1987 Porsche 3.2 Carrera Cabriolet- 32K miles!

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Museum Quality 1987 911 Carrera Cabriolet with only 32k Original Miles!!!

This is the no stories, no excuses 3.2 G50 Carrera you have been looking for. Here are the particulars:

This car was ordered new by its original owner G. Duncan of Mercer Island, WA on December 15th 1986 at University Porsche Audi in Seattle, WA and was slated for Tourist Delivery. Mr. Duncan picked the car up at Zuffenhausen on March 12th 1987. Mr. Duncan enjoyed touring his new Porsche around the German countryside over the next 3 weeks and 1,000 miles.  It was then loaded aboard the Caribbean Highway for the journey to the USA on April 10th 1987. When the car arrived in Seattle it was immediately given its break in service at 1,124 miles on May 28th 1987 at University Porsche.

Mr. Duncan enjoyed the car until February of 1992 when he sold the car to R. Applegate of Medina, WA when it had traveled just 9,724 miles. Mr. Applegate then cherished this car for the following 23 years and 23,000 miles. The car was never exposed to any kind of bad weather, abuse or neglect; it was just simply loved and cared for. Many of these low mileage cars are low mileage cars simply because they were forgotten, not this car. It has always seen consistent use and loving care.

This cars next owner needs to be of the caliber to really care for this car as it deserves, is that you?

For those of you that are very familiar with these cars this may be a review, but for anyone who is shopping for an air-cooled Porsche this might be useful. The air-cooled 911’s were produced from 1965-1998 and they are exceptional cars. With that being said there are generally certain models and years that are considered to be the most desirable. Many people feel that the 1984-1989 3.2 Carrera’s represent the best of the breed. They still maintain the simplicity of the early cars, have enough power to satisfy modern drivers, are mechanically robust and maintain a classic 911 aesthetic. The next generation of cars the 964 is much more complex featuring for the first time power steering, air bags, ABS, etc. Of the 84-89 Carrera’s the 87-89’s are the most desirable, featuring the updated G-50 transmission, which shifts much more precisely that the previous 915 did. Long term the 3.2 G50 Carrera’s should be a solid, appreciating investment and will maintain their icon status for years to come.

Exterior: Overall 9.9/10

Paint- Grand Prix White: The paint on this car is simply amazing, for those of you who have not experienced the quality of paint that Porsche applied to these cars, be prepared to be amazed. Of course 24 years later, the owner’s level of care is VERY important. This car has never been outside or damaged in any way. When traveling the owner always fitted a front end cover and mirror covers, immediately removing them when not driving.  As a result there are literally no flaws to note.  The car has 100% original paint on EVERY panel as verified by a paint meter. You could NEVER recreate this paint quality even with an open checkbook restoration.

Body- The body on this car has to be seen to be believed, I could not even find a single door ding! VIN tags match on every panel: hood, both doors, both fenders, rear bumper and rear decklid.  Of course no accidents or damage of any kind.

Body Parts- The glass is in perfect shape, still bearing all the original stickers! The windshield is original with no damage. All of the body rubber is soft and beautiful. The trim is perfect on every surface.

Wheels- The car is sitting on its genuine original set of 16×6 and 16×7 Fuchs Wheels. When I picked up the car the original wheels had been polished, which while period correct is not as delivered. I removed the wheels and had them sent to a marque expert for restoration, when returned the wheels will be the correct anodized finish and satin black centers. My pet peeve is when the finish on these wheels isn’t correct; these will be perfect!  I am installing 4 brand new Continental Extreme Contact DW tires, the highest rated tire in this fitment. (Please note the wheels in the photos are NOT the wheels the car will be delivered on. The wheels in the photos are off one of my personal cars as the original wheels are currently being refinished and will be reinstalled when they return)


Seats:  The leather is very well preserved showing just the minimal patina of age and 32k miles.

