1987 Porsche 3.2 Carrera G50 Cabriolet- GranPrix White over Navy, all original paint, a true #1 condition literally AS NEW example with just 14k original miles! It doesn’t get better than this!

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I have always said that a true #1 Condition original car is never found but is created thru hundreds of hours of work and a staggering amount of both time and money, but that one has to find the right #2 condition car to start with that has all the right DNA to be a #1. This car IS the perfect embodiment of that statement. Read on and I will tell you why…

This particular 3.2 Carrera hands down is in the top 5 air-cooled cars that I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. It IS that car: 100% original paint with nearly zero flaws and everywhere you look it is just RIGHT. I inspected this car very carefully and made detailed notes, I was convinced that I could make this car truly a top .0001% type of car. The type of car that could win at a National level event like Porsche Parade or Werks Reunion… Luckily with COVID I had some additional time on my hands, so frankly I have gone overboard and clearly my OCD has gotten the best of me. Here is the list of the small items, remember the small items are what separates excellent from exceptional:

  • Brand New German Canvas top (100% match for the original, not the typical updated material that doesn’t look “quite” right!) including headliner as the original top had a ~1” split on one side, 99% of people wouldn’t have replaced it but….
  • Sourced NOS front turn signal lenses as the originals had slight microcracks… yes these have the correct “markings”! (new ones don’t)
  • Sent the original Blaupunkt Reno radio out for rebuild to an authorized Blaupunkt vintage radio specialist.
  • Service: Oil and filter, new oil return tubes, new lower valve cover gaskets, replace engine sound pad, new shift bushings, brake fluid Flush, 2 new window switches, new rear hood shocks
  • 4-wheel alignment
  • Service and recharge the AC system (blows ice cold!)
  • Petty Small Stuff- new drivers door gasket, replaced HVAC vents L&R (small cracks), replace door mirror plugs, replace cracked speaker grilles with NLA NOS grilles ($$), polish inside of H5 headlights, polish and detail the tool kit, source an original fuse pack for toolkit, new inside door releases as someone had removed the small fluorescent stickers that should be on them (ok this IS crazy!), new valve stem supports for the rear wheels, new frunk cowl cover, new AC condenser fan motor (worked fine but always get damaged when people remove the battery), new front Porsche crest as they always get a “wow” in them from people using this to close the frunk (wrong way!).
  • Complete cleaning of the chassis using dry ice!
  • Full paint correction and detail to a VERY high level!
  • All told I have invested close to $20k on what was already a near perfect 13k miles car… It probably doesn’t make sense, but I just really enjoy making them as good as they can possibly be.

Now I could spend paragraphs with superlatives describing the condition of this car, but in summary the body, paint and interior and literally as good as it gets. There are no paint defects, flaws or items to disclose. This IS as close to a new 1987 as it gets. It is 99.9% original, as there are exactly 2 items which are not as the car was delivered. One of which is OE Porsche and one of which is aftermarket. I will challenge my Porsche experts to spot them….

Mechanically the story is much the same. EVERYTHING on this car works and functions as it is supposed to! Turn the key and it is 1987 all over again. No leaks, no stories, no excuses!

Other notable items:

  • 100% original paint as verified by paint meter
  • Clean Carfax and title
  • 13,9xx original miles!
  • Desirable fully manual top (you DON’T want a power top on these, TRUST me….)
  • Comes with both the original cabriolet top cover as well as the full tonneau cover.
  • Show quality accessories: tool kit, air pump, jack, all the correct books and manuals.
  • Matching numbers engine and transmission, matching VIN tags on every panel (hood, fenders, doors, bumpers, rear decklid) verifying all panels as original.
  • Correct date stamped 16” Fuch’s

I will warn you, I will keep improving this car as every time I look my OCD creeps in and I find other miniscule items to remedy. Some days I pray someone buys it so I can stop the madness and other days I can’t reconcile myself with letting it go.

Sure, you can buy one for less, but when do you get a chance to buy a “new” 1987 Porsche??

(please note the 1987 WA Plates do not convey with the car, they were added for fun in the photos)