1987 Porsche 3.2 G50 Carrera Targa- Black on Black, all stock and original, just a gorgeous example w/ 77k miles!

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This is a just a quick preview as this Targa just arrived and I am getting it ready for sale. I have actually driven the car almost 200 miles over the past few days and I have been nothing but impressed with it! It is a totally stock, un-messed with G50 Targa. It has been such a joy to use over the last few days, most importantly that seat time has allowed me to both fully appreciate the quality of this car but also refine my “punch-list” of what items will be dealt with before I stamp it as “my quality”! 

A few highlights:

-This thing is beautiful, these photos were taken EXACTLY as I got the car, just wait until its fully detailed!

-After driving it most of my notes were little nit-pick items, NOTHING notable showed up. For sure I will attend to the nit-pick list but the more I drove it, the more I liked this car!

In there interim, let me know if you have an interest as the majority of my cars sell prior to even being listed for sale.