out!


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