Carpet: The carpet is probably the weakest area of the car, on a top 10% car it would be considered perfect. On this car there is some evidence of fade in particular on the back of the rear seats. If I wanted to show the car at a national level I would probably replace the carpet. 99% of people think I am nuts, but every car can be improved…

Dash: The dash pad is PERFECT. No fades, cracks etc.

Door panels: They are all in excellent shape, no wear or sagging. There is some slight scuffing on the leather trim on the edge of the drivers door pocket.

Convertible Top- The top is original and pristine; the rear window is crystal clear. I replaced the headliner and rear zipper with new OEM parts.

Originality- The car is 100% as delivered except that it has a Euro Pre-muffler installed in place of the Catalytic Converter (has passed emissions in WA every year with this).

Trunk: The trunk carpet is in like new condition. Everything is ready for Porsche Parade, right down to the often missing fuse diagram on the fuse box cover, battery hold down, elastic jack strap and more, Nice! I provided in-depth photos in the trunk, no damage, rust, previous collision repair, etc. The option tag sticker and color code stickers are present and clean. Just exactly the way it was when it left Germany!

Documentation: I have every piece of documentation from new including the original ordering invoice, all the factory delivery documentation, shipping manifest, etc. I have every service record from its first service at 1,124 miles to current. It has only been worked on by Porsche specialty shops after the initial 2 years at the dealer. All of this is organized chronologically in a 3 ring binder for easy review.

Accessories- I have the following accessories for the car:

  • Original owners manual, VIN matched service book (stamped), Blaupunkt radio manual (still in plastic) all in the correct red vinyl pouch.
  • 2 original keys, 2 original Alarm keys and 1 original Leather key pouch.
  • OEM Grand Prix White touchup Paint
  • Concours Quality tool kit, 100% complete right down to the unused original fan belt and Pudenz fuse pack.
  • Yellow Owafix gloves, clear plastic tire bag, Green Dot Jack, Porsche tire pump and unused date matched spare.
  • Two tops- Original top cover and original optional full Tonneau cover (never used) in its original storage bag.
  • Fitted vinyl front end and mirrors covers, car cover
  • 3-ring binder of documentation itemized above

Mechanical 9.9/10:

This car is mechanically original, engine and transmission numbers match as verified on the VIN tags on both units (see photos).  It has never been rebuilt or apart. There are no modifications from factory other than the installation of the Euro Premuffler. The car starts up perfectly from cold, does not smoke, pulls strongly to redline in each gear, does not make any untoward sounds, etc. The G-50 transmission shifts perfectly it tracks straight and true, no vibrations, strange noises, etc. It truly is an unbelievable example with no mechanical needs.

When I received the car it was obvious that the car was well loved, but I wanted to make it even better. Here is what I have done to the car:

  • Full inspection at Cantrell Motorsports (http://www.cantrellmotorsport.com) with an open checkbook to fix anything not 100%. Here is what they did: Annual service (oil and filter), new valve cover gaskets, new Oil S-hose, new fuel pump, new front and rear hood shocks, adjust valves.
  • New headliner (old one had two wear holes from being retracted) and new rear window zipper and seam.
  • All 4 Fuch’s refinished to Concours quality
  • 4 new Continental Extreme Contact DW tires
  • Full paint correction, detail and chassis cleanse by the best in the business, Paul Damico at Attention to Detail NW (http://www.attention2detailnw.com)

I have driven this car extensively,  I can attest that having driven it over 500 miles that this is an amazing machine!

One final rant about some people’s idea of “Mint condition”… To me mint condition means as absolutely close to how the car was the day it rolled off the showroom floor. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen or looked at “perfect” cars that simply weren’t; they are what I might describe as very nice or in great shape. I could go on and on, but the true car purists know what I am talking about and understand you can NEVER make an edgy car a pure and perfect example.

I have tried to describe this car as completely as I possible can. It has to be one of the finest 3.2 Carrera’s in existence. Yes you could certainly find a cheaper one, but you could NEVER recreate this car for the difference in money. Remember a car is only new once and the collector cars that always bring the top $$ are pristine original examples, not the over-restored examples.